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  • Mothership Ever Expanding Universe #1
  • Martin Leicht
  • English
  • 01 April 2019
  • 9781442429604

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    I wanted to read MOTHERSHIP because all the reviews said it was absolutely hilarious and the title is a pun I can never resist a good pun Plus I thought the bright retro cover was super fun It's even cooler in person The computer screen doesn't show how much the pink pops against the purpleThe reviewers were right MOTHERSHIP is hilarious Sixteen year old Elvie Nara's snarky clever voice carries the novel She's three months away from her due date when commandos invade the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers which is IN SPACE and tell the girls that their teachers are aliens The chapters alternate between explaining how she got pregnant and the survivors' journey to get off the ship This journey is noticeably unimpeded by the pregnant girls needing to pee having difficulty maneuvering or any other issue you might expect to arise due to their physical conditionBut I couldn't uite gel myself to MOTHERSHIP's breezy tone The trouble started when I realized Britta another girl at the school was pregnant by the same guy as Elvie Naturally the girls hate each other than Cheater McCan't Keep It In His Pants Lots of reviewers said sweet but dumb Cole grew on them as they read But he didn't grow on me particularly not as I realized exactly how bad of a position sweet Cole put Elvie inThen there's the fact that the entire book is about young pregnant women in danger and many of them die in horrible ways I love black comedy but I like my black comedy black I don't like dead pregnant teenagers in my snarky one liner comedy Then there's the horrid awfulness that comes as of the aliens' plans are revealed It's invasive and gross and I can't believe none of the girls choose to terminate their pregnancies MOTHERSHIP has a novel's worth of consent issues that are addressed for approximately three pagesSPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSPlus why are all of them teenagers? What the aliens can't impregnate grown women? It's particularly disturbing since the aliens are older than they look Cole's only nineteen but what if the other baby daddies are older?SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSI absolutely loved Elvie and thought her voice was spot on But she her father and best friend Duckie deserve a better plot than MOTHERSHIP offers them Martin Leicht and Isla Neal have talent and humor but the bright spots of MOTHERSHIP are offset by all the times I thought I was going to be sick

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    I didn't want to read Mothership I mean I might be on a sci fi kick and all but a book about pregnant teens? No thanks I am notoriously weak willed when it comes to booksAnd fine it might bother some people that this is a book about pregnant teenagers some of whom die in kind of gruesome ways Some of the details of the premiseplot might be a little problematic or bothersome And to some extent view spoilerthe whole not aging aliens impregnating teenage girls without telling them any of this and oh by the way delivering this parasite will render you sterile but we're also not going to tell you that thing hide spoiler

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    Oh the feelings I have about this book TW book review teen pregnancy unplanned pregnancy discussion of abortion ableism view spoilerforced alien impregnation infertility hide spoiler

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    This book is exactly what the cover suggests it is It’s fluff The uestion arises as to whether it’s good or bad fluff and in my opinion this book is fluff of the good variety It didn’t always feel that way though The first 100 pages or so were incredibly painful I kept uestioning the sanity of our main character and my own sanity too for continuing to read a book I wasn't enjoying The reason I read on even though I wasn't having a swell time was because the book was funny I hoped that the book would get better as I went along and I was right it did It got insanely better and I started actually enjoying the book instead of just laughing at the funny partsElvie is our main character and happens to be knocked up When I first found out about this series I was intrigued by how the book would deal with teen pregnancy in a sci fic setting Worry not though this book is not serious It’s pretty goshdarn funny and even if it makes you uestion whether the author is dealing with an important issue like this with the sensitivity it deserves Sometimes you don’t want a deep and moving book Sometimes you really just want some fluffGoing back to Elvie though Elvie is snarky and obviously has mommy issues This leads to her being detached from her pregnancy and the idea that she is actually having a kidShe calls her fetus goober from pete’s sake But Elvie is smart and while she sometimes annoyed me with her slut shamming and her general outlook on some of her other peers she still managed to be likeable because in spite of everything that had happened to her she didn’t spend a lot of time moping around She took actionCole on the other hand was an entirely uestionable love interest I despised him for the first 100 pages and uestioned Elvie’s sanity for being so head over heels for a doofus for whom she was the ‘other’ girl and who bailed the moment he found out about the baby But we get explanations for his jerk behavior and while they aren’t a 100% satisfying they brought a much needed explanation as to how someone so smart as Elvie could love a dumbdumb like ColeI guess the one thing Cole has going for him is that even though he may not be the brightest bulb he is loyal and is definitely smarter than he is given credit for Especially given the way his superiors discredited him There were moments in their relationship that were adorable and I think what makes their relationship work is that Elvie isn’t with him for his brains she knows he isn’t super smart she’s with him because he is sweet and caring if dense at timesThis book is very fast paced and if I remember correctly a lot of it takes place over the course of 24 hours It’s got a lot of action and could be surprisingly brutal at times meaning not everyone is alive at the end including a character I had grown to love I do like how the author paces the book though It fits what the author is going and he does it just right so that the book never feels rushed It feels excitingThis is a fun fluffy book and while it takes a bit to get used to it is worth it since it’s such a fast paced cutesy read with a great futuristic setting and a bit of space opera if it can be classified as such

