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All That Glitters

SUMMARY All That Glitters

The rarest treasure of all Discredited journalist Adriana Bonacorda has a lead on the hottest story of the year billionaire business titan Zachary Hale is accused of cheating investors She's so determined t.

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Rings up between them Is Zach really a criminal Or is there a reason for his silence In a place founded by pirates where a legendary treasure is supposedly hidden Addy just might find something truly precio.


O talk to him that she follows him to the charming town of Bailey's Cove Maine When a hurricane traps Addy and Zach together it's her one chance to revive her career But she's shocked by the passion that sp.

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    A Legend of Bailey's Cove tale the rich guy has been accused of a major Ponzi violation while the girl is an investigative reporter put on the story by her half sister whom I suspected wasn't as pure as she impliedStir the two protagonists and mix in with a hurricane that forces them together for three days during which they discover a box previously hidden in the attic of the 200 yr old house AND something buried in the basement Don't worry it isn't a body; it's much intriguingHow can reporter Adriana uncover the REAL Zach when everyone else wants to fry him on the spit of negative public opinion? Has she been snookered again? Or do the good people of Bailey's Cove have it right and not just because he's a rich home town boy? A great story worth snuggling into a comfy chair with a tall hot chocolate on a rainy fall day

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    A nice storyline and well drawn characters make Brady’s novel a standout Adriana is likable in her strengths and Zach’s integrity shines through in his actions A secondary plot with a treasure adds charm RT Book Reviews 4 12 starsMiniseries The Legend of Bailey's Cove

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    This was a good book

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