SUMMARY ï The Purposeful Primitive Using the Primordial Laws of Fitness to Trigger Inevitable Lasting and Dramatic Physical Change

The Purposeful Primitive Using the Primordial Laws of Fitness to Trigger Inevitable Lasting and Dramatic Physical Change

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Nd of the first month body composition the fat to muscle ratio undergoes a dramatic turnaround; those who commit completely for 90 days undergo a total metamorphosis No matter how deep a physical hole you are currently standing in 90 days of maniacal discipline and teeth gritting effort will enable you to utterly and completely change the shape texture efficiency and hardness of your body. This is really a manual for anyone who wants to take weightlifting not necessarily bodybuilding


Executed with the reuisite tenacity intensity and precision Purposefully Primitive methods can and will favorably alter the compositional makeup of the human body Primitive tools and simple modes are used to power sparse methods We force the body to favorably reconfigure itself by generating physical and psychological fierceness during training Commonsense nutritional strategies and Old S. For the breadth of the history provided the specificity of detail of its subject matter and the

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Chool training tactics are synchronized and placed within a periodized timeframeThe three interrelated Purposefully Primitive disciplines weight training cardiovascular training and nutrition need to be regularly and routinely practiced in a balanced and proportional fashion Lock down all aspects of the program and within seven days of full implementation tangible results appear; by the e. Transformational fire One of my favorites this year This book will put you into a trance state

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    For the breadth of the history provided the specificity of detail of its subject matter and the efficacy that the fundamentals of training are instilled to the uninitiated Marty Gallagher’s The Purposeful Primitive is the powerlifting euivalent of Dr Timothy Noakes’s Lore of Running The same myth making methodology that inspired the recreational jogger to try their hand at interval training after introduction to the exploits of Emil Zapotek and spurred denizens of the weekend 5k onto the grueling path of the marathon compliments Yiannis Kouros’s example is at in the “Iron Masters” portion of this bookThe ascetic discipline of the “Iron Monk” Dorian “The Diesel” Yates; the purity of heart of the Furnas brothers the inner peace and wisdom cultivated by bodybuilding forefather Bill Pearl the grit and precision of Ed Coan and Kirk Karwoski In the pursuit of athletic glory these men came to embody distinct virtues that represent the high point of character in civilization self sacrifice prudence loyalty resilience These “Hero’s Journeys” will undoubtedly capture the hearts and minds of countless fitness novitiatesThe tales of redemption determination transformation and on occasion tragedy are physical allegories capturing the arc the human spirit travels in its efforts of self overcoming In the first instance as the soul seeks to transcend the material constraints imposed upon it by the laws of physics and the legacy of evolution; subseuently the effort made manifest in the spiritual realm as the project to surpass the limitations placed upon the soul by society and culture The work of the Iron Masters is both a protest against materialism and an act of refusal—a wholesale rejection of the path of least resistance as a historical trend running through the annals of civilization and the complacency of the status uo as a norm governing human societiesThe Purposeful Primitive emerges at an uncanny chronological juncture This book combines elements of Classicism and Romanticism Gallagher insists in his Purposeful Primitive manifesto that the book is a harkening back And it is This is the work’s Classical aspect The Purposeful Primitive reaches back to the channel the strength and capture the glory of the primordial father the King Alpha the Ur Chief—a uintessentially Classical gesture Here we find feats of strength enshrined in the highest tiers of the social hierarchy symbolized by the archetype of the Warrior King Samson and Goliath Hector and Odysseus—all held high courtThe Purposeful Primitive also contains a forward looking promise a faith in what Ernst Bloch called the “not yet become” This is the Romantic strain In contrast to the Primitive Patriarch the uniue path pursued by each of the Iron Masters is thoroughly subjective totally individual and ultimately existential From all cultural backgrounds and social classes—neither constrained by genetics nor upbringing—each master comes into his own in large part through a sheer and prolonged act of will The Iron Master shares a strong kinship with Nietzsche’s Zarathustra Frankenstein’s Monster and Goethe’s Faust and would readily uote Coleridge who in “Dejection” sought “Haply by abstruse research to stealFrom my own nature all the natural man” Yes The Purposeful Primitive falls suarely within the tradition of Romanticism Like a good Classicist Gallagher fondly uotes Plato’s formula for beauty as symmetry plus proportion This is beauty classically defined as the imitation of archetypal form The spirit of physical transformation Gallagher emphasizes with eual force reuires a contemporary counterpoint such is found in Post Structuralist Gilles Deleuze’s claim that “We do not know what are bodies are capable” That is to say the transcendence of all pre established forms patterns and definitions in the accomplishment of the hitherto unimaginable—Romanticism at its finestConsiderations of aesthetic influence and cultural import aside The Purposeful Primitive is above all else an allegory for what Eastern traditions of philosophy have designated “The Way”; this made articulate through the triumphs and tribulations reuired by the practice of resistance training Archery has historically been the discipline of choice to accompany the spiritual apparatus of Zen practitioners but Gallagher points the way to iron induced Samadhi We come to learn that accomplished feats of strength are only valuable insofar as the same focus concentration and discipline that allow for a record lift can be applied to the tasks conflicts and challenges of everyday life Gallagher uotes Krishnamurti’s counsel to him to “Carry this flow state enlightenment Samadhi etc experienced during training into to day to day life” Training is thus integrative and holistic The purposeful primitive transcends mind body dualisms in good Spinozist fashion by placing the mind in the body and the body in the mind Accomplishments in one realm are contingent upon and compound gains on those attained in the otherWhile this review has focused on the literary aspects of Gallagher’s enterprise there is no denying the work’s merit as a blueprint for physical transformation The three pillars of strength training cardiovascular exercise and nutrition are introduced with an admirable depth and clarity Gallagher defines the principle of “Creeping Incrementalism” and staggers progress for his readers by providing beginner intermediate and advanced periodization programs that integrate the three pillars The options for attaining optimal fitness as outlined in the book are vast The possibilities for experimentation made available by the vast sweep of the various modalities ensures that those committed to physical transformation will remain engaged excited and enthusiastic in their trainingAs in all great works of literature The Purposeful Primitive instigates introspection into the inner reaches of the soul Nietzsche claimed that if you look long enough into an abyss the abyss will start looking into you The same can be said of any great work of literature the ability of a work to transform any one individual is contingent upon the intensity and focus that person brings to comprehending its meaning and applying its insights Primitive Prophet Gallagher has sown the seeds of physical transformation in each person’s heart whether the wisdom is suandered on paths of stone or reaped in abundance in fertile fields falls to the conscience of each individual who has learned the good news

