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Three Way Dance

Summary Three Way Dance

The following collection of professional wrestling themed literature is no disualifications no count outs and no holds barred Our first writer hailing from Utica New York with his chapbook of prose poetry and lyric essay The Leo Burke Finish i.

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Unknown and armed with his chapbook The Rulebreaker's Alphabet is the spiritual lovechild of Bruiser Brody aka Brian Rosenberger Three men enter the suared circle and the winner dear reader is you Gimmick Press proudly presents Three Way Danc.

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S the student the scholar the technician Mike Chin Our second entrant with his story Todo lo Malo comes to you via the open road by way of Albuuerue New Mexico He is the enigmatic Frankie Metro And our third and final writer hailing from Parts.

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    I won my copy of Three Way Dance A Collection of Professional Wrestling Literature through Twitter It's probably not a book I would have picked up at the bookstore but I know the publisher at least artificially Josh Olsen is a co founder of Gimmick Press We follow each other on Twitter like each other's hilarious insightful and under appreciated tweets on occasion We were published together in Red Fez I read his story and liked it found him on Twitter When I see he publishes something I retweet it Solidarity among nobodies You're not a nobody Josh One day he tweeted something like Like this tweet for a chance to win a copy of Three Way Dance No I probably wouldn't have bought it at the bookstore I probably wouldn't have ordered it off the internet but I'll like a tweet for a chance to win a copy And I won I was the only one to like itThree Way Dance is not a book about wrestling; it's a book about people who love wrestling written by people who love wrestling Those people are Michael Chin Frankie Metro and Brian Rosenberger I could say about them but it would be better for you to read the book or at least look them up Three Way Dance could be described as a niche book targeted at the one assumes smallish group of people who'd fit if they were confined within a Venn diagram inside the circle of both people who like professional wrestling and people who like literature I am not in that circle I half liked professional wrestling when I was younger but I don't think there has ever been a time in my life when I gave a shit about both wrestling and books Yet I liked this book A book if it's any good should help you bust out of whatever circle of probability that Venn motherfucker is trying to trap you in remind you that you're not the center of the universe you're not the arbiter of taste I never had a passion for wrestling even when I watched it because I only ever watched ironically It was too artificial for me but maybe that artifice is part of its authenticity Besides films are artificial Books are artificial I make my bread as a fiction writer which is a bold fabrication; is there anything artificial than what I do? Fiction is artificial; it's the way you present it that makes it authentic I realize now after seeing the world of wrestling through the eyes of three writers who love the sport that writing and wrestling are related They are cousins Maybe wrestling is the fuck up cousin who barely got through high school and can't hold a job longer than six months and gives all his children misspelled names that start with B and end with either den or xton; yet somehow that cousin makes way money than you Wrestling is storytelling If you've watched the show Glow on Netflix you might remember the moment when the character of Betty Gilpin a former soap opera star who halfheartedly takes a gig in a wrestling league for women realizes that wrestling is just a soap opera Once she makes that realization she can relate to it she can become excited and passionate about it I will probably never be passionate about wrestling but thanks to Three Way Dance I won't ever be confused about why other people are passionate about it A slightly longer version of this not exactly a review is on my website  

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