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C bungling cutthroat maneuvers and outrageous sexual antics of a group of Miller Shanks employees as they scheme lie lust and claw their way up and down the company ladderWritten by a former advertising copywriter this hilarious dead on target novel marks the debut of a hip and exciting new voice in contemporary fiction With the click of. I read this


A fast paced wickedly funny tale of office back stabbing and corporate intrigue that unfolds in a succession of escalating e mails Carla Browne 1500 305 pm to All Departments re I'm leaving now but before I go there are some things you should know Set in a London ad agency desperate to land a coveted big account e follows the bureaucrati. Great fun th Those Good Gertrudes desperate to land a coveted big account e follows the bureaucrati. Great fun th

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A mouse Matt Beaumont brings the novel of letters into the twenty first century turning his merciless unerring eye on today's Machiavellian corporate culture with uproarious results Rachel Stevenson Personnel 1500 309 pm to Chandra Kapoor cc David Cruttonre Urgent Please delete Carla Browne's ID from e mail with immediate effect Thank y. I originally Those Good Gertrudes delete Carla Browne's ID from e mail with immediate effect Thank y. I originally

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    Great fun this book It's entirely written in emails to and from employees of an advertising agency where a lot of things are going on hilarious Remember laughting my off at the campfire in CanadaUS last year

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    'e' was a very entertaining read I was impressed at how Beaumont managed to juggle so many main characters and still keep their email personalities uite distinct save for two men who I couldn't tell apart which is pretty normal when you think about it As for those who say that real people don't actually talk the way the 'e' characters do in emails they're wrong I've worked online for 10 years and Beaumont's representations are exactly how people talk As for info that Beaumont occasionally works into email convos in order to move the plot along and keep us informed only a few of the email texts felt out of place in that respect I felt Beaumont carried the epistolary storyline uite smoothly overallI recommend reading 'e' all at once on a lazy weekend or a long plane ride when you feel like a fun easy read Don't space it out over than a few days though Else the identities of characters and triviality of some of the sillier plot points will end up lost on you and will probably detract from the enjoyability of this book

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    okay so let's discuss I like this book I mean it isn't going to win a nobel prize or anything but I was thoroughly entertained walking by the hudson river reading it My feet hurt at the end but I don't blame that on the book Okay so here is the thing about this book there is nothing truly outstanding about it I mean is there ever in a british novel No not really Not to say I don't love them as Karen knows I commonly buy a book solely because it says the author is british and the ueen mother has yet to let me down Right so the book The format is hilarious and I commend matt for sticking it through even when it is obvious most things are happening face to face Some of his fixes are great basically office gossips which we all know so well The boss's issue with how to use email is also a nice touch Well as we know in british writers the book is much less about what it is about and about people being people yay for england also go arsenal

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    This is one of the funniest books I have ever read It's about a London ad agency trying to land a major Coke campaign and it's set entirely in email It's brilliant and each time I read this book I laugh out loud The above was written in 2007 Every couple of years I pick this one back up when I'm in need of a boost This week I needed some serious laughs so I decided to dive back into this hilarious story It never ever gets old for me no matter how many times I've read it Beaumont does a fantastic job juggling his multiple characters and plot lines again all in email and while I've never worked in advertising much of the bureaucratic shenanigans in the book are oh so familiar I still highly recommend this one

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    I read this book when it first cae out years ago before Twitter before Facebook before Google Yes folks it's that old I think there are even references to fax machines But it was hilarious I was laughing so much reading it on the tube that people even started conversations with me It's that good Younger readers may not get all the references but despite the format the technology isn't the key thing It is just so funny and so well observed The best book about working in a contemporary office I have ever read And thanks to the wonders of this website I now know that there are seuels which I will have to seek out

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    What’s the difference between „The Godfather“ and „e – A Novel”?A The seuel of “e – A Novel” ie “E²” is betterOk the book is still funny the characters are dumb ridiculous schemers and the bosses are self righteous arseholes Very entertaining and very hard to put down The book mostly consists of e mails sms’ and private messages so you have to reconstruct the stories behind all these messages Confusing in the beginning but it doesn’t take too long to recognize the voices and their individuality The best thing is the funniest stories are not told directly but only in pieces you have to put together And the further the stories go the these pieces fit togetherBut in comparison to E² I missed the really hilarious parts like the Nigerian princess David’s disastrous family life Papin the Serbien detective the thefts and the Helsinki rock concertsStill worth to read but for suspense’s sake I recommend to read “e” first

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    I originally read this when the book was released in the early 2000s and thought it was hilarious clever witty and original Now on re visiting it I am struck with disappointment and disdain for its lazy use of tropes and casual sexism and even a dash of homophobia transphobia There are definitely still elements of clever wit and humour and the concept of writing it as a series of emails is a touch of genius but it just made me go ugh too many times now It hasn't aged well as a novel I am fairly heartbroken to say

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    A fast read funny inappropriate clever

