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Historical background this book delves into the most groundbreaking recent developments in a wide variety of subjects such as artificial organs and tissues prosthetic limbs neural interfaces orthotic systems wearable systems for physical augmentation physical therapy and rehabilitation robotic surgery natural and synthetic actuators sensors and control systems A number of practice problems and solutions are provided at the end of the book Two years in t

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Biomechatronics is rapidly becoming one of the most influential and innovative research directions defining the 21st century Biomechatronics provides a complete and up to date account of this advanced subject at the university textbook level Each chapter is co authored by top experts led by Professor Marko B Popovic researcher and educator at the forefront of advancements in this fascinating field Beginning with an introduction to biomechatronics and its

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He making the book Biomechatronics is a result of dedicated work of a team of close to thirty contributors from all across the globe including top researchers and educators from the USA Popovic Lamkin Kennard Sinyukov Troy Goodworth Johnson Kaipa Onal Bowers Djuric Fischer Ji Jovanovic Luo Padir Tetreault Japan Tashiro Iramina Ohta Terasawa Sweden Boyraz Turkey Arslan Karabulut Ortes Germany Beckerle Willwacher New Zealand Liarokapis and Switzerland Dobr

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