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Atlas of Anatomy

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Planes in addition to landmarks and palpable structures to develop physical exam skills muscle fact spreads ideal for memorization reference and review organize the essentials about muscles including origin insertion innervation and action new sectional anatomy spreads at the end of units build familiarity with 2d views of anatomic regions access to winkingskull with over 500 images from the book for labels on and labels off review and timed self tests for exam preparatio Good for when the three volume atlas is too much Contains a few errors nothing serious though but it's annoying

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Cine coverage of each region intuitively arranged to simplify learning beginning with the skeletal framework then adding muscles organs vasculature and nerves and concluding with topographic illustrations that put it all together over 170 tables summarize key anatomic information for ease of study and review innovative user friendly format in which each two page spread is a self contained guide to a topic surface anatomy spreads now include regions and reference lines or this coumd save your life while working on your residency programm

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The new gold standard for learning anatomy Atlas of anatomy second edition is the essential resource for anyone studying gross anatomy Packed with over 2400 full color illustrations this atlas guides you step by step through each region of the body helping you master the details of anatomy Key featuresexuisite full color illustrations with clear thorough labeling and descriptive captions even clinical correlations help students make the connection between anatomy and medi Great Anatomy bookif you're in medical school ;

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