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    Told in the form of short e mails Matt Beaumont details the events of Miller Shanks a London based advertising agency as they pitch to Coca Cola Initially the e mails are difficult to sort through because it takes a while to organize the characters the character voices and their motivations I drew up a tiny character chart that helps keep things in order See below Once you do organize the characters their e mails are easy to read and you zip through them hurriedly flipping pages uncovering plot after plot The plots include backstabbing cat fights amongst the personal assistants raucous sexual activity in office underhanded tattling obvious brown nosing volatile reactions and flat out chaos Although highly unprofessional and than a little unrealistic the book keeps the reader flipping pages and rooting for the underdogs Character ChartDavid Crutton CEOSimon Horne Creative Director Pinki Fallon Copywriter Liam O'Keefe Art Director Brett Topowlski Art Director Vince Douglas CopywriterHarriet Greenbaum Account DirectorDaniel Westbrooke Head of Client Services James Gregory Account Manager Mako Katie Philpott Trainee Account Executive Rachel Stevenson Human ResourcesNigel Godley AccountsMelinda Sheridan Head of TV Production Susi Judge Davis Simon's personal assistant Fiona Craigie David's first personal assistant Lorraine Pallister David's second personal assistant Carla Browne David's third personal assistant Zoe Clarke David's fourth personal assistantPertti Van Helden CEO Helsinki FinlandJames Weissmuller CEO New York City USA

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    The Epistolary format has been used as narrative method in many novels Some others have parts of it written as letters John Barth went as far as making the characters of his previous novel write letters to each other in his novel 'Letters' But times have changed and so the epistolary novel too had to be changed That's what matt Beaumont has done with his novel 'e' which consists entirely of emails sent by the characters of the novel Published in 2000 this is said to the first novel to be written entirely as emailsThe novel is set in a fictional advertising agency 'Miller Shanks London' which is the London branch of an international advertising agency It shows the inner workings of an office from the perspectives of various persons the CEO creative head account head the secretaries etc It gives a glimpse into the infighting backbiting jealously that happens everywhere along with the brighter side like creativity working as a team people who still want to main ethics etc Every office has some persons whom we try to avoid like poison we feel better working underfor say X instead of Y But in case of this agency it's like 'pick your poison' Why so? Well you have the CEO David who is dictatorial and of a tyrant than your normal boss He bullies verbally humiliates his sub ordinates Would you like to be his secretary or to report to him? There is the creative director Simon who is high on crack valium and whatever drugs he can get or having expensive lunchdinner at the company's account most of the time When he is sober enough he plots to steal the ideas of his creative team and pass it of as his own His is the classic case of your superior taking credit for all success and passing the failures to you Would you be willing to trust your creative hunches with such a guy? Then you have the head of client services probably the person with least power of the trio which everyone else except him seems to realize You are an account manager and manage to bring a difficult client around and suddenly you find your head taking credit for it What would you do? Basically the top level in the company consists of jerks to put it bluntly The novels begins on the first day of the millennium with miller shanks employees working on that day too This is because the agency is trying to get a contract for Coca cola which would be their biggest client till data The employees themselves do not seem very keen on working that day but the CEO has apparently overridden everyone This is the main strand of the novel Along with it there is the sub plot of an impending advertising shoot in Mauritius for a client who owns a porn channel Busty silicon implanted gals are specifically to be taken there for the shoot Problems crop up as the pitch for coca cola seems to be going no where but all the parties concerned trying to pass the buck to someone else There is also the hilarious CEO of Miller shanks Helinski branch who keeps sending unsolicited advice to David who has to bear it Meanwhile the shoot at Mauritius starts to go awry Breast implants of some of the models explode the representative from the porn channel who has gone along for the shoot tries to get fresh with a television anchor who has come there for a holiday and which results in a major publicity scandal Simon tries to steal the ideas from a couple of fresh graduates and pass them off as his idea for the cola pitch This is bought to light by the art director but David still wants to go ahead with the stolen idea He is ultimately stopped from doing so However the team manage to give a good pitch to coca cola and it seems like they would get the contract Meanwhile Simon is caught on video having sex with a transgender and it becomes a viral hit on the internet This and the act of the client at Mauritius results in the agency losing the contract At the end things get resolved and everyone gets their just dessertsI have just skimmed the surface of this novel but there is to it It has a seemingly endless seuence of funny incidents that narrating them would like telling about the whole novel This is a very raunchy lusty novel It apparently had a sub title The Novel of Liars Lunch and Lost Knickers it should give an idea of the novel's content Creative directors shagging she males copy writers getting it on with the secretaries in the creative director's room when a prospective client is shown around the office and sees the duo in action There is also the peach of a sub plot of David's mail to his London employees being somehow sent to the Helenski branch also No one knows why this is happening David evefires two system administrators because of this Ultimately it turns out that David is a goof in using his system and the problem is because of his incorrect sending of the mails In novels with the office as backdrop you generally tend to see a digression from the main point For eg 'Americana' also deals with existential issues of an employee 'Then We came to the end' shows the effects of recession while working within the framework of the office novel In 'e' there is no such digression in the sense that the narrative never goes away from the office We never get to know about the personal lives of the characters The only aim of Matt seems to crunch out one crazy situation after another crazy situation In that sense I would say that this is pure office novel The dialogues are extremely witty too Matt seems to have had a rip roaring time writing this he himself worked in advertising prior to this and the result is a shameless wickedly funny novel It once again shows that good writing can be enjoyable tooYou may not remember the characters or even the events a few months after reading the novel but you sure will remember the good time you had reading it and would be tempted to re read this it happened to me It would not be much of a miss if you give this book a skip for now but I would suggest that you add this to your reading list for later When you get round to it you sure would enjoy this

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