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Endured or the hate for the boy she believed caused itCole Matthews hasn’t seen his childhood friend McKnley Rhodes for twenty two years and what he finds shocks him She’s tired and beaten down and he wants to fix that just as he used to. I received this for an honest review I have to say that this book and this aut

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What happens when the one person you truly hate is the one person who really sees youAfter McKnley Rhodes’s family fell apart she struck out at Cole Matthews her then best friend Over twenty years later she’s never forgotten the hurt she. Twenty Two Years ago McKnley Rhodes family fell apart she was told it was due

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When they were kids Cole’s the only one who can see she’s putting on an act by embracing her rock star persona His new goal is to determine why and put an end to her torment Will McKnley let him in or will he leave her with no place to hi. No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2By Megan Lowe5 out of 5 starsThe story N

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    Twenty Two Years ago McKnley Rhodes family fell apart she was told it was due to the Matthews family and her then best friend But than twenty years later Cole McKnley see each other again and it’s not as smooth sailing as Cole expects it to be because McKnley still hold hate and hurt towards him from something he never didBut upon seeing McKnley Cole is shocked she looks drained and tired and he wants nothing than to be the person that puts the light back in her life and eyes like she always has when they were kids With Cole being the only one that can see through the walls she has put up and how much she acts on her rock star persona he wants to help her end her torment will McKnley let him or will other things arise that cause her to carry on hidingBut what truly happens when the one person you hate is the one person who really sees you?No Place to hide is book 2 in the Rocking Racers series and my second book by Megan Lowe I have read my gosh this really exceeded my expectations especially with how much I loved and adored book 1 with Bria Reed’s story but I’ll defiantly be on the lookout for books added to this series I loved this book just as much as the first the characters and story were written brilliantly it had a tough competition with book 1 but it held its own in comparison with Reed Bria’s story as they were majorly different storylines and completely different individuals I was well and truly hooked from start and finish and I’m not exaggerating when I say I had the biggest smile on my face from start to finish this book This book had a completely different feel to it yet I was completely and utter smitten from the get go It’s packed full of happy and beautiful moments angst emotional and even some sexy scenes that really made all the difference to this book Its full of love from relationships friendships and family and once again there was an immediately connection with McKnley and the Ryan family and of course the immediate undeniable connection between McKnley and Cole even though it resulted in a rocky start they were an undeniable power couple The relationship between McKnley and her mum I think was another strong thing to stand out in this book it was strained relationship from the start and them with added pressure of her being the band’s manger it just tipped the scale and it evident that McKnley took the brunt of it all and eventually was the one to confront and stand up to her mum Also another thing was McKnley’s relationship with her sisters other than her close relationship with uinn they rest considering all that they go through together as a family and a band I expected them to be closer and not have such a strained relationship But luckily the support finally comes but it also gives the others a chance for change and for them to live their lives Another amazing thing with this book is the fact that its written in dual POVs you really get a better feel of the characters and what they actually think and feel from them rather than others I think this also helps you connect to these amazing characters as well because their true feelings shine throughThe secondary characters in this book are just an incredible as the main ones there are many of them I would love to read about and find out of their stories; I’m especially interested after reading this to learn about Mav’s story and McKnley’s sisters and where their life now takes themCole is not mentioned in book 1 until the last few scenes so it’s really good to see what his character’s story is Boy does this man handle a lot He really does not seem fazed but all the negative press he is receiving just by being in a relationship with someone as famous as McKnley is I think this just shows what an incredible pair these two make From the get go he breaks down her walls and tries everything her can to find the girl with the light behind her eyes again and he will do anything to really help her I love that through all the commotion and bad press it doesn’t waver him in doing what he loves to do best; racing and he strives on and on through his seasons I love the commitment he has to Ryan Racing and all the family They immediately adopt him in as one of their own and I love seeing the budding bromance between Cole ReedMcKnley makes the biggest change through this book Coming from the girl who acts her rock star persona and lives up to it yet hates doing so to the girl who finally finds the courage to no longer hide and face what she has always wanted to do break the routine and stand up for herself and what she truly wants It defiantly takes uite a few ups and downs through the book to get there but when she does she is one incredible women who loves what she does She is supportive of her sisters of Cole and his passions and fights for change in her life and othersI honestly cannot praise and rave about this bookseries enough its lifted my spirits made me smile Do not miss this incredible series

