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Become a Property Millionaire in Your Spare Time

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How to get started as a successful property investor Guaranteed Not everyone makes a success of property investing and this is often because they don't make the right start In this easy to follow guide to property investing Mark Kelman shows you how you can successfully start your property investing journey in your spare time 'the investment you've made to acuire this book will assist you to reach your wealth creation goals sooner and with less effort' St.

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A property investment' Dave Philipsen Founder and Director Rhino Money Mark Kelman is a young philanthropist property investor scientist and teacher At 34 years of age property investing is just one of his activities Most of the time Mark has simultaneously managed a lucrative property investing portfolio while working In his other spare time he is a keen runner completing the odd marathon and half marathon and he actively works with a number of charitie.


Eve McKnight wwwpropertyinvestingcom 'a must read for anyone wanting to make the best possible start in property investing' Simon Buckingham resultsmentoringcom 'More money coming in than money going out is the key to successful property investing in his book Mark proves beyond reasonable doubt that it is the secret to building a property portfolio' Anthony J Cordato Property Lawyer 'Mark shares his passion and offers great insights for anyone considering.

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