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    When I was pregnant I was admitted to the hospital with what I thought were early labor pains Turns out I had a kidney stone Regardless of that when they admitted me I was given a nice and ugly wristband that declared me a fall risk Why? Because a clumsy pregnant woman is not a safe place for a baby who's trying to growAnd even though I fell once during my pregnancy it was once Not enough to harm my baby The amount of falls that these girls particularly our main gal take makes me uestion the safety of their babes So unless these alien babies are super durable inside the womb there's no way these teen moms can fall as much as they did without incurring some damage I can force my imagination to reach pretty far but some of this book is still grounded in realism and that's a fact I can't ignore BUT I know I'm being nitpicky And all that aside this book was very delightful and fun to read Loved the characters the whole plot; a creative idea

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    This is one of the most bonkers and OTT books I have ever read and I really enjoyed it It flings itself wildly from sassy Mean Girls esue comedy to space battles to horrible deaths but I think the authors pulled it off well It would be great to see this as a movie but I'm not sure if anyone would touch the subject matter Looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy

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    The review is also available on my blog Bows Bullets ReviewsI’ll be totally honest when I started this novel I didn’t have a clue what it was about beyond the vague notion that it would involve aliens I never read the synopsis The thought process was simple I just finished Second Chance Summer and while it was good it was a bit of a downer and I wanted to read something uplifting and funny I saw this little novel up on PulseIt and vaguely remember reading various reviews proclaiming it to be laugh out loud funny so I thought I’d read it while I had the chance I’m glad I did The reviews were right this book is one of the most original funny stories I’ve read in a while Elvie Nara is in a fairly common situation she’s knocked up and the father disappeared right after hearing the news She finally fesses up to her father who I adore by the way and she decides that the best thing for her is to enroll her in this new school for pregnant teens make on an abandon party cruiser that is orbiting the earth which is possible because this book takes place in 2074 Perfect solution right? WRONG Everything goes rather smoothly for the first few months or as smoothly as things can go for an expecting teen mother who’s ex lover also happens to have father a kid with her archnemesis who is stuck in the same floating school and determined to make her life hell untilCue the dramatic music ALIENS ATTACK From that point on Elvie’s world gets turned upside down which she didn’t think was possible at this point I can’t really go into detail with the plot after this point because there are too many potential spoilers but suffice to say that you’ll never see a lot of it coming and you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing if you figure it out Everything that can go wrong does and Elvie ends up face to face with Cole aka the father of “Goober” I cannot say enough good things about this book All the character’s were completely perfect Ducky is an amazing best friend and they could have easily pushed that into love triangle land but thankfully they don’t Instead of trying to be all Jacob and “I love you and I’m better for you” Ducky never confesses his love and just supports Elvie in every endeavor no matter how deranged Cole was the perfect leading man He’s hot and dimwitted and completely sincere in his affection for Elvie though it’s not apparent in the beginning Then there is Elvie who though I was irritated with in the beginning turns out to be a completely badass lovable character She’s been dealt a shitty hand though by her own admission it’s for choices she made and instead of whining and moping about what could have been and how things should be she just rolls with the punches makes sarcastic jokes as the goes Thanks to all her younger years being raised by her father she is a mechanical genius and that skill comes in rather useful for what’s in store for her Speaking of her dad I love him He’s doesn’t have a huge role in this novel but the small amount you see of him makes me wanna give the guy a big hug He’s got a plan for any well almost any worst case scenario and when Elvie confesses that she is knocked up his response isn’t anger but just acceptance and then he proudly digs out his “teen pregnancy” contingency plan and starts dealing with the current dilemma The plot keeps you guessing until the end Just when you think it’s all over something else happens Just when you think they are all doomed Elvie pulls a new plan out of her ass and saves the day It’s a delightful read and anyone looking for a kickass novel that will have you snorting for hours this is your bookuotes“Ducky seems intent on working on a strictly psychological level Like sneaking into Britta’s house every morning to swap out her bra with a series of nearly identical brassieres with infinitesimally larger cup sizes causing her to believe her boobs are shrinking”“If anyone can ever find a way to explain to me how carrying around a sack of flour with a diaper on it is supposed to prepare you for motherhood I will personally bake that person a chocolate cake with my practice baby’s insides”

