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Angelas Salvation

Read & Download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Michelle Hughes

Angela's audition for the nationally televised showcase Overnight Sensation is her chance to finally rise above her abusive childhood and gain the elusive dream of musical stardom With all she's suffered the opportunity of a lifetime is wi. Thoroughly enjoyed this book It does involve some rather uncomfortable situations in abuse but it never makes you feel uncomfortable Angela and Nolan have chemistry from the first moment they are in the same room together They both have issues that need to be overcome for them to have a successful relationship Together and thru some misunderstanding they find true love Thank you Michelle for a terrific book

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Thin her graspNolan Fitzgerald is the owner of the most recognized recording company in the United States and the producer for Overnight Sensation He's immediately drawn to Angela's talent and knows with his help she'll be an overnight sen. This book was good It kept me entertained and I have recommended it to others I just wish there were less typos Especially the errors involving names I would have liked detail as some other reviewers have stated but I think it's good without it too Although the sex scenes could have been embellished Definitely I am indterested in books by this author but I think even the sex scenes could have been embellished I tried to fix errors in my review but became frustrated with the phone for deleting the wrong letters repeatedly

Read & Download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Michelle Hughes

Sation But he has a secret of his own that may just push Angela past her fragile limits of trustCan two shattered hearts find love in the explosive music industry and will it be enough to overcome the past insecurities of pain and deceptio. I read this book as it was included in a 'bundled set' Typical romancesexy timebreak upget back together story But that doesn't make it badThe main thing I can say is that the story felt off Like there were big chunks missing that could have made it and the other 4 stories in the bundle so much better Lots of typos and name errors keep things disjointed In my opinion a story cannot be called a full length book if it is less than 200 pages

  • Kindle Edition
  • 187
  • Angelas Salvation
  • Michelle Hughes
  • English
  • 14 August 2018
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About the Author: Michelle Hughes

Michelle Hughes is an American author who writes contemporary romance She was awarded a Kindle Press contract for her 2017 release Cowboy Sanctuary and has 29 other books self published Hughes studied journalism at Jefferson State college Prior to a career in publishing she worked as a respiratory therapist Michelle was also a Nashville recording artist who performed under the stage name Re