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    5 StarsNo Place to Hide is the second book in the Rocking Racers Series by Megan Lowe It is a Contemporary Sports RomanceRock Star Romance with a ‘friends to lovers’ aspect to the story At five years old McKinley Rhodes McKnley and Cole Matthews were not only neighbours but also the best of friends McKinley’s home life wasn’t always pleasant but she had Cole and he always managed to make her feel safe and cheered her up when she was down They adored each other and were pretty much inseparable So neither of them could understand what happened the day their worlds were shattered when McKinley’s father left her family never to return; and Cole’s father moves the two of them to a new house in the middle of the night without allowing Cole to say goodbye or explain things to McKinley He loses his best friend and she loses her father as well as her best friend McKinley is heart broken when she discovers Coles empty house when she looks for answers from her mother she is told that Cole and his father are responsible for all the heartbreak that McKinley is experiencing and that she is better off without Cole in her life McKinley can’t believe that Cole could be that hateful but being so young and impressionable and having complete belief in her mother McKinley is slowly convinced that Cole and his father really are the horrible people her mother has made them out to be “You listen here McKinley you and your sisters are destined for great things Hanging around with no good losers like Cole Matthews is only going to cause trouble That’s what boys like him do they ruin everything for the people who are stupid enough to get involved with them do you understand?” “I shake my head Cole’s not bad He’s the one who tries to cheer me up when I’m sad How would that ruin me?” “The Matthewses are bad men McKinley They’re evil and they’ve torn apart everything we love They’ve destroyed us Believe me you’re better off without them” “they made your father leave” Her life changes dramatically after her father leaves; her mother stopped being the nice person she used to be and became mean and driven McKinley and her sisters were forced to practise their music even when they didn’t particularly want to McKinley had always loved music but her mother had managed to take all the fun out of the experience Whenever McKinley would complain her mother would remind her that this was the way things were now all because of Cole and his father ruining their once happy family Over the years McKinley’s hatred of the Matthews’ grows simmering and festering until it has a force of its own Now twenty two years later and this hatred is just as strong we find McKinley has become an internationally renowned Rock Star now known as McKnley and in a band called ‘Places’ with her four sisters She has a reputation as the ‘bad girl’ of rock’n’roll and that’s just how her momager Helen likes it because “there’s no room for nice girls in rock’n’roll” McKnley has been asked to attend the fundraising Gala “Rocking Racers” where the ‘who’s who’ of Australian Sport Entertainment will be attending to raise money for a very worthy cause McKnley is about to get an unwelcome blast from the past when she discovers that Cole Matthews is also attending the gala She’s about to have her world turned upside down once again Cole Matthews is at the top of his racing career having just been crowned SuperMoto Champ he’s was recently signed on to Ryan Racing and has been embraced by the Ryan’s as one of their own His father manages his career but much like McKnley’s mother his dad has his own agenda and self interest at heart The Ryan’s are of a family to him and he knows they have his backHe has never forgotten his childhood friend so when he learns she will be attending the Gala he is extremely excited to reunite with her But when they finally do come face to face after all these years he is doubly shocked to find her looking so tired and seemingly world weary and is confused by the powerful hostility projected at him When she unleashes her anger on him will he be able to set things straight? Will she believe him? Will the connection they once shared blossom into something stronger and intense or has too much time passed? Will they both get what they are looking for? What secrets come to light and what part will they play in the whole story?This is the second book in the Rocking Racers series but can be read as a standalone I do however recommend that you read book one first as a lot of the characters and back story to Ryan Racing is revealed in that book That information will increase the enjoyment factor of this story for you This book sees the return of a lot of the characters we loved from the first book as well as the clever addition of a lot of new and interesting characters for this storyThe author has produced a really wonderful cast of characters; both the main and supporting characters are fully developed with interesting and individual personalities I loved that we got to reconnect with the Ryan’s again and see what’s been going on in their lives since the first book As always they are full of witty and playful banter and are the supportive close knit group we all adore Cole and McKnley are made for one another and even though Cole was introduced in the last book we didn’t really learn much about him so I really enjoyed getting to know him AND McKnley through this fantastic story The story is fast paced I read it in a day Ms Lowe did a great job of tying up the story with a brilliant conclusion There are still some characters I would like to know about so I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in Book 3 Thank you Ms Lowe

