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Anyone like he loved Marissa He knows he should try to forget about her especially now that he's engaged and she's happily married or so everyone says Even though they've grown and gone their separate ways in their tightly knit community that still means seeing each other at every Sunday service church picnic and backyard barbecue He swears that her eyes still have that sad haunted look but he manages to keep his distanceUntil one night when everything changesWit. Received a cop

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He's the only thing she has left to believe inMarissa was the first person to break Jacob's heart When they were children she made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with him She didn't mean to but her mother had ordered her to stay away from her Sunday school crush He's a nice boy don't you ruin him So she kept her feelings hidden telling herself that no matter how sweet he seemed he'd still end up turning on her like everyone else didJacob never loved. Review courtes

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H Jacob's relationship in shambles and Marissa pushed to the breaking point they're drawn together by an unstoppable force Temptation is irresistible Giving in is unthinkable But it soon becomes clear that nothing neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation can keep them apart Verse uoted is taken from THE HOLY BIBLE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION® NIV® Copyright © 1973 1978 1984 2011 by Biblica Inc™ Used by permission All rights reserved worldwide. This is an int

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    Ok this was a first for me by this author and I am stunned Not a perfect book but it still enthralled me from cover to cover Mark was an absolute creep but Im still trying to figure out why the town put such an emphasis on Mari being a troubled kid Nice story I would read by this author and yes I would recommend it

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    Wow So I'm honestly just not sure where to go with this reviewI guess I'll start by saying that I'm still very new to the New Adult genre At first I was excited to start reading about the hard hitting YA themes that are so predominantly featured in that genre except with characters who are a little older and perhaps facing situations perhaps a bit relevant to my own place in life as a readerHowever from the selections I had previously reviewed from the New Adult genre I came to think that perhaps this is a genre of soft core erotica than anything else since I suppose I just so happened to end up with novels that were pretty much centered on the not uite as graphic sexual encounters of people who happened to be in their early to mid 20's with college careers and other age relevant issues playing of a muted background role in the storyI'll go ahead and say that SHELTER ME definitely didn't follow my expected path which is what I expected once I saw this cover I'm a little confused by the cover after reading the book honestly which I think was probably chosen to mesh well with others in the genre than it was selected to tell a snippet of this storyBut getting on to the storyMarissa is a sheltered young woman with an unfortunate reputation as a bad seed one that was created by her conservative religious parents who believed in having control of the minds and bodies of their children ultimately favoring a message of purity and fear one that made young adulthood a challenge for our young virgin character Marissa has always been intrigued by Jacob a handsome childhood friend who has always been off limits as a romantic interest since Marissa's mother fears that her young daughter will corrupt Jacob's innocence Even so Jacob continues to admire Marissa from afar forcing himself to give everything to a new relationship with a desireable woman in town mostly to distract himself from unreuited love with his longtime childhood crushMarissa's parents do approve of Mark though a mysterious youth minister who aspires to launch his own church ministry one day and he is seeking a righteous wife to live as his submissive in the conservative religious sense not the 50 Shades of Gray kinky one just so you know Although Marissa is hesitant to begin a courtship with Mark who seems to always criticize Marissa's modest dress as whorish and showy she decides to accept first his courtship and then his proposal entering her into the type of marriage and relationship that her parents feels is acceptable for a young woman of her caliberHowever Mark may not be as wholesome as he seems and Marissa still can't get Jacob off her mindWHAT I LIKEDFirst I enjoyed the fact that SHELTER ME was told in alternating perspectives through chapters headed by either Marissa or Jacob each giving their own viewpoint to events in the story I also was pleasantly surprised to find a real story behind the sexual frustration one that was really about Marissa's own coming of age and her struggle to find herself and to forgive herself from the ills and reputations subscribed by her family while mapping out her own path for the rest of her life While Marissa's background and belief system might seem extreme and even a bit foreign to some readers I could still identify with parts specifically as a reader from the extreme deep south where some of these viewpoints are indeed predominant in certain areas to a great enough extent that I found Marissa's struggles to feel honest and relateable which is always a positive thing in YANA type storiesWHAT I DIDN'T LIKEI was surprised at the lack of connection between Jacob and Marissa especially where it related to Mark and Jacob's supposed suspicions of the man that were never shared with a woman who is presumably such a good friend and strong interest for so long in his life While I totally understand that Jacob might fear looking like a 'sore loser' of sorts for sharing his suspicions with Marissa his complete failure to do so was just one of many things that bridged a gap between Marissa and Jacob in my mind which made the last fourth of the book feel a little awkward and out of character at least in accordance to what we had learned so far about Marissa in the rest of the story I think it might have helped to see closeness and friendship between Jacob and Marissa at the start of the novel to build the history needed to make the ending feel welcomeAlso I know that I tend to be prudish at some of the sexual scenes displayed in this type of novel and I should definitely preface this criticism by saying that the sexual situations in SHELTER ME were for the most part rare and understated That said let me share a sampling from a sexual scene that did occur When I slowly returned to reality I saw him wiping his mouth on his sleeve smiling like anything 'Wanted to do that forever' he saidI pulled him down and kissed him and tasted myself on his tongueYou can come to your own conclusions on that oneOverall I liked SHELTER ME than others I have sampled from the genre mainly for its portrayal of a conflicted young woman in her attempts to overcome a controlled upbringing and to find her own path to love and life at a very confused point in the road I appreciate the author allowing me the opportunity to read an advanced copy for the purposes of providing an honest review and I wouldn't hesitate to consider others from this author in the futureIf you have read SHELTER ME definitely let me know what you think

