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A Life On Film

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Sworth to name just a few of her movies Four husbands two children and a career that went from 1922 to 1964 With stories Excellent synopsis of her career beautifully writtenA very talented author as well as actress Includes a great collection of photos

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A startlingly candid on and off set memoir by a beautiful woman who made strong impressions in The Maltese Falcon and Dod Although I never completely cottoned to Mary Astor as an actress something about her appearance or manner unsettled me in a mild way she was a very good one and she's a VERY good writer Her career autobiography A LIFE ON FILM is filled with well turned phrases and terrific insight not only into her work but also into the interests of fans She does what precious few actor autobiographies do give the outsider a sense of what life as an actor is actually like She seems to have little movie star ego in the disagreeable sense and she paints intriguing pictures of both the process of making movies and the people with whom she worked Her descriptions of making THE GREAT LIE for which she won an Oscar and THE MALTESE FALCON are particularly fascinating This was a very enjoyable read

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About filming with Bogie and Gable and a chat with Garbo at a party all crisp amusing and written with lively intelligenc I love old movies and always admired Mary Astor for her beauty and longevity in the industry I didn't realize she started at age 14 in silent movies until I read this book Her descriptions of the business and interactions with various actors during her many movies are very interesting to anyone who is a vintage movie buff

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