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A Girls Guide to Guns and Monsters

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Nd paranormal tales of strong women armed with weapons they are not afraid to use as well as fis. Great Strong Female Characters of all ages I actually found several of these stories to be uite inspirational I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Sci Fi and Fantasy stories revolving around strong females

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Brilliant original sci fi and fantasy stories featuring brave and bold heroines Thirteen urban a.

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Ts and feet of fury who face monsters and bad guys and are not above rescuing men in the process. Couldn't help feeling that a lot of these stories were previews of series to come I did get the lead on The Becoming from this book and we'll see where that series takes me Tanya Huff's story was well worth reading I may go digging to see where her new stuff is at now

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    A Girl’s Guide to Guns and MonstersThe main idea behind this anthology is strong women with the ability to find the weapon most necessary at the time and the courage to use it Not all of the stories have guns—in fact most don’t—and the monsters come from a wide field although at first there seemed to be a dominance of vampires Overall each story was good although a few had endings I felt uncomfortable with for one reason or another My favorites were Jim C Hines’ and Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Check it out if you like urban fantasy or strong women characters The stories range from the Old West all the way up to a future sci fi with spaceships A nice little anthology to whittle away a few hours The Drifter by Jane Lindskold This story is set in the west with the main character drifting into a small town chasing after a monster Good western feel with a surprise twist on the monster she’s in search of She does carry a gun but circumstances force her to use other weapons when the two finally meet A good story Our Lady of the Vampires by Nancy Holder We’ve moved to the Great Depression here with a young girl put into an orphanage as the stock market crash takes its toll on one wealthy family Of course there’s something preying on the girls in the orphanage and with some help the main character decides to take action A decent story but I felt like it was really the introductionprologue to something larger No gun in this one Best Friends by Lilith Saintcrow We get vampires again in this one with one moving in on Becca’s girlfriend and her mother When it becomes obvious that he’s feeding off of them Becca sets out save them but things don’t always go as planned A fairly typical vampire story with a minor twist in the end There is a gun in this one and it does play a crucial role Elizabeth and Anna’s Big Adventure by Jeanne C Stein The main character here is merely 8 years old but she still keeps her wits about her when monsters break into her house while her parents are away at a party With the help of her babysitter she manages to overcome her own fear The author caught and kept the character’s youthful voice well here Lupercalia by Anton Strout Finally a story that doesn’t have a vampire as the big bad guy In fact the big bad guy here is Love Literally Jilted too many times by the same guy Leis goes after him with a vengeance crossbow and chains in hand I think everyone can relate to both of the women characters in this story although I will say I wasn’t thrilled with the ending Murder She Workshopped by Kristine Kathryn Rusch Another story where the bad guy isn’t a vampire Here we have an assassin who really wants to be a writer attending a writer’s workshop She’s there to kill a well I’ll keep that hidden but secretly is trying to learn everything she possibly can at the critiue sessions so she can pursue her writing career Of course things don’t go as planned I liked this story because the main character learns something about herself as the story unfolds—something she may not really want to admit but is forced to once the plot begins to thicken so to speak Heart of Ash by Jim C Hines I initially groaned because I thought this would be a vampire story—its starts out with a vampire—but thankfully it’s not The main character is a nymph who becomes whatever her lover wants In this story she’s essentially a superhero taking out supernatural bad guys But as the story progresses the relationship changes and suddenly Lena finds herself changing as well even though she doesn’t want to Another good story with a nice subtle point Jiang Shi by Elizabeth A Vaughan This story is actually part of a seuence begun in previous anthologies We get another vampire here but a Chinese one along with the ninja rats and possum mage from the previous stories It’s obviously a “to be continued” story though with a complication brought up in the last few lines No gun here; lots of blades No Matter Where You Go by Tanya Huff The main protagonist here is a vampire so the monsters end up being well something else A couple of surprising things happen in this one which kept me on my toes although none of the surprises really involved the plot Completely different monsters which was nice and there’s an actual gun too Signed in Blood by PR Frost This one is set in PR Frost’s Tess Noncoire universe and features well Tess She’s on her own this time though her imp Scrap gone on a personal uest She gets a call from a filker friend because something seems to be draining her audiences of their energy and she wants Tess to figure out who or what it is No gun Something mightier instead Broch de Shlang by Mickey Zucker Reichert A mother defends her two daughters and herself from escalating snake attacks only to find out that perhaps these attacks are a little personal than she thinks I have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable with the ending on this one The Wooly Mountains by Alexander B Potter Something in the woods of New Hampshire is killing off chickens and sheep and one herder intends to find out what It can’t be werewolves or any of the known Uncanny in the area though they’ve signed agreements to integrate into society So what could it possibly be? A uniue monster or two made this an enjoyable story along with the main character who’s not afraid to use those guns or even her skills in the fiber arts Invasive Species by Nina Kiriki Hoffman The final story in this anthology takes us into sci fi territory with a pest controller becoming a passenger on a luxury space liner in order to figure out what’s been munching on some metal in order to eradicate the problem It turns out to be something other than metal mites

