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    I was recently asked about gothic romance books written by modern authors and this is one that I thought of It's still a historical romance but the dark and lonely castle combined with the gamma slightly crazy hero definitely gives it a Jane Eyre feel The heroine is fairly innocent and naive but she is also strong willed and not apt to leave her fate completely up to chance I would most definitely understand some hesitation for readers that are sensitive to abusethis one lives up to the bodice ripper idea That's not to say there is rape but this hero is most definitely one who uses his physical power to outdo anyone around him He still has a tender side but he's never really a nice guy imo

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    The heroine had a neglectful childhood Her father was so focused on his studies and his patients that she knew the only way to get any attention was to develop the same passion and she did Now after his death the young mousy and break hearted heroine has a chance to escape London and the violent betrayal she's suffered at the hands of a man she loved She knows it's wrong to pretend to be a man but it was the only way she though to be taken seriously in her field of helping deaf people speak Upon her arrival to the entirely gloomy and suffocating castle she's greeted with than just anger but open horror and disgust The servant plead and beg for her to leave and though she's unnerved by the evil presence she feels inhabits the keep she's determined to say She's determined to help the slow adult male who's mute from terror and the horrors of his childhood and than that she's determined to help his horrible tortured elder brother The hero has survived the horrors of his childhood at the hands of his governess a cruel sadistic maniac who became obsessed with a boy not yet 15 But it's made him into a cold distant and cruel man himself He's learned to take pleasure in the discomfort and sometimes pain in others It's made clear from the beginning that he truly is a spiteful and mean master but the heroine sees a light within him no matter how small and dim She knows that deep down he has the potential to be a decent man He has love in him though he doesn't know it She sees it with his treatment of his simple minded brother But she's not stupid or naïve Life has made her distrustful of pretty men and she knows that he's just a harsh and cruel as the man she loved back in London just is different ways From their first meeting the whole atmosphere in the setting is dark and suspenseful and everything is unsettled The ghost of the previous governess the woman whom is to blame for every single painful memory in both brothers minds is said to haunt the keep She will not rest until she has her obsessed dead and cold as she is But the author was very good as putting you off Sometimes you think she's a ghost sometimes she think she's alive and sneaking around the castle You were always on the edge of your seat and just as horrible confused as the heroine I really and truly felt bad for her From the jump she's plagued with having to deal with mental instability from both brothers as well as someone playing cruel tricks on her and making her uestion her own sanity And she loves a man she admits she doesn't like and who frightens her on occasion I absolutely LOVED this book This was so beautifully written the words flowed by water and carried me away as I got lost in the story My god it was dramatic but it was heaven for me There couldn't possibly be a tortured and beaten down hero than this one and I loved that though finally he was able to find peace he was still the tense stern master he always was I like it when a character stays true to who they are but are able to grow and evolve over the course of the story He wasn't a good man even towards the end he did things that made me uestion if he was fitting of salvation But there were those times when as the reader I could feel his pain and suffering leap out at me and I couldn't possible find it in me to turn my back on him It must be how the heroine felt She had to use all her goodness and everything in her to pull him out of the darkness I also loved the villain strange as it is to like a character so evil But I didn't like her as a person of course not but she was perfect as the villain Because she was present but absent at the same time She was hanging over the lives of all these people and it's not even clear until the end whether she's alive or not I was disturbed by what she did to those boys and disgusted by how her actions changed the lives of the hero and his brother forever They can never be the same after met her This book was one hell of a rollercoaster ride and I'm exhausted mentally from reading it it was so focus on mental issues and the psychological But I know this book will stay with me for some time until I read it again

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    Enthralling and Suspenseful—a classic Gothic RomanceIt has all the elements of a great Gothic romance a castle on the moors near York a “brooding melancholy and emotionally distant” British lord and a mysterious ghost that may not be a ghost at allSet in 1858 this is the story of Alexandra Benjamin whose Jewish father left her with little in worldly goods but a love of science and an ability to help the deaf hear Under the ruse of being her dead father she travels to York to accept a position with John Damien Newell at Cairncross Castle Damien has lived in darkness for a very long time haunted by an evil governess who at one point scared his younger brother Samuel speechless He is not pleased to discover “Alex Benjamin” is actually a woman But he keeps Alexandra on thinking she may be their last hope to restore Samuel’s speechAlexandra spent five years loving a man who didn’t love her and the fact her new employer looks a lot like that golden man from her past makes her wary She is undeniably attracted to Damien but sees the darkness in his eyes She has heard the talks of he evil governess who tormented the brothers and perversely desired the older Damien But she cannot bring herself to believe the woman she has seen appearing at odd times is actually a ghostThis is a well written suspenseful story that draws you in and won’t let you go Damien is a dark hero albeit he is a blond who wears spectacles He is torn between wanting to seduce and destroy Alexandra and wanting to claim her as his redemption To add to her great story McKinney has used snippets from IVANHOE the book Alexandra treasures to bring to mind the lovely Jewish woman Rebecca from that taleThe mystery persists until nearly the end

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    It've found this book very interesting I've already kept it for about 13 years and still reading itVery nice story and a very Happy ending All the books Meagan McKinney wrote was amazing All her stories made me want to read all of her books all over again I've just finished reading this books yeasterday hope to see exciting books to read

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    It's been a few years but I recall this nicely crafted Gothic as a welcome exception to the author's relentlessly cruel heroes and anguish addicted heroines Maybe it's the presence of the hero's child in the story his genuine need for the heroine's help along with the necessity of circling the wagons against unknown threats that tempers our man's temper Not completely mind you This isn't Tom Hanks to the rescue He's dark he has a mean streak he's gamma He's Not Nice But he isn't an irredeemable asshole like some of Meagan McKinney's heroes I was able to enjoy the read without throwing the book

