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    I wanted to like this book I liked Linda the protagonist most of the time because she was a mostly real LDS woman who is nonjudgmental a great listener and a real giver of service except when she's doing things that are incredibly stupid which I can't describe without a lot of spoilersMy chief complaint is that the book misrepresents the Church in some ways and some of them are necessary to construct a plot and some of them aren't I realize that everyone's experience in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is going to be as individual as he or she is but there are things about the Church that are best told true For example I was shocked that a bishop would leave his wife a list of people who might need service or a listening ear If I went to my bishop for counsel and his wife showed up the next day with a plate of cookies and an offer to help with whatever my needs might be I would consider the confidentiality between a bishop and me a member of the ward to have been shockingly violated If the bishop thinks someone needs to keep an eye on me the proper person to contact is not his wife but the Relief Society president a calling reduced to preparing and cleaning up for weddings and funerals in this book The organizations in the Church that supply people to watch over others and show up when there's a possible need for service because they find out in some way other than the bishop breaking confidentiality are the visiting and home teaching programs which are completely and unrealistically ignored in this novel so that Linda can go in and do what people's home and visiting teachers should be doing or not doingFurther the author has Linda and a deceased man's wife dressing his body for his funeral skin out Maybe things are done differently in Draper but I've lived in Texas Utah California and Pennsylvania and ordinarily the male members of the family or ward clothe the body of a man and the female members clothe a woman I found it very unusual that an unrelated woman would be helping to dress the body of a deceased man It seems that the author created that opportunity in order to describe the temple garments and other clothing admittedly in a way that may lessen the strangeness factor for a non LDS reader but it struck me as an inappropriate contrivanceThe author also can't leave out any possible controversial subject Blacks and the priesthood? Check Homosexuality? Check Polygamy and some controversies surrounding Joseph Smith? Check The position of women in the Church? Check check check Domestic abuse of every stripe? Check check check check I don't disagree with the author's treatment of these subjects except the position of women on that in a minute but I can't understand why she felt it necessary to include her opinions on everything as she went along as though she had to get them in just in case she never gets another chanceI fear that the representation of the position of women in the Church in this book will be misunderstood Even in her own marriage the protagonist is suirming with authority issues And the characters who are described as religious extremists are pure misogynists using religion as an excuse for their beliefs which are totally contrary to LDS doctrine and Christianity in general The author tries to show this but there are so many men in the book that fit the description that I wonder if readers will believe that there are men like this behind every bush and tree in the Church In my forty plus years of Church membership I have never met anyone who believed that women are inferior as several of the men in this book do That doesn't mean they don't exist but they are uncommon and becoming less common and I would refer people to talks by LDS General Authorities on ldsorg for the Church's position on women as daughters of God and strong capable individuals with an increasingly stronger voice in the Church hierarchy I hope that someday the false misogynistic attitudes like those held by some men in this book will be enough to deny someone a temple recommend The actions they lead to at least as described in the novel are already excommunicable offensesI disagree with the author that the Church in Utah is so vastly different than the Church elsewhere I appreciate the author's attempts to make Linda nonjudgmental and her tendency to admit that she's not perfect but at times that just makes her seem wishy washy I did get a chuckle out of the misguided character who wanted to ask the bishop to get all the lawyers in the ward to donate their services to his loved one's criminal case as though lawyers all know how to pursue criminal law and as though professionals who also have to make a living should be willing to donate their time when they've been hired to devote all their professional time to their law firm or other employer I appreciate the author's attempts to present her experience in the Church but by ignoring some important aspects of the Church in order to put her protagonist in a position to pursue the plot she does her readers and the Church a disservice And yes I realize how judgmental that sounds

