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Sweet Conuest

Marsha Bauer Ê 9 characters

E simple she needed an escort to protect her from men such as himself and to lead her back to civilization Clay had no choice but accept defeat for now; but he promised himself that the next round would go to him He'd not only pin her to the ground he'd have her breathlessly begging for his conuest too THAT KIND OF MAN Separated from her bodyguard and hunted by a spurned suitor petite Melody Grayum had to use her wits to survive in the.

characters Sweet Conuest

Wild So when she spotted a handsome virile cowboy she shrewdly figured out a way to trick him into helping her without giving up her innocence in return Melody closed her eyes to Clay's broad shoulders flat belly and lean hips But after he kept his end of the bargain and escorted her home the inexperienced girl couldn't resist him any longer She hungrily embraced him welcomed his fiery kiss and surrendered to his exuisitely Sweet Conues.

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THAT KIND OF WOMAN When gunslinger Clay Weston came upon a scantily clad beauty in the California wilderness he could only conclude the obvious and he was eager to accommodate this lady of the evening The brazen blonde challenged him to a wrestling match in his undergarments and Clay enthusiastically took her up on it He stripped down divesting himself of his gun only to find himself staring down the barrel of her pistol Her demands wer.

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