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    No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe is the second story in the Rocking Racers series As this is the second book it is not necessary to read book 1 in order to know what is happening but I would suggest it as it won't let you down and neither will this one This story is full of different emotions from love to laughs to sadness You will love how the author has put some of the same characters in this story that was introduced in the first book It was great to see what was happening with them You will love how the author has created characters that you will relate to and feel for They will pull at your heartstrings and have you pulling for each one They will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that you will just need to see the ending Find out what happens with these characters one just wants to be themselves and the other just wants to have a place in this world McKnley Rhodes was a young girl when her family fell apart and her dad left them She blames the boy next door who at the time was her best friend then her worst enemy She has carried that hate with her for all these years Here she is twenty years later and she is a big music star with her sisters What happens when they are thrown together at a benefit? Will the truth come out? Will she listen to what he has to say? Will she let her hate go? Cole Matthews was the boy next door and best friends with the girl next door until his dad up and moved them one day What happens when he gets reunited with her at a benefit? He doesn't know why she is so angry when he finds out will he set her straight? He has never forgotten her do they have a chance to start over? When he sees she is tired beaten down he just wants to help her will be able to just like when they were children? What will happen when he starts to see the real her and is seeing right through all the rock star stuff? He now has one goal and she is itMcKnley and Cole's relationship is one that starts out as best friends as children and grows into something Will she finally listen to him and realize that what she has been angry about really isn't his fault? He just wants to belong and she just wants to be her real self Will they get what they want? What will fate have in store for them? The author has created these characters to keep the story flowing and you will love how they connect with each other You will fall in love with them on every page you turn You will find some moments where you will ask yourself what were they thinking? Find out what happens to these two as they go through struggles of life and their two worlds collide with realityThis is my second story by Megan Lowe and I love this series and I can't wait to see if the story continues Megan is a lost journalism graduate who was not able to find a job and that is when she finally gave in to the characters in her head and started writing She enjoys writing on the theme of music and sports Once again she will have you at page one with this story I read this story in one sitting I couldn't put it down This is a page turner that will pull you into their story and keep you wanting to see what happens with these characters I highly suggest this story as I know you will want to see what happens with these characters as much as I did

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    I loved how this book started out as the main characters as children but it broke my heart when they had to separate at such young ages But of course Cole always wonder what happened to the girl next door he had a crush on And McKnley Rhodes always blamed the little boy and his dad that used to live beside her for the destruction of her family And after 20 years she's still carries that hate and belief with her And when they see each other again she let's him have it but he sets her straight on a few things but can it be enough to let go of years of beliefs This book is brought me in I was curious about how she was going to take it I hated how the parents done some of the things they done but it is the way that some are in that light I also liked how the author brought to attention and to light domestic violence even though there isn't any in this book I also love we get to see The Ryans again and can't wait for the next book The characters where well developed and of course the secondary characters of The Ryans were great but The Rhode sisters also brought everything together I wouldn't mind seeing the sister's get books but I can't wait for the rest of them Ryan boys to get books I love all of them

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    I received this for an honest review I have to say that this book and this author LOVED ITMcknly and Cole were freaking AMAZING together This was such an amazing second chance romance LOVED IT from beginning to end it gripped me I just LOVE this series the Rockin Racers are fast becoming one of my most favorite series I can not wait to see what this author comes out with next

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    “It’s not going to be easy The best things the things that are truly worth it never are That’s what makes them so amazing”This is book 2 in the Rocking Racers series by Megan Lowe I really was glad to see that this could be recommended as a stand alone read just as much as a part of a series I know some would rather that Personally I am glad I did read the first as I had already fallen in love with the Ryan clanfamily and enjoyed reading about the success that the team has earned This one however is centered on Cole Matthews the best friend of Patrick Ryan and also a Supermoto Champ racer for the Ryan team And if follows our dashing damsel McKinley soon to be known as Knley she hates I’s and is the bad girl of rock ‘n’ roll and center star in the band Places made up of her sisters and managed by her mother Helen Helen has always wanted to chase that spotlight and seems to vicariously live through her girls Despite their aging selves they find themselves to be wrapped around her marionette type grasp Knley and Cole have met before at just the young age of 5 and were inseparable That is until Cole’s father and Knley’s mother have an affair that ends her mother’s marriage and sends Cole’s father on a fast traced track away from the town to escape the aftershocks It’s 22 years later that they cross paths face to face again and the bitterness from Knley is just not making the reunion easy at all She blames Cole for the mess of her childhood and losing her father uite unreasonably so given that it does take two to commit adultery and they were just children at the time that didn’t understand except they were suddenly left without their best friends That of course and what their parents have told them about each other’s prospective families as they grew up Cole is so not ready to give up on trying to find the way back into Knley’s heart “Ah so it’s not so much me you don’t like it’s my family Here’s a newsflash for you Knley I am not my dad” Which she counters with “The apple never falls far from the tree” Even though the first few reunions’ so to speak are anything but amicable they slowly start to tear down the walls they have built between themselves and admit that they do in fact love each other and want nothing than each other However it is not that easy Heather Knley’s mother does not want nothing to do with Cole or his family and does everything in her power to break them apart Including putting the life of her own child in danger and bribery It is nice to see that Knley finds herself with Cole and slowly now not without complications begin to start their journey of love Another note on this book is that it touches on such a very important subject domestic violence Regardless of the fact that our Cole and Knley are not in fact really having that issue regardless of what the tabloids say it is handled beautifully So well written and touching I was very touched that even at the end Megan Lowe touched on the importance in the epilogue This happens to many men and women every day and I completely am a supporter of seeing that there where numbers to contact if you are in fact in danger and feel lost or alone If this is you please get in touch with someone in your community and stay safe It is a bumpier road for the couple as the tabloids and Paparazzi seem to be trying their hardest to but in and hinder the relationship at the reuest of Heather It is worth it to Cole to see this through to the end no matter how hard things can get “It’s clear to me now that Knley is so much than just the bad girl of rock ‘n’ roll; I highly doubt she even is that No she is a fighter and if she fights I’ll fight too” Will their fight be enough to cement a lifelong commitment of love? You will have to read to find out

