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    Another early book in the writing career of Max Allan Collins written first chronologically but published second in the Mallory seriesIt's a uick read and generally pretty good but as I said it's early in the author's career and while there are glimpses of greatness the writing is somewhat adolescent Not bad but growing

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    No Cure for Death is one of Collins' earlier novels and it shows While the building blocks of his future strengths are in place they are in nascent form here and the evidence of Collins being younger and less experienced is on displayThat said it's still an entertaining story that plays pleasantly against stereotypes in the mystery genre especially those present at the time it was written

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    Collins' Mallory series is not as well known He started writing this series in writer's workshops in 1969 and finally published it in the early 80's Mallory is a college age mystery writer in Iowa as the Vietnam War is winding down There are five Mallory novels including The Baby Blue Rip Off 1983 No Cure for Death 1983 Kill Your Darlings 1984 A Shroud for Auarius 1985 and Nice Weekend for a Murder 1986 In this volume Mallory is at the bus station in Port City Iowa to meet a friend John on leave from military service in Southeast Asia Mallory has been trying to strike up conversation with a blonde for about an hour when a man the size of Frankenstein threatens her After an epic battle he rescues the fair damsel and buys her a cup of coffee Janet Taber tells him her life story A few hours later Mallory meets John's father the sheriff at an accident site and realizes the mangled blonde woman is the same one whose acuaintance he just made Strange coincidence or perhaps someone wanted her dead and got her good and dead The sheriff tells Mallory to butt out He chases down leads and in addition to meeting a woman who makes his jaw drop finds that Janet was somehow tied into the wealthy family that runs the political life in the area As Mallory scratches his head the bodies and the suspects add up An enjoyable mystery well worth reading Collins has a real easy writing style that draws the reader in

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    Pretty good Especially for a very early novel by Collins one of the prolific thrillersuspensecrime writers You can see his potential in this one Nice also to have a pretty straightforward plot after all the convolutions I've been reading lately

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    Second in the Mallory series chronologically it comes before THE BIG BLUE RIP OFF In reading this it seems and I'm speculating here that it was written first then put aside later to be published after the first one Mallory's background is essentially the same though there are a few slight differencesIt's 1974 and Mallory is at the bus station waiting for his best friend and the Sheriff's stepson John fresh from Viet Nam to arrive A young blond woman sat on the bench beside him and he'd been working up the nerve to talk to herBefore that can happen a black man walks in and looks around The biggest black man he'd ever seen and dressed in a nice conservative suit The only thing that marred his completely bald head was the nasty scar running through one empty eye socket When he spots Mallory and the woman he stalks toward them Mallory's never seen him before and from the look in the young woman's face neither has sheIt's her he stops in front of though uttering the word bitch once twice then grabbing her coat with a massive fist to haul her upThat's when Mallory hits him in the throat causing the man to do three thing Release the woman touch his throat lightly and knock Mallory back into a Pepsi machine with one ham like arm He's headed toward Mallory to finish him off when Mallory reaches behind finds an empty glass Pepsi bottle and slams him across the head It drives the man to his knees half out long enough for Mallory to get to a pay phone and call the Sheriff The big fellow lights out for the doorThe young woman is Janet Tabor and she tells Mallory a harrowing storyShe's headed for a hospital in the next town where her mother is dying severely burned though doctors had told her there was evidence she'd been savagely beaten before the fire Her mother had been helping her with her sick son just recently getting together after several years absence He needed operations and her mother had arranged with someone here in town to pay for them Wouldn't say who thoughHe gets her on her bus meets John on the next bus and heads back to his trailer where the pair catch up and knock back a few beersWhen the Sheriff calls and says they might as well make a night of it as he has a fatal car accident to investigate out on Colorado Hill Highway the pair decide to ride out and see if they can helpThe car had run off a cliff and rolled several times but not burned When he gets down to it John can smell alcohol and is shocked when he sees the driver crushed in the wreckage it's Janet Tabor the young woman he'd put on a bus a couple of hours beforeThe Sheriff is ready to rule it an accident but John is not satisfied Especially when John's sister who knew Janet Tabor five years back when they worked on the same state Senator's campaign for national office tells him the man lost but tried again a few years later and was leading polls when he his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident on the very same spot Janet Tabor went overCoincidence the Sheriff said Mallory didn't buy it and even so when the autopsy says there was no alcohol in her system as well as a broken neck with bruising around the throat Something is going on and he intends to find the black giant with one eye the logical suspectHis investigation uncovers some nasty things hidden for years

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    I enjoyed this book for several reasons In part because it’s set in the 70’s an era that feels like the biggest part of my life The style is that of an old fashioned detective story as though the narrator is looking back on events some time after they occurred The protagonist is a private eye turned mystery writer who gets pulled into a real life mystery when he tries to protect a young woman who is attacked in a bus stop I look forward to reading in this series

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    Though No Cure for Death is #2 in the Mallory series it actually pre dates The Baby Blue Rip Off which is number one in the series That can cause a bit of confusion at first but it's not a real problem The writing isn't uite as sharp as Max Allan Collins' later work but it's still an enjoyable fast read I am looking forward to the rest of the series

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    Another uick fun mystery read from Collins Certainly not as good as the uarry books but worth reading for Collins' fans Our hero is a good guy who finds himself in a tangled web of murder cover ups There is a theme of racial euality that is a bit heavy handed but not terrible

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    More good things for Mallory

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    I actually enjoyed this onenot a masterpiece by any means but engaging and well written just the same One of Collins very first works

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D she go from a bus out of town to a car at the bottom of a cliff Why is her “accident” a dead ringer for the one that killed a scandal scarred senator And is local lawman Sheriff Brennan helping to hush things upThe uestions are good ones and Mallory wants answers bad But if he crosses the wrong people things could get ugl Another uick fun mystery read from Collins Certainly not as good as the uarry books but worth readi

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Tfelt moment and sees her safely off wistfully wondering if they’ll ever meet again End of story Not a chanceEven though it’s Mallory’s best buddy John who’s visiting on leave from combat in Vietnam it’s Mallory who has a nasty flashback when that same sweet blonde drops back into his life after losing hers But how di Pretty good Especially for a very early novel by Collins one of the prolific thrillersuspensecrime

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What kind of drama could happen in a small town Iowa bus station If you’re a guy like Mallory it’s the kind that involves sidestepping trouble between a pretty frightened blonde and a pretty frightening two fisted one eyed goon With the help of a handy Pepsi bottle Mallory saves the lady from the menacing lout shares a hear Another early book in the writing career of Max Allan Collins written first chronologically but pub