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty With bland characters a confusing story and no desire to finish the book I can honestly say this was not a book for meOpening Sentence Her sisters were named Mary and MarthaThe ReviewMarissa grew up in a small community where everyone attends church and once you get a reputation it never goes away Marissa was always shy as a child and struggled with depression With two beautiful and completely normal older sisters Marissa was branded as different but not in a good way As she grew up everyone avoided her and she became known as a troubled child The only person that ever treated her nice was Jacob a sweet boy that she was told to stay away from because he was bad news At the age of 18 she finally meets someone that is interested in her There is a new pastor that works with the youth in their church He isn’t much older than Marissa and he is a very handsome and well respected man They become engaged and are soon married but her new husband has secrets and he may not be as good of a person as everyone thoughtJacob has been in love with Marissa ever since they were little kids Things never progressed beyond friendship between them but Jacob always wished it would have Now that they are all grown he knows that it’s too late to pursue her but he doesn’t know if he will ever be able to stop loving her He tries to start something with someone else but it just doesn’t feel uite right and because they live in a small town he still sees Marissa all the time She’s married now but she doesn’t seem to be any happier Maybe Jacob still has a chance with her but he will never know unless he finally gets over his fear of rejection and triesMarissa was a very hard character to like She was so insecure with herself that she would pretty much do whatever her parents told her to do She had absolutely no backbone which leads to her being abused both physically and emotionally I understand that situations like this happen in real life but I felt that the way Marissa was portrayed was very unrealistic I did feel sympathetic towards her a little bit but for the most part I just thought she was weak and I was never able to build any kind of connection with her On top of that she was a very boring character that was easy to forget aboutJacob was a very bland character He is one of those people that just goes with the flow and doesn’t ever care to do anything out of the ordinary He claims to have loved Marissa forever but he never sticks up for her to other people I honestly didn’t understand why he never said anything to her about his feelings until she got married and it’s too late Personally I didn’t really think he was all that attractive and for the most part I didn’t really like himThis was actually a DNF read for me I got about ¼ a way into the story and then I started to skim because I really wasn’t all that into the story By about half way I just decided to give up all together because it just really wasn’t working for me I didn’t like the characters they were very bland and hard to connect with One of the things that bothered me the most was the cheating I don’t care what the circumstances are; if you are married you should never cheat on your spouse Get a divorce and then do whatever you want but I am a firm believer in marriage and I didn’t like how it was portrayed in the story The book was a lot religious than I was expecting as well which just didn’t work for the type of story it was It was also really confusing and I don’t really know what I was supposed to get out of the story Maybe if I had finished the book things would have come together at the end but I had no desire to keep reading any Overall this book obviously didn’t work for me but if you think the synopsis sounds interesting go ahead and give it a try Hopefully you will have a better experience with itNotable SceneAs big hot tears splashed on the floor beneath me my mom ran towards me and asked me what was wrong Did someone hit me? Did someone say something mean? Did they take something?I couldn’t articulate what was wrong When she finally got the story out of me the look on her face said oh God is she really throwing a fit over this?“You have to stick up for yourself honey Go up to the adults and just say ‘excuse me I don’t have a partner’”All I could do was nod and sniffle I didn’t bother explaining to her that there was no time that I would have had to push my way through a crowd of hysterical kids to reach the stage and climb up there to talk to leaders singling myself out as the sad little lonely girl who couldn’t even find her own partner for clapping games “It’ll get better” my mom had said to me then wrapping her arms around me and resting her chin on my head as I sat on her lap“It’ll get easier sweetie”That of course was a lie Even back then I knewFTC Advisory I was provided with a copy of Shelter Me No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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    Let me start off by saying that this book was considered a New Adult book Although there is a sex scene in it the other two times wasn't even detailed because it technically was not carried out it truly isn't written in a erotic fashion so if you are looking for that kind of book move along I know looking at the book cover you could get the impression it's a decent erotic write but its character developed than the smut type books are written of course I appreciate that but some won't to each there ownWell this was certainly a book that I was at a complete loss for words from 34 of the way till the end Which was odd considering that the book started off exceptionally slow for me at least The beginning of the book went back in time to tell you of how both Marissa and Jacob come to know each other and then drifted back to them growing up over the years during their childhood Pros about thisI didn't mind their interaction throughout these stories because it set the foundation to how their friendship at the current state came to be ConsWhat lost my interest was the dialogue and outside information with other characters between her parents his their friends I just felt there was a lot of of It could have been skimmed down a bit I found myself skipping pages that felt irrelevant to me when it involved jacob and a minor character or Marissa and a minor character after a while Another thing I didn't uite wrap my mind around was the harsh title Marissa was given She was considered a troubled child with wild tendencies someone that needed to be managed The way the book read everyone talked about it and rumors were spread like wildfire The only thing I got from the book was that she didn't talk a lot and she kept to herself That means you have a shy personality or maybe she just didn't like anyone in the town I know I wouldn't However for the label to be put on her like that even by her parents was a bit much Now onto my next subject that actual friendship between Marissa and Jacob I loved that the book set up Jacob to be in the same context of a living lifestyle as Marissa The author didn't write him to seem like someone from the outside trying to change her or open her to experiences in the outside world I personally had respect because he too grew up being taught and believing in the same things The only difference is he had found his one love earlier on in his life and never gave it up Their actual lifestyle might be hard for some viewers to swallow I'm sure some readers are thinking that this cannot possibly be possible in this day and age I wont say she was raised in a religious cult because I know some would think that but her church definitely was of a older fashioned church ideals and her lifestyle clung to those ideals I have a friend that grew up in a strict baptist church and they were taught and raised just like the characters were From the stories I've heard even worse than the book She of course chose to leave the church in her early 20's She too had not one clue about her own body sexually or that of another genders She knew the basic concepts but it was taboo and a sin to think about it or explore your ownmasturbate Think of the movie Carrie and the mothers idealsand there you have her way of life As far as Mark is concerned well I knew from the beginning something didn't sit well as id didn't with Jacob As soon as he started criticizing her clothing choices and who she talked to I knew this was going to be a bad idea I'm not shocked at the ending but man I am glad that it forced another ending in the book which was what I really wanted Overall though the book started out slow for me I really liked the fact that this book actually used a lifestyle for the characters that most readers don't get exposed to I think it was a great way to remind readers of all the different walks of life but in the same sense we are all human and we all want to be loved and cherished even if its a path with lots of pebbles to get there However the extra unnecessary dialogue took away from the story for me and I found myself skipping pages to get back to the story at hand I would have loved if the story continued a little bit further at the end between Jacob and Marissa At least a epilogue a few years down that showed you how their relationship evolved how they individually shed their protective layers and found their own place with each other career wise and together