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    No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe 5 starsFrom childhood best friends to adult enemies This book is an emotional rollercoaster ride from page one Megan Lowe did it again This book will pull you in and make you feel like you are part of the story You will route for good to overcome odds Sometimes the people who love the most don't do what is best for loved ones The parents in this book are all about what is best for them and disregard what their children really want and expect them to have the same opinions about the people who mean the mostMcKnley Rhodes thought her parents arguing all the time was normal That is all the 5 year old knew At times it got to be too much so she would seek out her best friend Cole Matthews He was her safe place and they were inseparable until everything fell apart The day her dad left her best friend seemed to disappear also She was alone so she sought out the only person she had left her mom Helen They became close and Knley believed anything her mom told her Mom kept telling her that it's all Cole's fault her dad left Her hatred for the Matthews grew Twenty years later when Knley saw her long lost friend her hatred was in full force McKnley Rhodes was the bad girl of rock and roll and nothing or no one could stand in her way In a band with her four sisters Places was at the top of their career She attended a gala rocking racers and that night everything she believed was uestioned and turned upside down Five year old Cole Matthews didn't understand why his dad was making him leave in the middle of the night without saying good bye to his best friend His dad said it was for the best and for the next 20 years he believed him He missed his best friend and when he saw she was in a band he followed her faithfully The night at the gala he didn't expect such hatred from his childhood best friend Cole expected things to pick up where things left off He just signed on with Ryan Racing and was at the top of his career in the racing world His dreams were coming true and he was excited to reunite with Knley What he didn't know was that she felt the opposite That night Cole made her uestion everything that her mom lead her to believe for the last twenty years Will they get over this speed bump and have a relationship or will the engine stall and due before the green flag waves?This book will make you have a lovehate relationship with the characters They are so true to life you will route for love to overcome but will it be a happy ever after for the childhood friends or was it over when their parents tore them apart at the age of five? A fast paced book that will leave you on the edge of your seat Buckle up and start your engine

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    No Place to Hide written by Megan Lowe4 starsI was thrilled to find out after reading Breaking the Cycle that this was going to be a series I love the Ryan Family and am looking forward to finding out about each of the brothers and where Megan Lowe takes their story Twenty two years earlier McKinley at the age of five had found a confident and best friend in her neighbor Cole They were inseparable and shared all their secrets McKinley aka Kinley shared how her parents always fought and Cole could see how sad it would make her so he tried to do things to make her happy Cole goes home one day to an empty house He finds out they will be moving first thing in the morning Cole starts to panic because even at the age of five he feels he's leaving the best thing in his life behind Cole is hurt that his dad won't let him say goodbye to Kinley and explain that he isn't abandoning her Kinley now McKnley the bad girl of rock ‘n’ roll has been told by her mother and music manager for the past twenty two years how awful Cole and his father are Of course what she learned at five she couldn't understand but believed in her mother who she thought had her best interest at heart Cole Matthews the newly crowned Supermoto champ has been taking in as one of the Ryan's His father manages his career but Cole knows he's only on it for himself and doesn't really care about Cole The Ryan’s are of a family to him and the ones who have his back An annual gala brings old friends together yet they have different ideas of how the night will go McKnley still thinks Cole Matthews ruined her family and she wants to avoid Cole at all cost Cole hasn't stopped thinking of his childhood best friend and can't wait to see if she just as fearless wild and free spirited He's also wondering if the spark he always felt between them will still be there “I thought I could be the one to break through her walls get her to come out into the light and be who she really is but it’s abundantly clear to me now that it’s not going to happen Maybe I was stupid in thinking I ever could that I had the ability to crack open Australia’s bad girl of rock ’n’ roll I wanted everyone to see what I saw a beautiful girl trapped by the media and her mother but maybe I was wrong Maybe she isn’t trapped maybe she’s there by choice I live my life fast and at that speed there’s no hiding and that’s what you’re doing Knley You’re hiding from me hiding from your mother you’re hiding from yourself I thought maybe I could coax you out but I was wrong”