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    Oh I really wanted to like this book I guess this book is an accurate depiction of Mormonism if your neighbors are all pedophiles misogynists fanatics and spouse abusers Otherwise no this is not an accurate depiction of MormonismI don't want to simply discount the book for going too far in one direction at one point the main character even looks at her own grown sons and wonders how many of them are abusing their young wives wow but the plot is also convoluted and some interesting plot lines are simply dropped or left unresolvedLike many of the reviewers before me I really got the sense the author was just trying to cram in every shocking tidbit about Mormonism she could to the detriment of the story The freuent pedantic explanations repeatedly brought the narrative to a screeching haltThere are so many important positions and contributions by and for women in the LDS Church; unfortunately this book diminishes all that In my lifetime experience in the LDS church I have never met a bishop's wife that felt such a need to insert herself into every facet of the member's lives However the scale of unintentional comedy reached a crescendo when the heroic bishop's wife ran into a house surrounded by police and swat team members becauseonly the Bishop's Wife could save the day?Like many reviewers have already pointed out the doctrinal points were sometimes accurate sometimes out of context and sometimes just wrong Blood ON the moon? Extending a hand to a spirit a myth or legend? DC 129I was saddened to read Sarah Beth's review of this book; this was really creepy and terrible and I hope mormonism isn't really like that Yes it was creepy and terrible and no Sarah Beth Mormonism isn't really like that

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    Warning this does contain a few spoilers SorryEarly I'm only a few pages in and already I have comments This book can't seem to decide if it is for people familiar or NOT with LDS culture it explains about Relief Society and cultural halls and takes a stab at temple marriage but rolls right past Stake Presidents and High Councils and calls the Word of Wisdom ridiculously high standards Update The book still can't decide on its audience And the funeral home scene should be majorly summarized The doctrine in the book is kind of messed up A lot of it is correct enough to mostly sound right but wrong enough to give the wrong impression I have a problem with that I realize this is a murder mystery not a doctrinal book but authors should be faithful to their world Also the author seemed to be going out of her way to address unusual factors or viewpoints rather than staying mainstream Mormon mainstream I mean but there wasn't a literary reason to do so so it didn't add anything to the story regardless of audience In fact it was uite distractingEarly The characters so far include the politically ultra liberal Mormon the feminist Mormon the controversial headed for excommunication Mormon the potentially murderous Mormon Yes these all exist in real life so I'm not complaining about that part of it but where's the large proportion of average Mormons?Update Also the abusive fathers plural and the keep a secret by burying the body in the backyard Mormon Again those are NOT typical where's the large proportion of average Mormons? Actually those aren't even typical for non Mormons eitherOn a nitpicky level there's a random Samuel sandwiched between two sentences on the first page and two farther along as well as the occasional missing space that crams two words togetherIt really bothered me that a certain character who had been abused by her father was concerned that her four abortions to hide the conseuences had created fertility problems than she was by the fact that she had had four FOUR abortions Considering that abortion is a big no not absolute NO in Mormon doctrine it SHOULD have at least bothered herThe ongoing internal conflict regarding Georgia was never resolved in any wayThe plot seemed overly complicated You thought she was killed But there is the video But what about the other neighbor But the phone call But But ButWhile the murderer was caught sorry spoiler I still didn't like the way the book ended Or middled That SHOULD be a word right?I'm afraid I can't recommend this book although I do think that the problems I have with it could be fixed or at least improved in the author's next bookI received this book in a Goodreads giveaway but got no other compensation for my review My opinions are entirely my own

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    This is a fairly enjoyable tour guide through Mormonism and an absolutely hot mess of a mystery

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    I absolutely loved this book Full disclosure I am a Mormon However like the main character I am a convert and was not born and raised in the faith But unlike Linda I am unmarried and childlessI'm sure some people thought that there was too much background about the Church in the book I'm not one of them The author needed to project just how distinct Mormon culture is from mainstream America This culture is important to the book This book brings up troubling images and places them in the frame of a patriarchal culture and how a woman is identified in Mormon life I thought this book was wonderful on a non mystery level I loved the characters and the tapestry of layers in the book In many ways for me the mystery was secondary and was a vehicle to help the author explore some theme in Mormon life Some of these themes are hard to discuss in the Mormon world But they need to be