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    A Girl's Guide To Guns And Monsters is not just about girl power Co editor Kerrie Hughes reveals in the introductory that as a survivor of rape and abuse she wants to create an anthology that would assure readers presumably female readers that they too can rise about the atrocities and injustices Okay there is a bit of a disconnect here in that she never actually stated how this anthology could help other than provide a vicarious passport for some emotional catharsis and even then I'm not sure how that would provide anything than a few hours of temporary succorOkay I'm getting way off tangent now I do sympathize with Ms Hughes's introduction and I wish her well in her efforts to empower other women It's just that reading her introduction and looking at the rest of the anthology well I don't see how these two are relatedJane Lindskold starts the show with The Drifter which sees our heroine Prudence Bledsoe showing up in a cowboy town one fine day just in time to find herself in the middle of a mystery involved some missing children The locals believe that the nearby Navajo folks are responsible but Prudence has her own suspicions This is a pretty standard tale with a rather familiar tough as nails action heroine kicking some rear ends It's a decent opening story but nothing too memorableNancy Holder's Our Lady Of The Vampires is a Depression era story where our heroine's family had fallen on hard times and she is left at a home by her mother She soon discovers that there are vampires around ooh The author wants this story to be a the mouse learns to roar type of story but the heroine keeps crying and wailing all the time she's obnoxious I'm happy when the story ends because I don't have to read about her constant woe is me I'm crying again anticsLilith Saintcrow's Best Friends is pretty good fortunately as I am starting to worry about the anthology at that point Our hot heroine and her eually hot lesbian girlfriend have a dilemma her hot girlfriend's mother has a new boyfriend who seems to be a vampire We are talking about a menacing vampire who may be feeding on his girlfriend and the girlfriend's daughter Can our hot lesbian duo put a stop to that fellow's misdeeds? This one is an interesting blend of teen angst layered over by horror elements although the freuent mentions of the ladies' hotness sort of undermine the stated mission of this anthology to empower ladies everywhere It's as if you can only be tough if you are hot or have superhuman powersJeanne C Stein presents Elizabeth And Anna's Big Adventure which is about an eight year old having an unusual babysitter that helps teach her about girl power This is a decent read but short and forgettable Again I get this impression that one can only have girl power if one has superhuman powers Since I can only dream of being able to clean the fridge just by waving my hand I don't feel very empoweredAnton Strout who seems to have a spot permanently reserved for him in every DAW anthology in existence presents Lupercalia which empowers women by showing them to be bitter hags when they can't get a man but once they think they can get a man they will happily turn their backs to their fellow sisters I guess it's only reasonable that Cupid himself is causing these strong women to act like cartoon shrews in this storyIn Murder She Workshopped Kristine Kathryn Rusch serves a story of what would happen if Jessica Fletcher is actually a monster that feeds on the emotional turmoil caused by a violent murder Our heroine is an assassin specializing in getting rid of monsters just like the true crime author known as Margarite Lawson and to set the stage she joins the writing workshop which has Margarite as a guest speaker Mayhem ensues This story is delightful as it offers a playful look into the colorful aspects of a writing workshop and pokes fun at pretentious aspiring authors while at the same time being a fun read with lots of surprises This is easily my favorite story in this anthologyJim C Hines's Heart Of Ash is an interesting story about a nymph who takes down spooks for the greater good until her crusade costs her her girlfriend If you can't tell by now lesbianism is considered one of the must have if you want to ooze girl power from head to toe I like this story it contains some emotional poignancy and the heroine is a memorable character However I'm not sure why this story is here in this anthology the heroine needs the love of another person or creature in order to define herself This is a part of her being what she is a nymph but no matter how I look at this I don't find this someone must love me in order for me to be me part of the heroine a good fit with the stated empowerment mission of the anthologyElizabeth A Vaughan's Jiang Shi has a pre menopausal middle aged heroine nice but the entire story seems like it's part of a longer series Unlike the usual Chinese vampire that the title references to the spooks in this story are like a standard monster that can scream and move like any other random monster There is also a talking mouse The whole thing is an amusing tale of a heroine who is dragged into a paranormal adventure with evil ninja rats really by being at the wrong place and the wrong time but there are too many things here and too little substance It's as if the author is just throwing everything in and passing off the party as a complete storyIs Tanya Huff's No Matter Where You Go part of a series too? It feels like it Our vampire heroine and her human cop boyfriend find themselves trying to rescue a bunch of teens when these teens go through a magical portal into a very unhappy place let's just say The heroine and her boyfriend have an established relationship there are allusions to events that may or may not happen in previous related stories i have no idea and this whole story feels like just a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and I need to collect pieces to see the big pictureIn PR Frost's Signed In Blood our witch heroine stumbles upon a creature that is inciting violence at concerts This one could have been an interesting story but compared to the previous two stories it feels even like a part of a series Things happen without much explanation Maybe because I'm supposed to know of it by reading previous stories? At any rate this is an unsatisfying short storyOh boy Mickey Zucker Reichert's Broch De Shlang is easily the story with the most unfortunate implications in this anthology Our heroine's marriage breaks apart because she insists on caring for a daughter with Patau syndrome Now she discovers that there is a family curse that will cause her to be killed by a snake really Who will take care of the special girl if she croaks? This story is truly unfortunate because the author resolves this story by a killing off the daughter in a special heroic way letting b the heroine all eager to ask her husband to come back so that they can be a family again The take home message here is that the only good girl with genetic handicaps is one that is willing to die so that normal people can be happyAlexander B Potter's The Wooly Mountains has a lesbian heroine only they have girl power remember showing up in the rustic wilderness to mediate between the were creatures and the anti spook human groups even as she investigates several incidents of sheep getting ripped apart in the neighborhood This one isn't too bad but the identity of the villain is obvious from the get go and it ends up being a bit too predictable for its own goodFinally there is Invasive Species by Nina Kiriki Hoffman This is the only outright sci fi story of the bunch Our heroine Random Delaney is a vermin hunter and during her latest assignment what seems like a routine job turns out to be something sinister that involves oh nasty aliens at work perhaps? This is a decent closing story as the heroine kicks some rear end the setting is well done and the pacing is solidOn the whole however this anthology is uite the mess There are mediocre stories than good ones here and there are also unfortunate implications galore starting with how the anthology with the highest density of lesbians so far in a while just has to that one about female empowerment Or how many of these so called kick ass females are also described to be conventionally beautiful or that they are often strong only because they have inherent abilities that make them stronger than the people around them I hate to say this given that Kerrie Hughes poured her heart out in the introduction but I don't feel that there is much about this anthology that feels empowering

