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D island Only the deceivingly beautiful men who live there aren’t interested in saving her No not at all Because they somehow believe she is their property a gift from the ocean to do with as they please This is not goodHer only hope Billionaire Roen Doran of all people A man who’s said to care for nothing and no one But if he’s so heartless then why is he about to risk everything to help he. Read a book with bad reviewsPre ReviewBuddy read with Karly Heather and the McHalo girls on January 4thBecause I cave into peer pressure like thatAlso absI had to work New Years Eve And when I was finally off after a long ass day I went to my parent's house to eat pork and sauerkraut and drink a few beers and ring in the New Year My brother and sister were watching a movie This movie to be exactAnd I hated it My brother summed it up perfectly afterIt's a little short on story A little short on characterization Overflowing with stupid environmental political agendaI HATED THIS BOOK And I am trying not to write a rant review This book pisses me the fuck off And I'm not getting all ranty and ragey because this book is short on story which it is or short on characterization which it is or the fact that it demoralizes women yet it is written by a fucking woman I'm not going to rant because all the men are hugely attractive Adonis cloned fucking ASSHATS or that the MC is a one sided insta lovestruck freaking IDIOT I'm not going to rant because a book entitled Mermen DOES NOT HAVE MERMEN IN IT or that said book has a half naked man on the cover BUT THERE IS NO SEX IN THIS BOOKI AM GOING TO RANT BECAUSE THE WHOLE FUCKING BOOK WAS WRITTEN IN ORDER TO SEND THE MESSAGE THAT WE MUST SAVE THE FUCKING OCEANI absolutely hate it when authors use novels as a way to inject their own personal beliefs political agendas and views upon their readers It is manipulative and it is tacky It's the reason that This beloved and bestselling trilogy will never be read by yours truly And whether or not I believe the same things is irrelevant Do I hate oil spills Yes Do I think we should take better care of our natural resources Yes Do I think that we humans have become careless when it comes to the upkeep of the planet Yes But I do not want to read a novel spreading this message with the sheer gossamer mask of fiction on top of itSo instead writing a proper review this review is going to be be filled with uotes from the first book I've read in 2016 and I'm going out on a limb here but I'm going to say that it will be THE WORST BOOK I WILL READ IN 2o16 AS WELL Because at least you will all get enjoyment out of a uoty and gify review Here goes Water I need water she thought once again feeling herself drift out of consciousness the room beginning to fade to black She knew she only had minutes left if she wanted to live page 18 Look She grabbed his arm sueezing hard and shocked as hell by what she found A rock solid forearm without an ounce of suishiness page 33 Every time he looked at her he became convinced that she might actually be the most stunning woman he'd ever seen which frankly said a hell of a lot page 42 I think she said that you are possibly the most misjudged man I've ever met He laughed Really now Why's that Because your face is the least beautiful thing about you page 49 I should probably mention that this character she's referring to is basically the Greek God euivalent of Tucker Max Liv held up her hands as the blond approached her Sonofabitch you fucking touch me she growled and I swear I'll kill you Yeah that was a pretty empty threat given she didn't possess a really really big army or elephant tranuilizers page 59 He ran his strong hand through his short caramel brown hair and glanced at his bare feet Yes they were really really nice feet But this was not the time to be drooling over him despite the fact that every inch of him appeared to be perfect page 95 I can't have you around a pack of crazy arses who think they're part fish I can't risk anyone hurting you page 121 You look like men to me she said We are men Mer Men page 138 He really had drunk the mer Kool Aid which scared the hell out of herpage 147 Roen's short thick caramel brown hair was combed neatly back and he was displaying a charming smile with a little dimple puckering in each cheek Why hadn't she ever noticed them He is so damned beautiful Liv's heart began to free fall How would she ever get over him page 214 VAMPIRE MERMAIDS can't even save this steaming pile of horse dung from literary purgatoryNeither can Captain PlanetNor his stupid PlaneteersNope Only Jeff Goldblum can accurately describe itAnd for the record none of my friends liked this either Check out Sarah's Sh3lly's Karly's Jilly's Dino Jess's Heather's Kate's or Casey's reviews if you think I'm lying

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These Mermen Don’t Have Tails They’re Deadly as Hell and They’ve Got Something He WantsINFAMOUS BACHELOR and SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE ROEN DORAN IS A BASTARD Yes he knows it And no he doesn’t care He’s got money and power and he depends on no one But when his estranged father dies willing him a secret island Roen will come face to face with an even bigger secret its occupants And these sava. Mermen What I expectedWhat I gotHow shocking that a book called Mermen was a total piece of crap Oh but not for the reasons you might think I'm totally on board with a book about sexy mermen living on a mysterious island holding gladiator fights to the death to get the honor of winning a woman All that testosterone Plus you know I really like the beach But nooooooo this book had to make the mermen unsexy assholes who beat up women They didn't even have tails or gills Plus the worst of all offenses it read like an After School Special about not polluting the oceanI'm sorry but if you call a book Mermen and you have the dude with the abs on the cover you can't write some environmentalist propaganda book about the source of all life and protecting the planet It just doesn't fit Save the environmental lessons for Captain Planet Let the mermen swim free in the smarmy waters of ridiculous and sexy romanceNow if you'll excuse me I'm off to read the moctopus book

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Ge sea obsessed warriors are uick to make their position clear Leave now or dieThere’s only one problem Nobody tells Roen what to do Ever Oh and one other thing He’s just met the island’s other new “guest” and something about her brings out his possessive sideSOLE SHIPWRECK SURVIVOR LIV STRATTON had been adrift at sea for ten grueling days when salvation miraculously appeared an uncharte. WARNING RANTING AHEADHow the hell am I supposed to resist this Trick uestion I'm notBuddy read with my fellow scientific lovie Heather and also The Harbinger of Blood soaked rainbows Jess as well the MacHalo freaksThis insanity is coming to and likely ALL OVER a goodreads near you January 4 2016 This fucking book guys My teeth gnash and my brain screams ATTHISFUCKINGBOOK This book was atrocious Not only is it a staggeringly awful example of false advertisement which many of my buddy readers have already touched on but even the story which contrary to the impressions the cover gives is about as sexy as MUD that is present is riddled with plot holes sexism and populated with characters that are poorly developed and moronic I don’t know if I will EVER get used to how some female writers try to logic away from non con sex Did you know that if your life is threatened and you choose to sleep with your captor rather than die this is considered consent WHAT THE FUCK No it’s NOT That logic does not fucking logic okay That is like saying if you starve a person and then give them poisoned food – which they then eat full well knowing it’s poisoned because starving – they have committed suicideNO I reject that logic fuck you And this logic that is not is a story wide concept “Logic” which is stated to the MC – a woman who volunteers at a woman’s shelter despite not really have time to do such because she cannot turn her back on the faces and the pain of what those women and children have gone through – by the man she claims face is the least beautiful thing about him And there’s the vibrator skin Yes this IS a thing – and the comparison is stated – that actually happens within the story; which seems to exist simply to confuse and annoy me Why is this a thing How is this a thing As strange as it would be I could almost understand this concept were the mermen actually MERMEN you know with tails and scales and stuff because when the lower half of your body is a fish it’s hard to include much in the way of sexy times So I would have allowed it for sexy time’s sake except for the pesky fact that none of the men in this book are ACTUALLY mermen So the fish to human reproduction debacle is not even a thing sobsI’m almost done now I promise Lastly to the lovely Heather who had to deal with this sexist dreck on her birthday I give my deepest sympathiesHave an Ian kiss

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