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    The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew by Mary Ann Vitale is the delightful tale a young boy who happens to find a dollar tree in a very special garden Well there you go so money does grow on trees with leaves of dollar bills no less Needless to say this reader is now a fan of this talented authorStrange things begin to happen when Lincoln doesn't share his treasure with others The child learns a great lesson about the acts of giving and receivingA beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated children's short story with a message we could all learn from Very highly recommended

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    I remember my parents teaching me to be frugal because money does not grow on trees Well in this book it does—and yet in this magical street The Street Where The Dollar Tree GrewMary Ann Vitale teaches us and our kids a lesson in the flip side of treating money with care Namely a lesson in generosity An intimate relationship forms between them which is reflected simply and directly in the text and the artwork of the book “The little old lady invited him to come inside the house She cleaned his knee Then she offered him some cookies and a glass of milk” She invites him to the garden where he spots the dollar tree “It’s fun to step on all the dollars laying on the ground and hear their crunch sound” he says in surprise She allows him to take these leaves but tells him to share with others “When you share with others” she tells him “you will receive good things back”Will he obey her or be tempted to spend it all for himself? What is the cost of greed? How does it express itself in regret in feeling a loss of value in the things he acuired and how is he granted a second chance at doing what is right? The book comes alive with endearing touch of the artist Milena Radeva Her watercolor illustrations glow with warmth the boy is drawn from the point of view of a child which makes us into children and brings him closer to us His emotions are easily read from his face The place—be it inside the old woman’s home her garden or the street—is depicted with warmth The only critiue I have is that the text over its white background obscures some of these beautiful illustrations As lovely as the text is I would much rather it appear outside the borders of the beautiful scenes Five stars

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    This book is beautifully illustrated and visually appealing for kids and adults If I were to base the review on the artwork it would be a 5 star book I chose this book because of the general theme the book is trying to teach ie think of others sharing selflessness etc The story flows well and is easily to understand for young children However I did find it a tad preachy and didn't really like the second half of the bookThe part about telling kids that if you share with others you will receive good things back is incredibly flawed The whole point about helping others is that you are doing something for others not for yourself In the end the boy ends up doing the right thing but he is sad about it and really hasn't actually learned anything from the situation Unfortunately I think these 2 points are major failures in what could have been a lovely book

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    “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know”Throughout generations kids have heard this from their parents Butwhat if??There is a house on Dollar Street that has an incredible garden The trees not only bear rainbow colored fruit and coins it also has one that grows dollar bills for leaves The little old lady who lives in the house gathers what she can but doesn’t know what to do with most of itLincoln a young boy has some good ideas on how to spend it But his goals do not match up with the way the money is intended to be used and he learns a real lesson about generosity and considerationWith beautiful artwork by Milena Radeva this short story is a very good lesson for all kids told with gentleness and simplicity I would recommend it for a read to young ones and for pre teens to read by themselves

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    Very sweet and enchanting Ms Vitale created a wonderful story for children that will not only teach them a valuable lesson but also appeal to their imaginations While it is not a fairy tale it reminded me a bit of that style in the way that it incorporated fantastical elements in a charming and magical way I found the depiction of the garden and its special trees to be especially delightful While I do not want to spoil the ending I also loved the development of the climax and its resolution The illustrations were likewise lovely and perfectly suited the storyThis would be a great book for the elementary school classroom as well as one that I could see parents reading to their children at bedtime One little girl once fell asleep dreaming of sugarplum fairies Now today perhaps she will fall asleep dreaming of the dear street where the dollar tree grewBravo

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    The Street Where The Dollar Tree Grew Bedtime Stories For Kids Stories For Kids With Pictures Rhyming Verses Colorful children's book about a boy who is wandering around his town and sees the old lady's house but there are coins on the treeHe falls and she helps him and offers to show him the dollar bill tree He collects many bills and she tell shim to share them with the poor peopleHe goes to a store and buys things just he wants but then nothing works He thinks about what she said and starts giving things to others and finally the magic has started

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    This is a great story for anyone including but not limited to children I loved the way the author showed the boy not able to enjoy what the money got him when it had not yet gotten anything good for another person The illustrations beautifully depict every idea in the story with a full rainbow of hues to take in I can see this becoming a favorite of any kid who reads it one that she or he ought to remember forever

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    Interesting taleI only gave this book 3 stars because I believe it did not go far enough in teaching children to give A better lesson would have been for him to return some items to give And the reward would have been the gratitude of the recipientA lesson which needs to be taught to many people

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