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Driven by a desire to explore the most remote barren yet romantic places on earth Martin Buckley set off on a two year journey through the world's deserts In the Sahara he was threatened with murder In the Gobi he hijacked a cycle rickshaw Dehydrating in the Sonora he.

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Hallucinated fruit cocktails Encountering the desert at its most extreme he learned how to find water and how to spit tobacco into a camel's nostrilImages of the desert exert a powerful grip on the human imagination from Lawrence of Arabia to Star Wars Deserts feel fam.

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Iliar yet mysterious The truth is that they are even stranger than we imagineGRAINS OF SAND is a passionate profound and freuently funny evocation of the world's deserts and the people who live in them; an extraordinary global adventure and a personal voyage of discove.

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    High 2 This book had an excellent premise to cicumnavigate the world around the belt of deserts in the southern hemisphere Buckley does give vivid descriptions of the nomadic tribes such as the Tuareg in the Sahara and cast of fellow travellers of these inhospitable routes but does not offer the reader any deeper insights into the political and social landscape in each region Therefore the book never lifts itself above an interesting travelogue

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