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    This is a gothic mystery that has lots of atmosphere Alexandra Benjamin is the only child of a Jewish doctor who was successful helping the deaf to learn to talk When Damien wrote to the doctor asking him to come to York to help his brother Alexandra responded by calling herself Alex; leading Damien to believe that he was hiring a manWhen Alex gets there Damien is unhappy but agrees to let her try as Sam's governess Alex soon finds that Sam stopped talking when the boy's governess disappeared 20 years before this story There are lots of ghost like sightings and spooky occurrences One thing that was hard to accept was the ease with which Alex taught Sam to speak again Damien was overly negative without fully explaining why he felt there was nothing for him in lifeAt the end the solutionexplanation wasn't as clear as I would have liked This is a very involved tale that is hard to encapsulate in a few sentences

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    Mesmerizing creepy and romantic Gentle from the Night pays homage to Jane Eyre as well as to The Turn of the Screw and Rebecca After her father's death Alexandra Benjamin goes in his stead to answer the call for help of Damien Newell Lord Cairncross who has wanted to hire the audiologist to help his younger brother From this set up Meagan McKinney spins an absorbing tale of attraction vs convention love vs lust good vs evil and life vs death with an exceptionally appealing heroine Highly recommended

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    SETTING England 1858MY GRADE B This is definitely a gothic romance Very gothic and of a ghost mystery The synopsis says Alexandria was left penniless but that’s not true She was left a small inheritance and could afford ‘small luxuries’ when her father died The story spans at least four or five monthsAlexandria is twenty five and has curly medium brown hair and hazel eyes She had a lonely childhood Her mother died when she was ten Her father was into science and worked with deaf people He never paid a whole lot of attention to her so she got involved with his work so she could try and bond with him She was in love with Brian a man who worked for her father but he didn’t want to marry her so they parted waysDamien is thirty four and has blond hair blue eyes and wears glasses When he was fourteen he was falsely accused of rape by his governess when she was caught fellating him against his wishes and was banished from the house He inherited his father’s estate when he died and cares for his thirty year old brother Sam who looks just like him Sam is mentally and speech impaired due to some incident involving Ursula After finding out what that incident was I don’t understand why he stopped talking I’m real puzzled by it and wish I could ask the author about itHis old governess is red haired Ursula Pole She disappeared twenty years ago soon after Damien was banished She’s haunting the castle and Alexandra is trying to uncover the truth about what happened to her for the course of the entire story She’s described as an evil person but I’m not sure why She seemed to be sexually attracted and obsessed with fourteen year old Damien and even wrote in her journal about wanting his ‘seed and blood’ Damien wasn’t interested in her in that wayDamien is described as being very dark and seems to have a mental illness based on him contemplating suicide with a gun twice in this story I don’t know why he’s that way or if we’re supposed to think that being lusted after by an older woman while a teenager and being kicked out of the house made him that way What happened to him would surely have caused some anger but I don’t think that explains his darkness He says he doesn’t enjoy life and has no heart or soulThere was a disturbing incident where he was intentionally rough and not in a playful way while biting her nipple Another time he was sitting in a chair and very roughly grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her down to his crotch exposing himself and telling her to look at the scar bite mark that Ursula left on his penis I really liked his character and wanted to see of his darkness in action instead of just hearing about itSome things that bothered me were for one Sam stopped speaking when he was ten and all of a sudden with Alexandra’s help began speaking some right after she began working with him That wasn’t believable I think it would have taken him time Alexandra is half Jewish and we had to hear about it constantly It played no part in the storyline and had nothing to do with anything so what was the author’s point? The mystery as to what happened to Ursula wasn’t much of a surprise and it got a bit tedious to read aboutDamien and Alexandra didn’t spend too much time together so when I learned they were in love with each other I had to shake my head and ask myself when all these feelings developed He got obsessed with her I was sad for him yet loved the part when he told her no one would ever love her like he did That was the best line in the bookI absolutely loved the dark tone of the book but got tired of the ghost stuff and was glad when the book ended This book needed a preuel novella for sure I wish the story had centered around their relationship a little and centered less on Ursula I have too many uestions to be fully satisfied with the story and though I’ve graded this a B I’m leaning towards a CThe author has spent some time in prison

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    Set in the mid 1800's England Alexandra Benjamin after her father's death and rejection from the man she thought would marry her attempts to pick up her father's scientific research regarding children who were deaf When she receives a letter from Lord John Damien Newell of Cairncross Castle reuesting her father's assistance in helping his brother in speech Alexandra leads him to believe that she named Alex can be of assistance Damien's brother Samuel appears to have some sort of MR and has been shocked into a deaf state His greatest fear is women caused by an overly abusive and cruelevil governess This Alexandria does not uite know how to deal with but wants to keep her job and asks for the opportunity to try and help With gentleness and care she slowly begins to draw him out of his shell As she does so and of the castle and family's history reveals itself and she must attempt to try and figure out the truth which only the two brothers truly know In this gothic setting Alexandra not only battles the secrets of the castle but the lord of the Castle as well and his dark almost evil side Although Damien tries to stay away he keeps being drawn back to her goodness something he has never known in life And instead of embracing the unknown goodnessinnocencelove he sets out at first to change her to become like him All the while sinister evil ghosts of the past threaten to destroy them in the process An interesting read I have read only a few gothic tales before this one One thing of note was how LONG it took to really get into the book It was a long drawn out process but once the book FINALLY hooked me I didn't want to put it down

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    Long ago there was a book about a young girl who went to one of those isolated houses in the country where a dark brooding man lived But hey BIG TWIST the man has a house filled with secrets some of them downright scary No spoilers here This is a really good gothic romance with something evil haunting our hero Great plot Fresh Original And different I have kept this book forever and often reread it

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