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Angel of Kokoda

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Kari a free spirited mountain boy doesn't know why there is fighting in the village of Kokoda But when he finds a wounded Aust A beautifully sketched children's book that shouldn't be missed by adults Kari is a boy from Papua New Guinea who had been orphaned after the death of his mother years before The year is 1942 and he is taken in by missionary sisters He arrived back at the mission and the sisters are gone their belongings on a mess With him he takes a music box of the sisters and sets out to and find them On his way he encounters an Australian soldier whom he had met once previously But now this soldier was injured and needed Kari's help which he gave willingly Visions of a butterfly and the music box was like heaven to the soldier The sisters from the mission disappeared two days after eastern Papua was invaded by the Japanese This book has taken my breath away and my heart is still beating a little fast

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AckA stunning poignant book about the effects of WWII in the Pacific as seen through the eyes of a young Papua New Guinean boy Good thought provoking and beautifully illustrated

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Ralian soldier lying in a ditch he knows he cannnot leave him Together they embark upon a perilous journey along the Kokoda Tr I'd give it ten stars but I have to take one off for the poor decision on the cover For some strange reason the publishers haven't chosen the best of its evocative interior illustrations to showcase on the outside This could well turn out to be my favourite book of 2015The cover belies the extraordinary content the story of Kari who lives not far from Kokoda Kari is learning English from Sister Mary at the mission She shows him a music box which opens to reveal an angel unfolding its wings She teaches him the English word butterfly and he teaches her his name for it tatu'uriaHe comes back one day after tending the garden his mother planted before she died to find the mission ransacked and the sisters missing He finds the music box thrown aside Putting it in his string bag he sets off down the trail only to encounter a troop of Australian soldiers coming up itThis is the story of the people of the villages along the Kokoda trail who helped the allies against the Japanese during World War II It's told with stunning beauty The ending packs a punch right to the soul

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