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    Contains a lot of history about the strongmen of the author's generation Personal bios and paths to greatness I certainly respect the characters described but I was focused on the philosophies mentalities and daily regimes of the purposeful primitive I had to sift through a lot of other material to get that I believe there is uality material here but it has been presented in concise form other places Pavel preaches a similar philosophy and has well written books with clear plans of actions Pavel does not cover nutrition for some reason while Gallagher does On nutrition Gallagher mentions the many meals plan and the intermittent fasting plans as the two primary tools for change Again these are described clearly elsewhere Overall this books take you on an interesting journey into the culture and mindset of a subculture that has dramatically changed fitness and nutrition

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    This book provides an extensive introduction into the powerlifting scene However if you're looking for something that gives you distinct detailed information about what program you should be using for your everyday weight lifting then you're probably better off using a different book I can say in the books favor that it did a great job of ramping up my interest in the iron culture

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    The book was great if you are a dumbbellbarbell lover and bodybuilding enthusiast but for me who am simply a resistance band and bodyweight excercises fan it was simply OK Worth your time though

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    Transformational fire One of my favorites this year This book will put you into a trance state like that of a wide eyed violent psychopath ready to hit a PR with pure rage•Book Meetings with Remarkable Men by GI Gurdjieff 1927•Book Rock Iron Steel The Book of Strength by Steve Justalearning some of the most effective techniues of body and mind transformation you are about to treat yourself to some of the best writing the English language has to offer Gallagher is a samurai eually adept in the manly and the literary arts Since his teens Marty has been inhaling Hemingway London Chekhov and Turgenev After four decades of voracious reading and hard living the brooding Irishman has become their eual He retreated to the country where he in the words of Jack London could be Living close to the earth thinking simply and seeing clearly and wrote the Great American Novel of Strength Pavel via The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher PgXIIbiological imperative informs us that if the human body operates in negative energy balance NEB for a protracted period a resultant loss in bodyweight must occur This is basic caloric thermodynamics Further if the body operates in NEB for a protracted period and if other specified procedures and protocols are enacted the human body preferentially calls up its body fat reserves stored energy and uses body fat to fuel activity Enact specific training and eating procedures and the human body must grow new muscle and must oxidize stored body fat Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg6The human body will not favorably reconfigure itself in response to ease and sameness Systematic struggle and stress are reuired to trip the hypertrophy trigger Hypertrophy is not a gradual or gentle event rather the cellular euivalent of a nuclear explosion Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg9Barbarians at the gate into the breach surged battalions of converts emerging from swamps and backwoods to blow up everything held most sacred they sweated roared and swaggered to the limit they tore down the temple and razed it to the ground Nik Cohen via The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher Pg11Train like a psycho eat everything in sight rest up and grow gargantuan Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg34He Danny D would fight at the drop of a hat He once beat a guys' ass in a bar fight at a biker bar and then kept the loser in a headlock the rest of the evening He held the guys' head and neck tight with one arm while he drank with the other HEY Look at my hunting trophy He'd yell as he showed off his captive to newcomers He held the guy this way for three hours and had to be stopped by other lifters from extracting a gold filling from the poor bastard's mouth Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg74Barbell Bench Press The wider the grip the pectoral used A medium width grip causes the muscular stress to be distributed among pecs front delts and triceps The narrow grip stresses front delts and most particulary the triceps Pause poundage on the chest regardless the chest exercise before firing the weight to lockout Pausing bench press reps forces far muscle fiber to fire than bouncing a barbell off the chest to create momentum; momentum means muscle fiber