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    Received a copy from NetGallyex Jessica Publishing for my honest Review Shelter Me by Mina BennettThis book was mainly about Marissa and Jacob is in both there POV Marissa was the first person to break Jacob's heart when they were children Marissa mother had ordered her to stay away from Jacob who she was crushing on He's a nice boy don't you ruin him So she kept her feelings hidden my uestion why did everyone look at Marissa like she was a wild child running around being a whore when she never was that person she was anything but that person she was uite and shy the polar opposite of what her mom made assumptions ofJacob was a young adult that was a bike enthusiast who helped his parents out a lot when they were of taking care of his sister who has had seizures since she was a baby Jacob has never loved anyone like he loved Marissa When a new youth leader Mark Allen comes into there church community he zeros in on Marissa and takes advantage of her shyness Mark courts and eventually marries Marissa and he manipulates her when before they married taking advantage of her youth and not knowing about sex Jacob knows he should try to forget about her especially now that she's married and appears happy or so we think Jacob and Marissa have grown and gone their separate ways in their close church community that still means seeing each other at every Sunday service Until one night when everything changes Marissa and Mark relationship is falling apart Marissa pushed to the breaking point and she runs to her only friend for help Jacob is there for her and one thing leads to another and they have sex but this is between two people who really love each otherBeing really honest this synopsis sound very interesting but I could boy get into this book I easily got bored it dragged on and on about things I really didn't care for I felt I was reading a pg 10 book not a Young Adult book First why did Marissa mom talk about her like she was a whore that was going to poison other people She was a uite shy teenager that grew up to the same I feel she pushed her into a perverts arms believed every bloody lie Mark feed that church community with his noble and kind being Marissa dad I feel scened he was a shade charterer but since Marissa never some up he didn't push the subjectI don't think I would recommend this book it wasn't a YA book to me it never grabbed my attention I have read several of these books and this did not compare that level of like the Slammed Series