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    No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2By Megan Lowe5 out of 5 starsThe story No Place to Hide Rocking Racers Book 2 by Megan Lowe is a coming of agesports romance book This is the love story of McKnley Rhodes and Cole Matthews Both McKnley and Cole knew each other when they were young Then one day Cole was gone and it happened to be the same day that McKnley’s life was torn apart Now they have met again and nothing is going to be the same I absolutely loved both the story and the characters of this book As it is a series there are also crossover characters that you will recognize from book one I love when an author does this as it feels like you are dropping in on old friends to say hello and catch up on their lives The two main characters are the best McKnley has grown up and is now the lead guitarist for the band “Places” It is made up of her sisters Their mother is their manager McKnley has always been the bad girl in the group and has been labeled so by the press When she meets Cole after twenty two years she is angry She believes that Cole is responsible for the hurt that she has endured in her life Can Cole show McKnley that she is wrong about him and that she is the one that he wants in his life?Cole is an up and coming bike rider with a bright future ahead of him When he meets McKnley again he is shocked by what he sees She is not like the childhood friend that he remembered He soon begins to see beyond the act that McKnley is playing and encourages her to be her own person Cole is so in love with McKnley and you can tell just by the way that he acts and speaks with her Cole also has his own issues to deal with which include his father who doesn’t see Cole as a son but as part of doing business Cole is bound and determined that McKnley will be his and that they will be together forever However there are those that want to keep these two apart Can they both overcome the obstacles in their paths? Be sure to leave the afternoon open when you start this book as you will want to keep reading until you finish the last page I found this author’s writing style very smooth and really love how detailed the book is This book does have adult language and situations which include some very steamy love scenes It is recommended for those 18 years of age and older

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    The beginning sets the story for us and we see a glimpse to how they were as children Breaks your heart Then over twenty years pass and the person who was your BF and hate stumbles upon you unexpectedly Do you continue to hate or do you hear them out and find out the true story? Being in the limelight isn't easy and you truly do not have any place to hide McKnley Rhodes knows this story all too well She is known as the bad girl of rock but is she really bad is what you have to ask yourself while reading this?Cole Matthews sees McKnley again after all those years of being separated and can see that McKnley isn't doing well and can see that she is hiding things He is going to stop at nothing to break her free of her torment even if it means just being friends Yes he wants than friends with her but he will take what he can getMcKnley after giving it good to Cole listens to him and takes a few days with him to release some much needed tension With this comes Tinseltown trying to get the scoop on what they call Coley The momager of the band and the Rhodes' girls mother is a wanna be Kardashian and is no better than Cole's dad either If you thought the past was bad the present is even worse Just saying that being famous is not better over choosing what is best for your kids To make up stories is beyond wrong but to say things that lead others to believe Domestic Violence is involved is messed up Note that while it is mentioned in the story it does not occur for those of you who do not enjoy reads like this The author did an awesome job of touching on this subject to bring awareness only to those who may need this This story is truly touching and we see how hard it is to be famous and have a relationship Cole and McKnley are meant to be together but first McKnley has to come out of hiding Can Cole break her free or will McKnley stay under the way her life has been? Your heart will break uite a few times reading this and just when you think you get a good ending we see a little of a heartbreak but in the end it was what they wanted Not saying what it is The added bonus in this story is we continue to see the Ryan family and the Racing world I cannot wait to read about the next Ryan I am kinda hoping that one of the Rhodes get thrown in here too though This book can be read as a standalone but is part of a series that will contain different characters each time You will fall in love with each one of them though As a side note no her name is not spelled wrong and she will point it out if you say her name with an i She is too funny when she does this

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