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What would you do if the love of your life and all your memories were lost only to reappear but with such shocking revelations that you wish you had never remembered Emmett Conn is an old man near the end of his life A World War I veteran he's been affected by memory loss since being injured during the war To those around him he's simply a confused man fading in and out of senility But what they don't know is. As a 2nd generation Diasporan Armenian I typically dread reliving stories about the Armenian Genocide that took place around 1915 in Western Turkey Growing up I heard enough stories from elderly relatives who survived many of whom lost wives husbands children parents and friends But my sister's avid recommendation of this book prompted me to try it Mark Mustain uses an ingenious plot device a brain tumor that spurs recollections from many decades before The protagonist would just as soon keep the memories buried until bits and pieces start coming together to provide a compelling reason for him to follow up in the present day The characters are well drawn and the story moves along uickly The Gendarme in the title reveals enough moral complexity to elicit a measure of empathy from this reader despite his worst actions He is above all a human being with a conscience as we would hope all people are even those who perpetrate horrors on others After evil has occurred the clock cannot be turned back The most we can hope for is that the perpetrators come to understand the effects of their actions and seek whatever resolution they can if not forgiveness at least acknowledgment

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Rney to find Araxie and beg her forgiveness Mark Mustian has written a remarkable novel about the power of memory and the ability of people individually and collectively to forget Depicting how love can transcend nationalities politics and religion how racism creates divisions where none truly exist and how the human spirit fights to survive even in the face of hopelessness The Gendarme is a transcendent novel. 45 stars and rounding up because I thought the writing was so powerful and beautiful Very different historical background Turkey and the Armenian deportationsgenocide and a compelling story of one man coming to terms with his history his actions and the one woman he could never forget

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That Emmett has been beset by memories of events he and others have denied or purposely forgotten In Emmett's dreams he's a gendarme escorting Armenians from Turkey A young woman among them Araxie captivates and enthralls him But then the trek ends the war separates them He is injured Seven decades later as his grasp on the boundaries between past and present begins to break down Emmett sets out on a final jou. I so wish this rating system was different but I loved this book and learned so much from it Mainly I was deeply moved by Emmett Conn's story told through his dreams that took place 70 yrs earlier Emmett is now 92 yrs old and ready to die but his dreams return him to a time during WWI when his Turkish Gov commits genocide against millions of Armenians His true love Araxie was a deportee then the plight of these people is vividly described The extermination of Jews was not the only unbelievebly cruel injustice that occurred Thank you Mark Mustian for a job well done Why after 70 yrs is Emmett remembering things he had forgotten for so long That's a good uestion best answered by any survivor of cruelties so indescribable or the perpetrators of that violence I would want to forget too Emmett's unflinching will to reconnect with his true love is a beautiful story of love and committment and strength

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About the Author: Mark Mustian

I grew up in Tallahassee Florida attended the University of Florida for undergrad and law school lived in Jacksonville Florida for a few years then moved back to Tallahassee In 2003 in a fit of insanity I ran for the Tallahassee City Commission and was elected I continue to practice law listen to constituent complaints and write a little bit every day

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