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First published in Asimov's Sci. Well I liked the conceptI think others have covered the ground that the ending to this story is unearned and predictable so I'll just say I agree and leave it at that I also uibble with the writing view spoilerTo highlight the son's alien body his father is constantly making observations like thisHe smiled sadly I thoughthe repeated with what I assume passed for a puzzled frownHe sighed deeply At least I think he did With those chimes I couldn’t be sureI think he frowned I couldn’t tell for certain not with that faceHe took her hand very gently and gave her what seemed like a wistful smile though I couldn’t be sureThe thing is as far as I can tell we're supposed to be taking these observations at face value as accurate signals of the son's emotions And so instead of highlighting the alieness they detract from it They feel tacked on He frowned oh wait he can't frown Well I'll just say it seemed like he didIt would have been effective I think if at the beginning there had been straight on descriptions of what the son was doing how his silver skin rippled how his eyes shifted color how his limbs twitched with no commentary on what they meant The addition of interpretation later on in the story would then have highlighted the father's growing empathy would have read less as a magical ability to read emotion in an alien body and as sympathetic projection Which might have made the end less abrupt too hide spoiler

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Hugo Award short story nominee. Good description to the appearance of the character so you can feel the disgust but also the wonder A little predictable but done well all the same

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Ence Fiction April May 20112012. Read as part of the 2012 Hugo voter packetAfter many years away a son returns to the family home where his Alzheimer suffering mother is on her deathbed and his father does not forgive him for leaving The only thing which makes this story SF is that the son was away as he’d undergone surgery to make him look like one of the native species of the particular planet he was studying As a primarily character driven story without anything that really hooked me I don’t rate this particularly highly but tastes vary

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