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    Here is the review of Bright Steel folks Please check it out on Grimdark Magazine and any other fantastic reviews of books you are interested in“Selfishness and tyranny do not make for stable allies”“Can I uote you on that?”Bright Steel Wow Masters and Mages is now a finished trilogy and Bright Steel ramps up every aspect that made Cold Iron and Dark Forge utterly brilliant Fearsome battles with swords and sorcery emotional punches back alley dealings and one of the best coming of age heroes I have read Bright Steel is a wonderful conclusion to Miles Cameron’s spy thriller fantasy Masters and MagesTo begin with I am a massive fan of Miles Cameron His easy going writing style authentic detail and memorable characters really create fantastic books And each one is so different Each book I read of Cameron highlights how he is changing as an author writing new and uniue material that is unexpected and totally welcome as well as including all of his trademark elements Bright Steel is the finale to the trilogy that Cold Iron and Dark Forge deserved These books are so readable because of the incredible variety of scenes set pieces politics and characters that are within them ‘When trouble didnt stay away it was routinely punched in the head and thrown in the Great Canal’Cold Iron introduced us to Aranthur as he unwittingly began a journey as an Academy student who is on the path to greatness Dark Forge followed Aranthur and the friends he made as he became someone important Bright Steel continues with Aranthur exploring the strange and brilliant arc that he has been through He is a young man who wants to be the best he can be for himself and those he loves And he is painfully aware of how the path he leads can easily turn him into an ill hearted man He wants to be loyal and generous kind to not kill but he finds himself in scenarios that push his morality I loved the scenes that explored his awareness of his actions and the conversations he had with characters about these situationsThe cast behind Aranthur also make this one of my favourite fantasy books to date Those who readers have grown to love since Book 1 such as Dahlia Kallatronis and Drako each have their individual impacts upon this book As they assist Aranthur and work through betrayals dire scenarios and joyful occasions as friends they only added to the story Cameron’s knack for dialogue in this book in particular was immensely strong with witty conversations that had me laughing out loud and serious moments adding to the realism of their friendships ‘What is life but the lust for power?’The story was engaging fun and intense with such a diversity of scenes action pieces and city politics that meant I was always on my toes I have found myself each day longing to get back to reading this story It captivated me so much that I actually missed my bus stop on TWO occasions It was worth the extra walking which I also did whilst reading I believe I would have enjoyed a refreshment in the specific technical terminology Maybe my brain had accidentally forgot some obvious terms but there are a lot of uniue terms to these stories all of which add to the detail of Cameron’s world building One thing that I am usually not a fan of is magic and magical lore However this story portrayed the magic in such a way that it felt authentic and real and I loved the scenes where magic was explored Thank you so much to Gollancz for the opportunity to read this amazing story early and be involved in the blog tour If you’ve been waiting for a fantasy tale that is uniue and fun tense and bloody with the famous Cameron battles and urgent stories please read these books You won’t regret it‘When you two are struggling to set the measure between you you can step back all you want back out of the window if you will But once your blades touch you must go forward until you conuer or die’55 The cover uote by my dad says that the Masters and Mages trilogy is a masterclass in modern fantasy and I could not agree Bright Steel is a story of friendship the complications of how simple choices affect your life in ways you could not imagine and how swords in books will never ever get old or boring Fantastic storytelling

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    BrilliantNormally I had read only his historical fiction work but this series was amazing it had everything and shows he is just as good at fantasy as he is in fiction Looks like I will have to add all his fantasy works to my tbr pile 😏 unusually the kindle is expensive than the paper but pricing has nothing to do with the author and the book deserves only praise Bravo Mr Cameron now get the head down and write us some

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    Wow Miles Cameron has done it again another stunning series that had me on the edge of my seat and choked up with emotion through the final conclusion He is a master

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    A good if somewhat rushed end to the seriesAgain we start pretty much where we left off at the end of the last book As usual I won't go into too many details this being the final book of the series This book contained elements of both previous books The first was Aranthur getting used to the city and the politics the second was a military campaign This contains both as the first part of the book is back in the city and dealing with the ambitions of certain factions there The second part is again back on the front dealing with the campaigns to tackle the Old Ones and the Pure All the elements that I enjoyed in the first two books are still present The fight scenes are astounding with the stakes raised even higher as we start dealing with even stranger situations and beings Our characters are still growing and maturing until you see they have become truly different However I think this is also one of its weaknesses Being so action packed and over such a short period of time in universe I think it is missing some down time for these changes to feel earned There just has not been enough time for reflection What I loved about the first book was its moments of almost slice of life mixed with action and that has been missing mostly in these later two books Don't get me wrong I still loved these books but maybe not uite as much as the firstMy other niggle is that the end felt rushed Things lined up rather too conveniently and I think the whole book could have done with another hundred pages or so to bring in some character based moments and to expand the end as it just ended far too easily and there was almost no follow on at the end to see where our group ended I really hope that there are further ideas for this world and these characters as I still have uite a few uestions that I would like to see answered It might seem I have a lot of complaints but mainly I just really enjoyed this I loved that there was a reunion moment in the Inn where it all began those sort of moments are always enjoyable The history and magic system of this world became a lot clearer and is very interesting This is a great series and it looks like I'm going to have to get to his previous series at some stage so the TBR mountain continues to growPlease see this and other reviews at my blog

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    Just read the other reviews it’s great and I’m longing for This trilogy is good read it These books make for a great way to escape your head and inhabit another world The cast of characters is awesome I’m buying every future book set in this world let’s hope there’s to come

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    A superb series by Miles Cameron Plot pace world building magic system and most especially the action seuences are all masterfully writtenRatings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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    Really enjoy this authorNow to finish his other series

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    Somehow unsatisfyingFelt like the last red Knight book with an all knowing hero saving the world in very similar circumstances Left me somehow unsatisfied There were also a lot of very similar large magical fights which dragged on after a while The masterpure conclusion almost felt like an afterthought which almost betrayed one of the hooks of the first book This is an odd feeling as it's the first Cameron book I haven't flat out loved

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    Half the stars for half a bookRushed and unsatisfyingThe 3rd and final installment of the Cold Iron saga feels like the synopsis of the book than the actual book It definitely needed time in the oven

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    What a great finish to the series Like the first two books its paced very well with action and intrigue All the characters continue to grow individually and have interesting arcs that serve the story well All the primary characters have really changed and grown finding themselves with great responsibilities at this stage of the story Some happily so and others Aranthur a little reluctantly Aranthur has turned out to be a very memorable character who is always grappling with the morality of what he is doing but also accepting of the reality of what is necessary to do as well Since he was the main POV the whole series the internal dialog is all the effective because we are literally in his head the entire time for this journey Even in the heat of confrontations Miles often has Aranthur reflect for a moment on what he's doing and why It doesn't always change what he is doing but that internal conflict and recognition of his actions is always present He owns his decisions and always strives to do the right thing I enjoy how Miles concludes the story being told but he doesn't bring a finality to the overall story of the world Miles doesn't wrap up all the possible threads in a neat bow Its of a loose knot The task at hand is dealt with but in a manner that makes me all the curious about what could happen next in the lives of everyone I wish there were than 3 books in this series because I find myself so invested in the characters I really want to know what happens next Although much is resolved there is eually much that's left unresolved But he does so in a satisfying way and not a frustrating way You just simply want to keep following Aranthur which is the sign of a story well told I sincerely hope Miles revisits this wonderfully rich world and continues the adventures that only seem to have started for Aranthur and company

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