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Superheroes and a transdimensional Third Reich Invasion is book one of the Secret World Chronicle and com One of the strangest books I've read It's as if the author drew random ideas from

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Presented in its unabridged form this modern military superhero saga chronicles the battle between Earth's Audiobook through AudiblecomI read this book after I found the Super Powered seri

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Es packed with bonus content including several short stories also taking place in the Secret World univers First in the Secret World Chronicle military science fiction comic series based o Dahlia Black: A Novel univers First in the Secret World Chronicle military science fiction comic series based o

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    Invasion is comics made into podcast made into book Weird? Nevermind The book starts very strong Nazis in gigantic metal armors are ambushing cities all around the world killing innocents as the go but mainly targetting Meta humans organisation Echo Story switches between a dozen heroic or some not so heroic characters who have variety of ordinary superheroes skills as unpenetrable skin flaming hands etc Sounds as cliche but in the beginning its in good comics way Story unwinds slowly but still its nicely written Secrecy and conspiracy hints are looming in background suspense is building step by stepand then the book completely lost it Suddenly story is breaken with really boring storyarc that presents new characters who are totally rubish and you hope Nazic iron cavalery will punish them and stomp them to death I haven't had so much patience so I skipped this part of the book that should consisted will escalating story but contains only 20% of gabby nonsense Last two chapters are welcomed return back to normal but you will be wondering what just happened if your copy of the book is somehow corrupted or I don't know Last chapters contain for example totally new names for familiar characters some characters are dead without any explanation some characters show up without introduce I was thinking about 4 stars all the way through to 75% of the book but in the end I ponder what the hell it was all about Btw that weird part of the book is written only by Mercedes Lackey all others chapters have multiple authors It is really pity no one had a time to help Mercedes to toss her lovely story to trashbin and create again something readable togetherEdit I found in one review that weird part is bonus story Children of the Night Somehow I didn't get as the other reviewer that that the main story is over and now only desserts are served That maybe says something about real end of the story I hope I will not return to my review or I will succumb to growing urge to strip another star from rating

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    Audiobook through AudiblecomI read this book after I found the Super Powered series by Drew Hayes It popped up with the orphan Buy me Buy Love you Joe No ST buy I give you Air Conditioned Honda page for unsolicited books who badly need a home It turned out to be a good buy and a good fitThis is headlined by Mercedes Lackey than it was written by her Similar to books by Robert Ludlum towards the end of his life I am sure she wrote much of this also a collaboration Which is than Ludlum did with the last good series that bore his nameThe book is set in the silver age of comics or better yet the golden age where masked superheroes like the Shadow and the Green Hornet were forced to find their way amidst a plethora of costumed bad asses with supped up powers The story has a good if familiar set of villains fitting for the 1950s ish feel of the book and is able to address themes I like to see that seem to be just part of good writing than anything intentional like racism economic ineuity and competing societies And there is a lot of ass kicking action as one might suspect a fair bit of humor and some teary eyed moments It has a dark or Noir feeling to it I suspect that it was influenced by the famed Comic Book Watchmen These aren't the Super friends here It is fit for any adult who likes a good comic book based story of which there are many of us and it blows Wild Cards away Though that book may have influenced this one One might say that this is like Martin's Wild Cards but with a lot of the problems fixed And it is one long series not a string of short stories Fun book Gets my thumbs up

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    Boring action I planned to give it one star But I became SO happy when I reached the end so I gave it two

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    Some might get confused with where to begin this series started out as a podcast For me that is a media I have never really gotten into So there are books which are audio read and they do not at all match the two printed works BAEN has put out I have compared them if you expect them to match up you are going to be dissapointedSo this is my review of the book independent of the podcast It focuses on John Murdock Belladonna Blue Vicky Eisenfaust Red Djinni Ramona and Red Saviour all the book is supposed to be put together by Vicky at the beginning in about two hoursIt is put together so sloppily I believe it might be a refection of the reality Now I most certainly am predetermined to dislike a book that does not have a narrow focus of charactors You get a look at everyone in that list and a few who are less interesting and some remarkable Here is a alien invasion with the theme of Nazi there are metahumans and that I could get behind only there are angelsand there are Voudanand a tech shaman Tuatha da Danaan sorceress and I just want to point out that there is a four armed 'goddess ' Shahkti they got that right but didn't bother to check and make sure Shiva was not Kali at the end? Look any sort of author who puts in gods and goddesses of a different religion ancient or not needs to put in a little reasearch or they come across looking like a idiot Congrats calling a male Hindu god a goddess does that a lot Shiva is both a creator and a destroyer When 'she ' dances there's no telling which way the dance will turn there isn't really a need to throw Shiva into a conversation between Americans and RussiansAlso the Voudan of course is misrepresented utterly TypicalBocor are power hungry and call evil djabs houngan are good priests of loas YeahnoSo the theme here?I had high hopes for this sort of book but the mix mash ruined it at the end If I am this annoyed with the little things I am not paying attention to the big thing the story

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    this book was very intriguing the characters were all brilliantly done as well they were all either battling their demons or battling stigmas and they way the book was written made it sure that they would all experience incredible growth in the coming books the plot was also very intricate not gonna lie it started off pretty slow but once that action hit it was a legit blitzkrieg lol the only thing i would say that is negative about this book is that it is almost entirely character driven and people that like world building would probably cry at that BUT i believe that the characters are so beautifully fleshed out it than makes up for it

