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More or less thrown out of her own home by a jealous new stepmother Meg went to the other end of England to start a new life and wasn. Mary Burchell certainly had a knack for producing likeable protagonists clever characterisations and a seemingly effortless breezy way of unfurling a light romantic tale Certainly in her early 1960's title 'Reluctant Relation' all these characteristics are evidentThe novel opens with heroine Meg Greenway who has just been usurped as receptionistsecretary girl Friday to her GP father by a catty young step mother trekking the hills on a walking holiday Busy with her own thoughts and the need to plan for a future outside of the old family home Meg is surprised to come upon a girl of nine by the roadside The child is Pearl Manners the daughter of a famous film star and she has 'run away' from the gin swilling nanny caring for her in their temporary home her mother is 'on location' Additionally Pearl is upset that her mother has decided she will no longer marry businessman Leigh Sontigan Rather perturbed at the situation Meg returns home with Pearl and somehow finds herself being cajoled by the child's charming uncle and beautiful feckless mother Felicity into replacing the inappropriate nanny While the heroine is happy enough to stay on with Felicity and her daughter for the summer she's less than pleased to learn that her employer's ex fiancee Leigh is the brother of her evil stepmother Claire For this reason she initially disclaims all relationship with him and resolves to avoid him This however proves difficult as Pearl is very fond of Leigh and despite ending their engagement Felicity also welcomes his visits to the house In fact when she suddenly departs for Spain to shoot scenes for her film Felicity asks Leigh to keep an eye on both Meg and PearlBy this juncture having been thrown into his company on a number of occasions Meg has discovered that intelligent and humorous Leigh is nothing like his sibling and realises she's increasingly attracted to him The path to true love in a Mary Burchell novel however is always just a little bumpy and there are a series of misunderstandings and some nasty pastie interventions from the jealous Claire before the protagonists arrive at a sparkly cheery warming HEA another thing that this author manages exceptionally wellI'm rating 'Reluctant Relation' a three and three uarter star vintage romance read reflecting that while it's a charming tale the relationship between the protagonists lacks a certain something found in other Burchell titles eg Meet Me Again It's Rumoured in the Village and The Man in Homespun Still if you get your paws on it the book is still well worth a read

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't at all pleased when almost the first man she met there turned out to be her stepmother's brother She indignantly refused to admit. 2020 UARANTINE READ 375 starsI actually enjoyed reading this one hahha It's a pity that I could not really feel the 'romance' between ML and FL

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That she and Leigh were related in any way―and certainly she had no idea how completely she would change her mind about him one day. Not one of her best works An interesting start but then I felt that it lost it’s way

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