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  • Blackhand
  • Matt Hiebert
  • English
  • 26 September 2019
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    To call Blackhand complex would be somewhat of an understatement The writing however is smooth and the descriptions are fantastic Hiebert uses some great analogies to bring his descriptions to life “A captain gave the sign to move and like a huge caterpillar its body lunging forward in segments the parade crawled east to meet the god”These descriptions when told from the god’s perspective really help you visualize what those otherworldly beings are seeingThe conflict both internal and external kept me reading The second read through is where I really realized the foreshadowing was excellent I won’t detail anything here as it would contain far too many spoilers but I loved stumbling into all the little hints of what’s to come that I initially missed After the ending I can only hope there will be a seuel following Blackhand It’s not a happily ever after and it’s not really a cliffhanger but there are uestions to be answered by a seuelBlood gore and some pretty twisted happenings populate the winding story that is Blackhand It is uite an enjoyable read

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    I won this book on goodreads giveawayI really liked this book because it was different It is also very what's the word complex I really loved the story setting of it and the storyline I believe that the book was really thought out and must of taken forever to write with all the twists and turns and actionIt is definitely great book to read and I would recommend it to other people

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En world uintel possesses nearly unlimited power but still must deal with the desires and shortcomings of being human

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The universe has ended Two gods struggle over a remaining fragment of the shattered earth Caught in the middle of the

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