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And around his throat the knowledge that his fighter would kill or die for him From the moment Kage grabbed onto his hips and channeled all that masculine aggression into claiming his body Jamie was ruined for anyone elsePassions run high as the lovers try to assimilate into each other's lives coming out to family and friends ble. 5 Emotional StarsT Deep Souths die for him From the moment Kage grabbed onto his hips and channeled all that masculine aggression into claiming his body Jamie was ruined for anyone elsePassions run high as the lovers try to assimilate into each other's lives coming out to family and friends ble. 5 Emotional StarsT


Can their love survive the most shocking revelation Sexy college senior Jamie Atwood has fallen hard for MMA dark horse Michael the Machine Kage With his hot muscled body intoxicating green eyes and proclivity for rough sex Kage is a potent aphrodisiac to the innocent boy next door The danger the intrigue the feel of his strong h. This series is so

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Nding into the high profile MMA world dealing with Kage's sketchy uncle But behind Kage's mask of strength and indifference lies a crippling vulnerability and a devastating secret As the mask comes off past traumas surface dark desires spin out of control and the damaged fighter is driven to hurt the man he loves than life itself. 45 stars for this

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    This series is so goodOne of the best MM series I've readI just ADORE Kage and Jamie OH GODI'm totally gushing about this seriesThis book finds Jamie and Kage back on track with the realization that Kage's uncle has been deliberately keeping them apartI just love these two guysThey are just perfect togetherKage is so assertivehot and so damn sexyI think I might have actually growled a few times when he gets goingAnd Jamie is still adorably submissive but does have his moments hereI have loved everything about these books and having read them back to back have been in a happy placewithout doubtThese are some of the hottest MM sex scenes ever but it's not just about the sexIt's an amazing story of two peoplewho were totally meant to befalling in loveregardless of genderThese booksfor meare in a different league to a lot of MM erotic booksTo anyone who enjoys MM EroticaRomance I cannot recommend highly enoughI'm seriously going to miss these boys

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    Final round of the Kage series for nowI must say I was really disappointed in this installment These characters are very extreme sometimes and I've always been pretty tolerant and understanding with them accepting them the way they are But enough is enough I was seriously having problems dealing with it all First of all the author leaves things hanging in the air It's true that some of them are solved in the following pages but not at the speed the conclusions should happen Things come at their own pace and it's weird when the characters don't waste a second thought about them If I had a view spoilerstalker pursuing me hide spoiler

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    35 StarsThe title is really fitting for the story In this book we find about Kage's past and all the secrets And that affects their love life Can their love survive the most shocking revelation?Told in dual POV 1st person It's well written and both characters were still likable It's the third installment in the Kage Trilogy and has to be read in order Overall it was a good read and hope you enjoy it as well

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    35 Stars He was mine and I loved him But fuck if the man wasn't dangerous After gobbling up all three books in almost as many days my addicting journey with Kage and Jamie has come to an end Unfortunately the ending has left me a bit underwhelmed Let's start with the positives ♥ Jamie and Kage have finally worked through most of their issues as a couple They've gotten to a place where they truly do trust each other and know that whatever comes their way they can handle together ♥ Jamie stepped up to the plate and was than a lover for Kage He still had his moments of naivete and immaturity but he had also grown and come into his own He felt comfortable enough in himself and in their relationship where he could flip the script and be the aggressortake the lead and fight for what he wants He wasn't domineering and he wasn't an alpha but he was a uiet conueror He must have been because he'd certainly conuered me He had a shy and uiet confidence about him which you could see building and growing over the course of the three books He wasn't intimidated by Kage's life any rather he accepted it and stood beside Kage ready to tackle whatever came their way this thing with Kage? This was a whole 'nother level I was playing in the big leagues now and I was pretty sure I deserved Rookie of the Year ♥ I loved the development of Jamie's friends and family Their reaction to Kage and Jamie's relationship was just what the guys needed to give them the boost that things will be okay and that everything will work out Even douchey Braden won me over by the end And Jamie's dad ended up stealing the spotlight from his momwhich if you'd told me that in the beginning I would have given you you're crazy suinty eyesUnfortunately there were also some serious letdowns The big buildup revealing Kage's childhood felt underdeveloped Almost like the author wasn't fully committed to going there The manner in which the reveal happened was intriguing but I wanted More details More emotion It was as though you were given the story and the author was like isn't that sad? And then she followed that up with a three week time jump where Kage miraculously dealt with his issues Ta da Cured Meanwhile I'm still left with about a dozen uestions The final showdown with Kage's uncle was over the top not very believable and frankly felt slapped together Almost as though the author had ideas of what she wanted to happen and then just threw it all together Too many ideas and not enough OOMPH in the execution It lacked the intensity that was promised over the course of the series Also I have a hard time believing that Jamie would have no residual effects of what went down And speaking of intensitywhere was the dark passionate and all consuming sex that Kage and Jamie craved Again what was given in the first couple of books ended up feeling watered down here The darker urges that bonded them so uniuely were lackluster and few and far between Finally which this is of a personal issue I don't feel like this is a true HEA ending Maybe HFN's are of the author's style this is my first time reading Maris Black? But a few things are still open ended for me Maybe she'll write of Jamie and Kage? Maybe she likes the reader to use their imagination about where the characters go from here? But my first thought after reading the last line was that's it? Overall I've enjoyed my time with Kage and Jamie and do hope we get of them in the future Even though it's now time for me to detox from this addicting series I wouldn't mind another hit down the road

