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Scars Run Deep

Mark Mansfield ì 2 Characters

D have to make on their own Ultimately she can cope no and asking for help seems her only option Carried by her strength of character and an unseen guiding hand Millie is destined for than the world would want for her This moving and often sad story of injustice hurt and betrayal will rekindle the hope within us all. I won this book several months ago from a Goodreads giveaway but due to a recent move new state and new job I haven't gotten around to reading it until now I was not overly impressed The basis of the story was good; however the writing left a little bit to be desired It was a lot of dialogue as opposed to any character building or descriptive writing Also the timeline and progression of the story was very jagged You turned the page and suddenly it was months later with no real explanation of what happened between then and nowAgain it wasn't bad I read it and I wanted to know how it ended The writing style just left it a little bit flat and hard to digest in my opinion

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Re her and must take an emotional journey of betrayal perseverance and trust Millie discovers that she can trust no one including those in authority and learns that the aim of this cruel world is to take advantage of her vulnerability Her innocence shatters she hits rock bottom and faces a decision that no one shoul. I won this book on GoodreadsScars Run Deep is a story that pulls you in This book is about Emily and the bad things that happened to her at the age of 16 the people who let her down the most and the positive way she turned her life around the friends she made in the midst of all her troubles finding a true relationship with Christ and mending her broken relationships I really enjoyed this book It is really sad in the beginning and I found myself shedding tears for Emily and her pain As I read further and Emily began to learn to take care of herself and turn her life around I also shed tears of joy for her I was happy to read that Emily found her way to God and a true healing from all her wounds This story is a true testament to how God takes such great care of us even when he is waiting for us to find our way to Him I loved reading how God placed Sarah in just the right place at just the right time to help Emily because Sarah was willing and wanted to be used by Him to help others We can all learn how to reach out to others in need and be Jesus to them just by looking for the opportunity and being willing to put someone else first Mark Mansfield has written a great first novel that I hope he will return to at some point and take us further on Emily's journey It would be very interesting to learn what Emily and Andy do to help others in their new life as husband and wife and what Lara grows up to beThanks Mark for a great book I am excited to read your next one

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Millie is an innocent 15 year old who knows little of the harsh world around her Protected by her best friend she has a uniue ability to switch off from the world around her After an arson attack on her school she is betrayed even by her best friend Despite her ability she is unable to deny the events unfolding befo. I received this book from the GoodReads First Reads programI enjoyed this book and I enjoyed reading about Emily and everything she had to go through to find happiness again I especially liked when she and her family made up; it gave a happier ending to this mostly sad story If Mark Mansfield writes another book soon I will most likely read it

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