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    Read reviews at The Anonymous Book Life This book was provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Looking back I really should have picked up on it sooner that this was in some ways Christian fiction Now I don’t have anything against religious fiction or books that have religious undertones but it is just not something I really seek out in my day to day readings And this book is a prime example of why It was a huge disappointment and I am having a hard time writing this review because I did not connect with the story or characters at all and I feel as though this will not be very thought out or coherent for that I apologizeAt first glance or reading of the description it makes you believe that Marissa is a highly troubled youth who has seen untold horrors in her short life That is not the case at all She was a uiet child in a town and family that seemed to condemn it She eventually grew up to become a uiet and reserved young woman and to be honest; I am not surprised by it at all I would have kept to myself as well if I had to deal with her mother Her father is a spineless man that does not in any way speak up for his daughters and lets his wife lead him around as though he is on a leash The only real comfort she has ever had growing up is from the family catFast forward to her marriage and the sort of love triangle that develops with her her husband and kind of childhood friend Jacob It was all ridiculous Jacob had bad feelings about Mark from day one; did he say anything to anyone about them? No If he had there would have been no story I just really don’t know how to feel about this and I feel like Marissa was a complete idiot for not picking up on the warning signs that Mark was clearly exuding Shelter Me as a whole was all over the place and the flow made it very hard to get into Combining that with the terrible editing made for a rather unenjoyable readAccording to the about the author section at the end of the novel Ms Bennett has written other books under the name Melanie Marchande which seem to have been a bit better received I may check them out but after this disappointing read I feel as if I should take a break from her right now