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    In this mystery the setting is as integral a part of the story as the plot and characters Written by a practicing Mormon The Bishop’s Wife takes place in a mainstream not polygamous fundamentalist Utah Mormon community which the author acknowledges will seem like a foreign country to many readers me included because of its distinct worldviews and uniue organization Main character Linda Wallheim is mostly devout but not without some troubling uestions and opinions about her church’s structure politics and penchant for secrecy She’s an almost empty nest mother increasingly at loose ends and her husband is their ward’s bishop an honor and responsibility that rotates among member men When he’s called to assist a family after a young wife goes missing in suspicious circumstances Linda gets deeply involved in the mystery driven by a lingering grief from her past Was it murder? Could there have been abuse? Or did the woman run away abandoning her husband and child to start a new life outside the confines of the community?There are actually two ominous and gripping mysteries in The Bishop’s Wife one decades old and one new and the thoughtful treatment of the subject matter gives the story emotional depth than the average whodunit Mormon perspectives on community gender roles motherhood family the afterlife and life purpose are seamlessly woven into the plot and make this an extra interesting novel

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    First let me start out by saying this was a good story and the writing is compelling My criticisms of it are not with the uality of the story and I like that a work based on a Mormon ie a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sometimes LDS for short protagonist is published for a non LDS audience Some criticize books published by Deseret Book and other LDS publishers as being too vanilla with “happily ever after” endings where everyone or nearly everyone ends up choosing to live righteously My only complaints are with how she sometimes portrays our culture I am a Mormon and the inaccuracies about her portrayal of the Church and some of its doctrines are glaring She seems to seek out every controversial doctrine in the history of the Church and this almost makes the book read like an anti Mormon tract although ironically that is one of the things that leads people to investigate the Church and leads to many being baptizedThis book purports to be written by “a practicing Mormon” and that may be true but several things in the book made me wonder how devoutly she practices her religion For example she mentions that the counselors in the First Presidency the highest leadership of the Church consisting of the President of the Church and two counselors are elected which is simply not true They are chosen by revelation and inspiration as are the members of the uorum of the Twelve Apostles See this video for information She also says that it is regularly mentioned in General Conference bi annual meetings where leaders of the Church give messages to address the whole world and all members of the Church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and topics of current interest that we are counseled to grow as much of our own food as we can I have rarely heard – in 45 years of being raised in the Church – such counsel even peripherally the closest thing I recall being that we should have a year’s supply of food storage for our families to prepare for a possible emergencyThe protagonist seems to mistrust all men and thinks Mormon culture is patriarchal and that the males are dominant and controlling I am reluctant to criticize that because I am a man but there are millions of LDS women who seem to like being a part of the Church One thing I do know is that the men of the Church are often counseled against such domineering behavior and the scriptures uneuivocally state and we are freuently reminded by General Conference talks that when a man behaves with “unrighteous dominion” that he loses the SpiritShe also refers to the wife of the bishop – the ecclesiastical leader of a congregation who also has oversight to help with the temporal needs of members of his ward congregation – as the “mother of the ward” I not only have I never heard this it simply hasn’t ever been the case in any situation I’ve ever been in and I’ve lived in 16 wards in my lifetime and visited countless othersCharacters in the book also focus on uestionable fringe doctrines such as that the Ten Tribes of Israel are under the ice at the North Pole or about polygamy returning or being practiced in the afterlife and disregard or downplay important things such as fasting prayer for a person in trouble and marriage in the temple vs secular marriage She also cites some statistics that seem inaccurate such as that about 50% of young men don’t serve missions and that the emphasis on their service has been reduced in recent years This is simply not true as record numbers of missionaries are now serving and the increase is nearly 30000 missionaries worldwide since October 2012Other things that are unusual are the numbers of meetings in the bishop’s office at his home which may have been done for the sake of the story but rarely happen; sharing of confidential information by the bishop with his wife which does happen from time to time I’m sure but which is discouraged and most bishops adhere to this principle; speculation by a character about whether to include a discussion of the Twilight books in a workshop about domestic abuse because the author is Stephanie Meyers a Mormon; and most particularly a statement that “even the Apostles had begun to admit” that homosexuality had a basis in genetic predisposition and was not a lifestyle choice – something that I can’t say I’ve ever heard before and even if that is true they don’t excuse the behavior and have counseled that like all temptations to sin it can be overcome through faith and prayer and the love of othersRead the story – it is a decent work of fiction – but if you have uestions about the LDS church or its doctrines visit wwwmormonorg and chat with a representative online