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    5 Emotional StarsThis trilogy has gutted me on so many levels what an emotional rollercoaster My heart broke over and over for Jamie and Kage These two men love and need each other so much their feelings seem to come off the pages at you while reading All the dramas of the previous books come to a boiling point in this one and what a head fuck it was Learning about Kage's pained childhood and what his uncle had done broke my heart My reviews for this trilogy have been vague because I don't want to give anything away I have loved everything about this trilogy if I had one complaint it would be that it ended to soon I WANT MOREFull of drama suspense heat and a little crime this is a fantastically written trilogy I am off to 1 Click all the Maris Black books I can find ;

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    I've got no one to blame but myself I should've uit after book 1 but the cliffhangers demanded I keep going Damn book OCD forcing me to finish I'm obviously the minority but I felt like I was reading a different series than everyone else The melodrama and the OTT storyline only intensified here All I could do is shake my head at times I don't think this author's writing is for me I don't want to turn this into a ranting review so I'll stop here

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    5 for the Audio version All of these guys have got someone to go home to after the fight They’ve got their baby I’ve got mine Jamie Atwood That’s who I love He’s the one I go home to at night and who patches me up after I get beaten down”This book was an emotional roller coaster I got hooked to the audio and never looked back Kage and Jamie got chemistry there was no faking i felt their connection enjoyed their journey and growth I don’t regret picking up this series IMO this relationship was so fd up and they deserve each otherAll I can say is I loved it Was it OTT at times ummmm YES did I care Nope I’ve got to say Kage’s POV at times had me like The sex was HOT and freuent in this one and i loved that can’t complain I felt like the ending was rushed and got a little soapyKage laughed again smiled his dazzling smile and sent a subtle wink to the camera— to me And my heart melted when he said “Sorry guys I’m already taken”Jamie you Lucky BastardOverall I had an amazing time listening to the audio book Jamie and Kage

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Was that it?⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ It was an okay ending but I felt like we didn't really get any closure do we get ? I mean I feel like we didn't get enough of Jamie Atwood 21 and MMA fighter Michael ‘The Machine’ Kage Santori 24 as a couple around others I needed and I'm kinda pissed that I didn't get it Also there's still that mystery around Kage that we still don't know “What are you doing?” I growled sounding amused than the angry I was going for “Trying to keep you here” he said earnestly locking his eyes on mine “You can stay in my bedroom and we’ll just lock the door and have mad sex twenty four seven” uick basic factsGenre New Adult? Contemporary Romance MMSeries Series Book ThreeLove triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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    45 stars for this one Half star penalty for the pantry sex

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    WELCOME TO THE MACHINEI devoured these three stories I practically mainlined them like they were heroin and I was on a bender I enjoyed them thoroughly and couldn't read and turn the pages fast enoughThat being said it's not the greatest of plots there are plot holes I could drive a semi truck through the characters are sometimes caricature like the mental health professional is terribly portrayed and in real life would probably be sued for malpractice and there are so many instances where I was absolutely floored by just how unhealthy the relationship between Jamie and Michael is I can't even count them all possessiveness jealousy rage filled dub connopecan't count 'em I mean I absolutely uneuivocally disagree with their relationship as it's described in the books It's a toxic horribly dysfunctional relationship that I can't see ever being truly healthy or functional “Obviously other people can see what you can’t It makes sense When people are in a new relationship they have blinders on and in your case it’s worse You’re a lot like your mother You see what you want to see The two of you just float around in this world you’ve made up for yourselves and any time reality doesn’t suit you you just ignore it”“I think I’m in love with him Dad” The stories remind me of an MM rougher sex version of Katy Evan's Real and Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster The problem was that I was selfish I’d wanted him Hell even that was sugar coating it in my favor I’d wanted to take his innocence and fuck him and hold his face down in the pillow and take every ounce of pride he had I wanted him to worship me I wanted to use his body until I’d had my fill only now I wasn’t sure if that point of satisfaction would ever come I’d underestimated my own capacity for feelings and in doing that I’d altered his life foreverThere was no way we could keep going on the course I’d set us on That being said Jamie is just as fucked up as Michael though he doesn't have same kind of skeletons in his closet Ultimately they deserve each other They feed off each other and they're whole together A whole lot of what I can't really say but whole nonetheless As always pain was part of our relationship and I cherished the physical pain the way it reminded me It was the emotional pain I couldn’t stand “I love you Jamie” he growled against my ear “I’ll do anything for you”“Oh God I love you too” So cheers Ms Black for getting me to enjoy something I would normally be screaming my head off about Kudos for getting me to put aside my own personal preferences to simply enjoy these stories NOTE I'm reviewing all three books together because they are not standalones The first two end in cliffhangers and the third ties it all up This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

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