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Hotel Alpha

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Crets as well as dreams Captivating brilliant and full of surprises Hotel Alpha is an ingenious novel about the incidental and life changing ways in which we connect with one another You can discover about the hotel and its inhabitants in one hundred extra stories that expand the world of the novel and can be found at the Hotel Alpha Stories website. 45 starsI have no knowledge of Watson as a comedian and saw this mentioned and purely liked the sound of a novel set in a hotel I always enjoyed Hotel Babylon and I did think of it numerous times as I read thisWatson is a very good writer Assured confident and funny he also manages moments of emotion and warmth This is the story of a hotel An opulent London hotel from its inception by a Harry Selfridge like rich dreamer Howard York to the present day Narrated by two men our first is the concierge Graham hired on a whim by York and there to oversee its trials and triumphs over a forty year span Our second is Chas Howard's blind adopted son raised in the hotel and reclusive in his disabilityWe see changes over the decades we see stories develop old secrets unearthed and society altering around the hotel which valiantly tries to keep upI loved how the story develops how Chas's adolescent then adult narrative complements Graham's as we see the hotel's story from their differing points of view and their views of the entrepreneur Howard It's a fascinating and at times heartbreaking tale Graham's narrative says a lot by what he doesn't say his repeated meal at home his loyalty to his work Chas's world of darkness is on the surface the moving tale though his growth over time to me meant the constant Graham looked even set in his ways not embracing changes in technology wistfully remembering the pastAnd both have good reason to try and forget the pastI really really liked this I've already ordered a copy of the author's 'Eleven' and his is a name I'll be looking out for again Well developed plot though I thought Howard the weakest character actually with some very human characters and plot turns you become very involved inI didn't read on to the 100 extra tales told by other hotel guests I liked the story standing on its own and didn't feel the need to explore further though I liked the ideaA little mystery a hotel set 'family saga' of sorts exploring change in the 20th and 21st century a modern Selfridges tale

Summary Hotel Alpha

Three decades ago Howard York founded the most extraordinary hotel in London the Hotel Alpha A self made man Howard believes that you create your own luck and when he is in the room there is a sense that anything is possibleGraham the concierge has been behind the Alpha's front desk since the day the hotel opened and knows everything about it Chas H. You may be unsurprised to learn there’s a touch of The Grand Budapest Hotel to this one Hotel founder Howard York though he sounds an awful lot like an Ayn Rand creation ie Howard Roark the architect hero of The Fountainhead is most like the Ralph Fiennes character He uses his influence to finagle anything for a guest; “you could believe sitting here in his castle that he really did mean to live a couple of centuries and that everything he had built would still be standing around him” But even he can’t stop tragedy; a fire at the hotel in the 1980s orphaned and blinded a small boy named Chas who Howard then adoptedThe novel is told in alternating first person chapters from Chas and Graham the hotel concierge Graham reminded me of Stevens in The Remains of the Day very proper even uptight but with a hidden passion Technology’s advance helps Chas immensely but makes Graham feel superseded; “I have lived a great part of my own life in homage to my own past” he acknowledgesKey events take place between 2001 and 2005 with a historical backdrop including 911 the Olympic bid and the 77 bombings Chas works in PR and is involved with Kathleen a journalist who’s opposed to the Ira War Howard on the other hand always supports the winning team and status uo He is also a man of secrets Why did Chas’s tutor Ella and Graham’s assistant Agatha both suddenly leave the hotel for America years ago It all has to do with the legend of what happened the night of the fire the truth of which will be exposed in timeWatson is a stand up comedian as well as the author of several novels I like how he shows both the good and bad sides of technology here My favorite part was Chas’s visit to China with Kathleen; even though he’s mostly stuck in a hotel he still experiences extreme culture shockThere are another 100 stories about the Hotel Alpha on the website eight of which are printed as an appendix to the paperback edition Much as I liked the main characters especially Agatha I didn’t think the two voices were distinctive enough – I wish Watson had incorporated of the stories’ narrative variety some first person and some third person into the novel itself With thanks to Picador for my free copy won in a newsletter giveawayOriginally published with images at my blog Bookish Beck

Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Mark Watson

Oward's blind adopted son has almost never ventured outside its walls Both of them believe that the Alpha gives them everything they need until two mysterious disappearances raise uestions that no one seems willing to answer As the years forge ahead Graham and Chas must ask themselves whether Howard's vision of the perfect hotel has been built on se. I generally enjoyed this book The characters were well drawn and uniue and the story was vivid and memorable I felt that once the ending had started it rushed towards it despite events that happened that could have altered it and it could have been carefully considered or explained I found Graham's steady and slightly confused concierge believable and lovable I liked Kathleen's character but I felt the headstrong left wing girl a bit clichéd and didn't believe that she would have abandoned Chas at the protest or even to move abroad Overall I warmed to the characters and thought it was a great read

  • Paperback
  • 400
  • Hotel Alpha
  • Mark Watson
  • English
  • 18 August 2018
  • 9781447243342

About the Author: Mark Watson

Mark Andrew Watson born 13 February 1980 is an English stand up comedian and novelistWatson was born in Bristol to Welsh parents He has younger twin sisters called Emma and Lucy and brother Paul He attended Henleaze Junior school and then Bristol Grammar School where he won the prize of 'Gabbler of the year' before going to ueens' College Cambridge where he studied English graduating wi