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    I'm going with a 35The Drifter by Jane Lindskold set in 1800s American West with werewolves skinwalkers and family ties Really liked it Near the top of my list for this anthoOur Lady of the Vampires it's the Depression and something strange is happening in a home for girls It was all right I did enjoy the endBest Friends by lilith Saintcrow a standalone not part of any other series that I know of; young love protecting those you love and making the most of what you have Note I've read a good number of Saintcrow's shorts and I really like them This one is no exception One of my favorites in this anthoElizabeth Anna's Big Adventure by Jeanne Stein This one was all right It's part of the Anna Strong series not that you need to be caught up on it to get the story but I think if I was familiar with the characters I would like it Lupercalia by Anton Stout a woman who has had than her share of heartbreak goes on a manhunt for the god of love I really liked this one Another one of my favs in this anthoMurder She Workshopped by Kristine Kathryn Rusch This story is a big reason why I love reading anthos I've never read anything by this author but I really liked the story I'll be looking to see what else Rusch has written Murder monsters and mystery at a writing workshop Good stuffHeart of Ash by Jim C Hines I really liked this one Unexpected heroine a Nymph who fights monsters Bittersweet but I liked itJiang Shi by Elizabeth A Vaughan I kind of liked this one Very odd with a middle aged woman who thinks the magic has gone from her life who with the help of an amulet finds than she bargained for It has a talking mouse ninja rats an evil possum and It worked but I feel like I was missing a bit too much to really enjoy itNo MAtter Where You Go by Tanya Huff Part of the Vicki Nelson series; some kids open a portal and VIcki jumps in to save them It was a uick action fueled storySigned in Blood by PR Frost A Tess Noncoire story I've never read the series but the short was meh Not enough happened to make me want to find AnticlimaticBroch de Shlang by Mickey Zucker Reichert It started interesting with snakes and a family curse but fell apart at the end I get where the author was going but something that traumatic cannot be glossed overThe Wooley Mountains by Alexander B Potter Set in a world where there are magic species interacting with humans There's Sasuatch and evidence of a dragon I liked this one I liked the old monster hunter and the new guard although I would call them monster conservationists really One of my favsInvasive Species by Nina Kiriki Hoffman Set on a spaceship where something has been chewing on the metal There's lots of odd happenings and a light touch as our heroine dons her exterminator gear to get to the root of the problem I liked it

