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We're sorry but your recommendation wasn't approved We've all heard those words; it's a sentence that swallows your hopes and crushes your confidence Getting ideas or projects approved and securing the resources needed to implement them is one of the greatest challenges business leaders face With multiple stakeholders constrained budgets and competing agendas it's difficult to cut through the.


Clutter and garner the reuired support The Elegant Pitch provides a simple proven process to go from idea to approval uickly and effectively than ever before This is the same method used by elite strategy consulting firms such as McKinsey Co and Bain Consulting But you don't have to be a high priced consultant to master a process that promises Clearer and compelling recommendations and ideasSh.

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Orter and crisper communicationsGreater efficiencyShorter and fewer meetingsMore efficient decision making processesA higher likelihood of getting your recommendations approved Do less work hold fewer and shorter meetings and get ideas approved on the first pass Sign me up By using the methods in The Elegant Pitch you can get to yes uickly and drive the results that set you apart from the crow.

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    Topic on Structured problem solving is need of the hour and elegant pitch delivers the content perfectly I have seen managers boiling the ocean without a clear oversight on the problem and thoroughly not structured This obviously results in insane working hours and frustrated team with no clear direction Elegant pitch can be applied anywhere in your business environment and helps you to have Structured thought process You can apply the same framework rigorously if you're pitching for a business case or if you are in any problem solving session

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    Create a hypothesis research and probe it or probe it wrong answer what and whyIterate as much as possible and refine in each stepCreate a story rely on hard facts Be ready for objections