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    Jacob and Marissa has liked each other since they were young but never acted upon it All Marissa mother would say about their relationship is to not ruin him So she left him alone rather then ruining Then when the new youth group leader Mark shows some interest and courts her Things are going fast but that's how things are supposed to be? Things are not as they appear with Mark but everyone approves of their relationship and Mark is supposed to be a good guy Marissa also isnt the type of girl to stand up for herselfI liked how uniue this book was First of I haven't read a book like this and it was new and fresh and I absolutely enjoyed it I hated how much of a pushover Marissa is I feel like so many women can relate to her I liked how Marissa developed as a character at first she was a good character then as things went on it was easy to see how she was changing and not for the better Then she grew a pair and left I loved that there was then one point of view but something was off with Jacobs character POV I feel like this was one of those books that should have one point of view and just maybe I don't know I'm trying to think of what to say I mean I feel like his side really wasn't going anywhere Maybe this story should've just been her point of view and from time to time the way he acts towards her would hit the love they had for each other You know what for get I said anything I'm not even sure if I'm saying what I want to say right I loved the story line this book was beautiful written It was easy to connect and relate to the characters I thought it was interesting how the author made the one person that a person should care for and trust the one person who isnt as he appears It was interesting Overall I really enjoyed this book and think you readers will too Highly recommend 45 of 5 Stars

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    This is an interesting read to say the least i'm neither Christian nor do i attend church except for Christmas mass with family so it really enlightened me on some of the goings on in a strict Christian family and in church Unlike others i was concerned with the fact the MC's husband wasn't found it worries me to think in the fictional world he's still roaming around doing the same things to others and that's not nice i also felt there were unanswered uestions what did Mark expect to dosay to explain the removal men if Mari had stayed with him? Surely he knew she'd tell her folks if they'd moved away and told her all the church money had gone too why marry her and not the others? why did Jacob say they were taking it slow yet they'd already been together sexually and since it's been mentioned so many times in the book about how you can't hide anything in such a small town why did they need their parents to relay messages of them being missed at church surely they'd be seen around town occasionallyBack to the story it was written from two POV's it's tricky to get the right mixture of thought and speech but the writer managed it well the story seemed to struggle when Mari started visiting Mark for dinner and as a human with a mind ignoring the female sensitivity and religious beliefs she should of felt marrying him after the photograph incident was wrong but somehow she managed to ignore all the signs i was shocked to read about Lily i expected things to progress further so all in all i feel this story is just a little unfinished i think we could of missed out a few pages of friendsfamily chatting explained the cats illness and heartbreak and moved on to finish the story properly did she get a divorce did they tell the police did the Pastor ever come out of his room and re take group sessions?Story 35Characters 4Cover 35 TJ x

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    Full review is found at of book provided by NetGalleyShelter Me is a book that starts off slow and improves the further you progress into itIt is well written and easy to understand but I found the plot to move along too slowly There is a twist towards the end of the book which you can feel coming and that held my interest in the story and saved me from putting it downA different mix of characters with of a religious content to what I'm used to in a book with all the characters knowing each other through their local church Marissa and Jacob are the point of views that this story conveys They have both loved each other since they were children but due to their parents influence had not pursued anything until Marissa's marriage to Mark the villain of the story falls apart Marissa is not a particularly strong character and is pushed around by her mother until she decides it's time to fight for herself and stand up to Mark and admit her feelings for Jacob Jacob on the other side spends the entire book pining over Marissa and her courtshipmarriage to Mark whilst dreaming of owning his own bike shop and dealing with his families struggles with his sister who is not well He also gets stronger as the book goes on but it's not until close to the end that this happens I would have liked to see him fight for the girl he loves earlier onIf you like a coming of age story this is for you It is a little to heavy on the religious aspect for me and the main characters weren't strong enough but if that doesn't bother you then you may enjoy this than meI rate this book 3 stars

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    Marissa is a young shy girl who is outcast in her community She's had a crush on her friend Jacob since they where children but is warned by her mother to stay away from himUpon reading the blurb I got really excited about reading this story I love when friends fall in love and love seeing how it plays out in the plot Also it sounded really ominous which intrigued me Sadly I feel like I was promised one story but instead got another The main problem I had with this book was the pacing and the characters I really liked Jacob He was sweet and endearing Seeing how much of a crush he had on Marissa was cute but I didn't feel any chemistry there It made it hard to believe they where in love They hardly interacted and when they did their scenes felt a little flat for me I would have liked it if the author took some time to develop the relationship not only with Jacob and Marissa but Marissa and Mark as well I also felt confused as to why Marissa is an outcast Yes she's uite and introverted but why was she considered an outcast?Overall I liked the story but felt it would have been better with a little character development

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