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    I like anthologies for three reasons First you can finish a story in a short time Second you discover new authors Third you find short stories by some favorite authors One of my favorite authors is Jane Lindskold who wrote The Drifter with Prudence Bledsloe her brother Jake and an old west theme This interesting tale has a uniue ending Broch de Shlang by Mickey Zucker Reichert features a couple who has a strange child and a snake The plot is unusual Elizabeth and Anna's Big Adventure by Jeanne C Stein is short concise and great reading There are others but I'll stop here as readers of anthologies should discover the stories for themselves Suffice it to say that I liked several of the stories

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    I picked this book up for two reasons as a fluff anthology and because an author I especially like has a story in it I was expecting some middling uality stories but I was pleasantly surprised over the first one by Jane Linskold; not all of the stories afterward held up to my raised expectations I was also surprised though I probably shouldn't have been that each story has a fantasy genre monster in it lots of vampires; I thought maybe there'd be actionsci fi stories of women with guns and some monsters when it is the opposite women fighting monsters and sometimes using guns to do it

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    Great Strong Female Characters of all ages I actually found several of these stories to be uite inspirational I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Sci Fi and Fantasy stories revolving around strong females

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    Couldn't help feeling that a lot of these stories were previews of series to come I did get the lead on The Becoming from this book and we'll see where that series takes me Tanya Huff's story was well worth reading I may go digging to see where her new stuff is at now

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    A decent collection of short stories featuring girlswomen with guns and monsters As with any collection your mileage will vary

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    A good collection of stories by a variety of authors my favorite among them being Lilith Saintcrow Not highbrow by any means but a fine book to occupy an afternoon

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    Read the review by Mrs Giggles it says everything I thought I suspect this whole genre is getting a bit mined out And I'm not sure the authors were aware of Hughes' intro

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