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    I can already tell that Mothership is going to be one of those seriously underrated books Before getting a copy for review I had heard nothing about it and honestly I probably wouldn’t have purchased a copy at the bookstore just based on the summary and cover Boy am I glad I gave this one a chance though Mothership is a laugh out loud look at teen pregnancy in space With aliens Seriously where could you go wrong?Elvie is one very unhappy pregnant teenager When her dad found out she was pregnant he immediately enrolled her in the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers It seemed like a good plan and things were going okay at the school until the ship was hijacked by some dudes carrying ray guns One of which just happened to be the father of Elvie’s baby Yeah that’s when things got really crazy The dudes with ray guns have uite a few things to share with the mommies to be at the school and oh yeah they have to get off the ship before it crash lands to Earth No problem right? WrongElvie was a total laugh She is one of the craziest heroines you will ever read about I mean she’s a crazy pregnant teenager trapped on a ship in space with the baby daddy who ditched her some aliens and her worst enemy However she never once lets that bring her down Instead she cracks jokes about everyone and everything She has an amazing sense of humor and that’s only one of the things I loved about her She is also really brave sometimes stupidly so not afraid to speak her mind a really good friend and a good mommy to be to the Goober as she calls the babyThe rest of the cast was just as awesome Britta was the perfect arch nemesis Cole was the lovable but totally stupid baby daddy Ducky was the completely awesome best friend Ramona was the cynical but lovable pregnant friend Natty was the completely clueless but hysterical other pregnant friend Really the cast was a perfect mix of personalities and I couldn’t help but love them all Especially Cole He was such a cute idiot Even Elvie’s dad was a pretty cool guy The plot was edge of your seat suspenseful It doesn’t take long for things to really take off get it? and it’s a pretty non stop action packed book There are explosions tons of life or death situations and even a few births Throw in some flashbacks to before Elvie got pregnant and you’ve got pretty much the perfect blend of action romance friendship and suspense It’s definitely a one sitting kind of readOverall Mothership is going right to the top of my recommendation list Full of lovable characters non stop action laugh out loud hilarity and swoon worthy romance it’s everything a reader could want in a book Pick this one up now

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    This was such a nice surprise a very funny sci fi black comedy I say black because there is a lot of death Though Elvie's voice is sometimes a tad too snarky teen I do have to admit she has some great one liners I love how smart and resourceful Elvie is no knocked up damsel in distress here I also love the clever plot and great twists And what a well executed cliffhanger Looking forward to the next book for sure

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    So silly and enjoyable A light science fiction future teen space baby romp A few eye rolling moments and I am seriously impressed with all the movie referencesGreat for Gen Xers looking for a little bit of a science y type read with alien entertainment and teen snark and drama lol

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Pped off to the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers was not how Elvie imagined spending her junior year but she can go with the flow That is until a team of hot commandos hijacks the ship and one of them turns out to be Cole She hasn’t seen him since she told him she’s pregnant and now he’s bursting into her new home to tell her that her teachers a This book is

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Teen pregnancy is never easy especially not when extraterrestrials are involved The first in a new trilogyElvie Nara was doing just fine in the year 2074 She had a great best friend a dad she adored and bright future working on the Ares Project on Mars But then she had to get involved with sweet gorgeous dumb as a brick Cole and now she’s pregnantGetting shi Oh the feeli

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