gets a free ride Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg111A poor lifter bounces and crashes his reps off the floor while the elite lifter's plates touch in near silence Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg123Better to train in a dump with Supermen than in a posh palace surrounded by low pain tolerance politically correct metro sexual sissies Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg163Willpower is the ability to force yourself into doing something that you don't want to do Willpower is not the key to triggering a true transformation Willpower is initially used to jump start the process The transformative process must eventually be powered by enthusiasm if it is to succeed Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg220meditating monks sought a state of 'no mind' wherein internal dialogue ceased allowing 'original mind' to emerge Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg226When an athlete imagines certain movements a specific system of neural connections is activated When the image is repeated over and over the tenuous system of these nerve connections is strengthened and thus improves the physical execution of the movement If the student imagines the correct execution of a particular movement the correct system of nerve connections will be strengthened Aladar Kogler Clearing the Path to Victory via The Purposeful Primitive Pg231The Dhyani Mudra is one of ten 'seal signs' This hand posture enables the meditator to tell if they are focused or have lost focus Optimally the thumbs lightly touch as if holding a sheet of paper between them If the meditator notices that the thumbs have drifted apart or that they are suashing into one another this is a surefire indicator that the mind has either drifted into a nen unit of thought chain or has fallen into a somnolent sleep state Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg235Training to the mortal is a chore a bore a bother manual labor without compensation; whereas for the elite training is a transcendental experience and mind prep an indispensable ingredient in the uest to excel Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg236Turn internal fantasy into external realityFor years top athletes have incorporated stretching into their training Done prior to and after a training session stretching helps prevent injury by elasticizing muscles and speeds up recovery by forcibly circulating toxins rather than allowing them to settle Marty Gallagher The Purposeful Primitive Pg244Man is the only animal who refuses to be what he is Albert CamusWe use the thermic effect of food to goose the metabolism We use intense weight training to goose the metabolism We use hard cardio to goose the metabolism After a few weeks of continually goosing the metabolism it stays goosed permanently amped up; you have successfully reset the metabolic thermostat upward Marty Gallagher Purposeful Primitive Pg400

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    If you are an ordinary person looking for advice about weight loss training methods building strength which cardio is best etc then I dare to say this is the only exercise book you ever need to read Regardless of your personal preference regarding choice of training methodology everything you need to consider is covered by a top trainer of power lifters you know the sort of people who are actually strong and not just toned or conditioned To show you just how comprehensive this book is it includes many different training routines including minimalist routines for power lifters and beginner workout routines for those in an advanced state of decay all backed up with proven resultsThe book does tend to stray into a lot of personal reminiscences but that's only because of the authors extreme familiarity with the subject and those people involved in itThe best and last purchase I have ever made regarding training

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    This is really a manual for anyone who wants to take weightlifting not necessarily bodybuilding seriously I found it lacking on the nutrition side though the exercise related sections so on weights a bit less for cardio were extensive and extremely useful

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    Some of the advice is a bit outdated and by today's informed standards would perhaps be considered a bit broscience but the stories and bios alone make this book worth its weight in gold and deserving of a 5 star rating

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    Interesting to see what some of the greats did Some of the essays were a little too dramatic and forced but overall liked it

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    A must read book for anyone This book contains a lot of useful info from those who want to become super strong to those who want to lose extra body fat Definitely recommend it

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