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    One of the strangest books I've read It's as if the author drew random ideas from a hat and threw them into a blender it really is the strangest juxtaposition of ideas I've seen As an example it has Superheroes where every man and his dog seems to be one Robot Nazis and normal ones God Nikola Tesla Aliens Sorcery Alternate Realities East vs West this book has pretty much everything A very strange mixed bagI did finish the book but at the same time I wish it was self contained so I could have been done with it As it is I wanted to know how the story ends but not enough to put myself up with another x volumes of mishmash

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    First in the Secret World Chronicle military science fiction comic series based on the MMORPG City of HeroesMy TakeI actually started this a few weeks ago but I just couldn't get interested until I got further into the book Now I'm chomping at the bit to get the next in the series HuntIn this story the authors take turns creating a chapter Sometimes singly or in varying combinations It has a very comic book flavor with its outrageous characters and over the top situation American withagainst Russkie superhero types in their various costumes It's a very surface read with most of the characters although there are a couple that have greater depthWe begin by meeting the critical characters in their individual lives Blues is helping in the Vegas Fire Department; Nagy is trying to step foot out her apartment; Eisenfaust has managed to breach Echo H; Murdock is getting drunk in New York; Red is plotting a bank heist with Duff Sanction his best and oldest friend Jon Bead a one woman army and Jack of All Trades; Saviour is about to be demoted; and Ramona is drooling over MercuryeI'm curious to see where the authors are going with Red Saviour's fervor to convert ignorant Amerikanskiis to communism through her soup kitchenThose in charge seem to have a tough time realizing their new reality Especially when they're picking on Blues for defending herselfThe StoryKlaxons let loose and Echo Ops are practically rolled over where they stand when superhuman Nazis invade the major cities of the world Good cover for the Nazi unit that invades the prison block at Echo H to take down Eisenfaust but they're too late in one respectMeanwhile Red Saviour and her team are battling to save the Russian people caught in the crossfire The same ones chanting for her removal Vicki is battling her own fears while Blues is wearing herself to death saving all those around her And John comes to the attention of all the wrong peopleThe virus the Nazis release into the computer system wreaks a destruction so complete that Echo is desperate for any meta to join themincluding Red DjinniThe CharactersEcho Ops wasfounded by Nikola Tesla's nephew Alex Tesla who organized the old metas from former WWII vets and recruited new ones with its headuarters in Atlanta GeorgiaVictoria Victrix Nagy is a magician metahuman romance writer and hacker And she can't bear to leave her apartment Even worse to be around people Her cat Grey has some kind of power as well Yankee Pride is the son of Dixie Belle and Yankee Doodle Belladonna Blues Parker is a blue skinned metahuman with touch healing abilities Detective Ramona Ferrari is a regular human who works at Echo Jack Point is a colleague who suffers from prosopagnosia but no one can lie to him Mercurye is a very fleet of foot metahuman Iron Hawk is a Navaho meta who was a codetalker during WWII Matai is a Samoan meta Shahkti is a four armed one Jacob Stone and Tomb Stone are recruitedRed Djinni is another metahuman but on the wrong side of the law Bulwark will take him in hand Victoria Summers aka Amithyst was the woman both loved although neither knows this Bulwark was married to her while Red Djinni was with her on the barricades when she diedJohn Murdock is on the run From everything Former military A metahuman with extra enhancements There's something very special about Murdock Even the angel thinks soThe CCCP isanother meta hero organization and Echo Ops' sometime Russian ally led by Natalya Nilolaeva Shostakovich aka Red Saviour She has a passion for communism and doing what's right no matter the cost Piotr Dzhavakhishvili is the moneyman Saviour must apply to for funds Chug; Fei Li aka the People's Blade; and Soviette are all that remains of her teamSeraphym is absolute power constrained by absolute control Their duty her duty is to the future Choosing the person or situation to save to ensure the proper future And John Murdock is one who must be kept safe Matthew March is a human who sees futures A cacophony of visions that have rendered him unable to move unable to choose Jonas is the owner of a bodega in John's new neighborhoodThe Thule Society isthe enemy of Echo Ops Oberst Heinrich Eisenfaust of the Uberluftwaffe of the Third Reich is a metahuman And an ace German pilot who somehow survived World War II and has returned to warn his former enemiesValkyria Effi was Eisenfaust's lover before she betrayed everything for the Commandant Walter Slycke was a prisoner of Echo before the jailbreak; now he's carrying a vital secretBlacksnake is one of the creative mercenary security firms who are reaping a fortune from terrified peopleThe Cover and TitleIt's a Baen cover for sure with its brash colors and graphic images — the Nazi eagle braking for attack wings widespread claws poised to strike the gun that replaces the tongue pointing at its potential victims against a gray black background amidst orange flames and greenish gasesThe title encompasses the entire story for it is an Invasion that has set the entire world aflame with destruction and anger I like the red orange red gradients on the title text

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    When I started reading I thought maybe I’d already read this book and and had forgotten That’s one reason I like Goodreads for keeping track As I continued to plow through the suspicion increased So I started reading reviews and there it wasdescribed as very similar to the Wild Card series by RR Martin Bingo I agree with the 2 star reviews; poor character development etc I’ve too many other books to readDNF

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    This was probably a great idea for a book way back in the day when the accompanying web site City of Heroes was live But like the CD rom included in the book the site is out of date and is behind the times I abandoned the book after 150 pages which is time than any of us should give to a book that we don't like It was a mishmash that lacked the pizzazz that comes from having RR Martin associated with the Wild cards series

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    Interesting book didn’t realize it contained additional short stories novellas that kind of took me out of the rhythm but I did kind of like them as well Interesting universe with a bit of all sorts of fantasy and a bit of SF as well I don’t know as I will continue but glad I read this one at least

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