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Beatitudes for the Workplace

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Ow to find God in daily life and how to bring the light of faith to ethical issuesUsing the Beatitudes of Jesus as a framework Oliva explores eight virtues wisdom integrity honesty compassion jus.

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Tice for the earth forgiveness generosity and courageReaders will find in these pages help from the experience of others hope for their work faith journey and encouragement to live a blessed life.

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    Integrity compassion honesty justice; I was searching for some training material for staff but this wouldn't be that useful because it's written in a Christianity based way Even still there were a few helpful thoughts to be distilled In order to change an unhealthy organization I find I need the following three core virtues to help me make the right decision wisdom integrity and fortitude Wisdom is good judgment Wisdom calls me to step back to stop look and listen to the inner voice of my conscience Integrity is about being faithful to one's moral conscience I find that while honesty is truthfulness to others integrity is truth to myself; void of self deception or rationalization Integrity enables me to be consistent between what I say and what I do in different situations The third virtue is fortitude This virtue enables me to do what is right despite how difficult that might be Fortitude enables me to do the difficult right instead of the easy wrong Fortitude is the inner toughness that helps me to stand tall regardless of the hardship disapproval of others setback inconvenience or anguish that can come when making the right decision Fortitude is what turns my intention into action I have learned over the years that my feelings are my feelings my thoughts are my thoughts but my actions are my life p 32 33 The overview of Kohlberg's stages of moral development p 59 63 was helpful and instructive He includes the Two Wolves story Mom likes A Cherokee elder was teaching his grandson about life A fight is going on inside me he said to the boy It is a terrible fight between two wolves One is evil he is envy greed arrogance self pity resentment inferiority lies false pride and superiority The other is good he is joy peace love humility harmony honesty kindness empathy generosity compassion and faith This same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person too The grandson thought about this for a minute and then asked his grandfather Which wolf will win? His grandfather replied simply The one you feed p 65

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    The book has some typos or it would have been a four

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