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    I really struggled with how to rate this book so here are my pros and consEnjoyable I really liked Linda the main character both her descriptions of the world around her and her internal narrative I am not Mormon so this was a window into a new faith community for me Of course I'd never make the assumption that any one voice could speak for an entire community This is a cozy mystery with the darker aspects of life held at arm's length even though they are at the heart of the story I found that I really needed that right now It was also nice to have the narrator in a mystery be a person with a loving family So rareFrustrating While I appreciate what the author was trying to do with the sub plot of Linda's ongoing sorrow about the death of her infant daughter it didn't work for this reader If the deceased daughter's sub plot is stripped away I don't see that it alters anything in the story or the way I feel about Linda I'd love to see Harrison write a book that focuses on such a death; she has much to say on the subject What else bugged me? The writing was uneven Descriptions of Mormon belief and custom were not as smoothly woven into the narrative as I'd have liked And the sub plot with the death of Tobias' first wife did not work at all for me I will definitely read Harrison's other mysteries She's a good writer that is clear I suspect that in this her first adult mystery she needed some time and space to work out her main character and how she wanted to describe the setting and religious context So three stars and looking forward to reading

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    Linda Wallheim is the bishop's wife A mother of five boys and the surrogate mother of her ward in Draper Utah She's used to late night phone calls visits and responds to the call for help When her friend Carrie disappears leaving behind her young daughter and husband Linda fears for the worst Carrie's husband Jared is acting strangely and Linda is determined to get to the bottom of where Carrie has goneI read this book on the plane ride back from BEA Book Expo America this year and I was rivetedThis book is about a Mormon woman but it's unlike any other book about a Mormon woman that I've ever read before Long ago I gave up on LDS fiction and part of me is convinced that it's impossible to write a compelling narrative about a person with intense pure faith At least I haven't found it yetWhat sparkles in this novel is the fact that Linda is unabashedly uestioning This causes tension with her husband children and members of her ward And it's so completely real that I found myself really wanting to be friends with Linda Mette has moved us past the illusion of a perfect woman and a perfect family to a study on how to be faithful and uestioning Linda confronts uestions about the LDS church that aren't comfortable And they don't have easy answers At times Linda is judgmental and wrong But she's also kind and strongI'm not sure how other Mormons will react It may be difficult to see the culture from an outsider's view Mette is a practicing Mormon but this narrative reads like someone on the outside looking in However there will be some translating involved for readers not familiar with the vocabulary of Mormons It's a difficult balance to work out how much explanation to give non Mormons while also not bogging down the story with too much detailThe book isn't perfect It suffers at times from a cohesive narrative and it's just not uite as tight in the plot as it could beHowever on a personal note it resonated with me It was a book that was at once entertaining and thought provoking It gave me a little glimmer that perhaps there are some other Mormon women out there like me

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    “As a practicing Mormon I felt Harrison did a great job of detailing Mormon culture and doctrine without evangelizing I appreciated that the bishop is a good man and the bishop’s wife is a woman who has been through her own struggles The bishop’s wife sometimes can barely keep up with all the drama and mysteries around her But she does and does it uite well under the circumstances This is a rather brave book”Amanda Monson Bartow County Library System Cartersville GA

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In the predominantly Mormon city of Draper Utah some seemingly perfect families have deadly secrets Linda Wallheim is a devout Mormon the mother of five boys and the wife of a bishop But Linda is increasingly troubled by her church’s structure and secrecy especially as a disturbing situation takes shape in her ward One cold winter night a young wife and mother named Carrie Helm disappears leaving behind ever Oh I really Search for the White Moon predominantly Mormon city of Draper Utah some seemingly Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality perfect families have deadly secrets Linda Wallheim is a devout Mormon the mother of five boys and the wife of a bishop But Linda is increasingly troubled by her church’s structure and secrecy especially as a disturbing situation takes shape in her ward One cold winter night a young wife and mother named Carrie Helm disappears leaving behind ever Oh I really

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Ie’s fate and with the well being of her vulnerable young daughter She cannot let the matter rest until she finds out the truth Is she wrong to go against her husband the bishop when her inner convictions are so strongInspired by a chilling true crime and written by a practicing Mormon The Bishop’s Wife is both a fascinating look at the lives of modern Mormons as well as a grim and cunningly twisted myster Linda Wallhe