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    After completing book one Cappuccino Heaven I immediately started on Lost I couldn't seem to let go of these stories and I know I will be rereading them several times in the future Thought provoking enlightening compelling those are just some of the words that come to mind with this series I would gladly follow these characters further were it an option The ending was certainly not what I expected and the twists and turns kept me hooked I certainly look forward to sitting down with these books again and I recommend them to anyone uestioning life after death Keep an open mind and an open heart you'll surely fall in love as I did

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Lost Cappuccino Heaven #2

review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Michelle Wright

Ach time discovering that he's taken deeper and deeper into the bowels of Hell Unaware of her presence and stuck in an abyss of his own creation it appears all is lost If only Elizabeth can find someone powerful enough to challenge the manipulative game playing spirit jailers and release her beloved Mike then the nightmare will be over But what if it isn't and she has lost him fore.

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Ver Clinging to any shred of hope she refuses to give up believing as her own strength grows stronger that the love she has in her heart will be the shining light in what becomes a never ending battle between good and evilA strong page turner that should leave you thinking twice of the conseuences of harming another unless you're 100% sure that in your afterlife all will be forgive.

review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Michelle Wright

What if you don't go into the light Elizabeth waits patiently in the afterlife for a much awaited reunion with her husband Mike But the dream becomes a nightmare when he dies of old age and goes straight into the dark lower levels manipulated by evil entities who revel in taking him further away from the light at every turn Endless missions with trusted friends to rescue him fail e.

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  • Lost Cappuccino Heaven #2
  • Michelle Wright
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  • 16 April 2019
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About the Author: Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright is A best selling author who's worked with the likes of JR Rain Scott Nicholson and Aiden James Born in London's east end into a family of psychic mediums her passion for writing started young By her early teens she had published stories in magazines and wrote scripts for school plays In later years becoming a psychotherapist and journalist in between practicing her psychic sk