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Condi The Life of a Steel Magnolia

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Nence Drawing from in depth research Mary Beth Brown explores how Condi's parents mentors faith and defining moments have helped her grow into a position of power and global influenceHere is a story of inspiration of principle and of the limitless opportunities for those who pursue their dreams with unfailing hope and dogged determination. The book was good It was at times hard to follow beacuse it seemed as though the writer was jumping back and forth between various times in Condi's life

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One day I'll be in that house said ten year old Condoleezza Rice as she gazed across the White House's expansive front lawnOf course Condi made good on that promise With poise and gracefulnesscombined with an iron will and determinationrarely seen in Washington Rice has become one of the most iconic and influential figures on the world st. No matter what religion race or political party you profess to be ALL may benefit from learning about this amazing woman Her accomplishments are truly remarkable; classical pianist Stanford Professor and Provost US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to name a few a skilled diplomat a fine teacher and administrator a lady of glamour and a woman of character and faith she has the rare and priceless ability to lead and inspire nations Mary Beth BrownTo give you an idea of her faith and character here is a uote from Condi herself I feel that faith allows me to have a kind of optimism about the future You look around you and you see an awful lot of pain and suffering and things that are going wrong It could be oppresive But when I look at my own story or many others that I have seen I think How could it possibly be that it has turned out this way Then my only answer is it's God's plan And that makes me very optimistic that this is all working out in a proper way if we all stay close to God and pray and follow in His footstepsCondi said the Washington Post is easily one of the administration's most effective communicators She's also among the least likely to come off as fanatical cranky intemperate or possessed by the delusion that she and God are on a first name basisI thoroughly enjoyed learning about Condi my only compaint is that she doesn't want to run for President

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Age This is her story Condi provides an in depth study of the life faith and achievements of one of America's most fascinating women From her humble beginnings in segregated Alabama to her academic career from her first days in Washington to her appointment as Secretary of State and beyond Condi investigates Rice's rise to political promi. This is a fantastic book which gives new insights into where our former Secretary of State came from It gives a new perspective and shows the trials and tribulations she had to overcome to succeed and become the woman she is today I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to reassure their faith in political figures and humanity in general

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Condi The Life of a Steel Magnolia
  • Mary Beth Brown
  • English
  • 10 April 2017
  • 9781595550989

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