REVIEW À Bonded to the Alien Lord Warriors of the Lathar #1C

Bonded to the Alien Lord Warriors of the Lathar #1C

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Ttle human Lathar babies In fact they'd be than happy if Cat and the other women didn't survive past the wedding Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Try a bride whose alien wedding just got gatecrashed Seems humans might be like the Lathar than anyone thought Please be aware that this is a romance short Shorter fiction is a fun and uick read not a full length novel. This book is the best out of first three booksThe main characters are the same and it is fun to watch them come together The Lathars may have found their mates in human species there are many love matches in making in background the touchdown at Lathar Prime the main palace where King resides


Today is a good day to get married Kidnapped by her very own alien hunk Cat Moore is rapidly adapting to life as the chosen woman of bad ass War Commander Tarrick K'Vass It's not so bad Her sexy alien has a thing about making sure her every need is met and has some very inventive ways of doing so Until she gives him a bad case of mating marks around his wrist and all. Keeps getting betterHave enjoyed each new installment of the Warriors of Lathar than the previous and this is no exception Not surprisingly the emperor is as hot as all the other Warriors Once again Earth women have to save the day Hoping for books in this universe maybe some spinoffs of the other Earth women and definitely one with the Emperor hint hint It's a future universe so nothing to stop a female marine or SEAL or ranger from being president or at least an ambassador

Mina Carter Ò 1 REVIEW

Bets are off They're married without so much as a bended knee in sight then summoned to the Imperial Court so the Emperor can bless their union Why Because her sexy alien lover left one thing out when he introduced himself Like being a freaking alien prince But someone doesn't want humans and the Lathar getting it on and they certainly don't like the possibility of li. DELICIOUSLY CUTE SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Title Bonded to the Alien LordSeries Warriors of the LatharDesignation Book Three of Four Not a StandaloneAuthor Mina CarterMy Rating FIVE SUPER SEXY STARSAnd the fun continues with Bonded to the Alien Lord the third book in the delightfully entertaining Warriors of the Lathar Series and what a tantalizing fun filled treat it is Mina has once again done what she does best And what is that you ask Well she's delivered yet another exceptionally well crafted and well written masterpiece of science fiction filled with aliens danger adventure humor romance passion and seriously hot sex Yep it has it all including a magnificent cast of engaging characters that will steal your heartYowza I loved it If you love handsome alpha aliens heart pounding danger heart stopping adventure steamy dreamy romance and sex seasoned with a liberal smattering of humor then this is the series for you This is a short action packed and very sexy read but is part of a completed serial and is absolutely perfect for a uick lunchtime read Please be advised this is the third release of a four book series and the books do need to be read in order This is not a stand alone story but rather a thrilling continuation of Book One Captured By The Alien Lord and Book Two Saved by the Alien Lord This book is relatively short coming in at 55 pages and is perfect for a uick lunchtime readBook One War Commander Tarrick K'Vass has searched the Galaxy for the mysterious woman whose voice he heard on an intercepted unidentified radio transmission Her voice has haunted not only his dreams but also his every waking moment and he's determined to search the entire galaxy to locate her When he does find her it's not only the shock of his life but also what very well may be the hope for which his people have long searched He not only finds beautiful Sgt Cat Moore on the remote space station Sentinel Five but also a new race called humans and their women surprisingly seem to be sexually compatible with the Letharian warrior race What Now all he has to do is capture her conuer her win her heart and mate her Huh Oh my Capturing her may have been easy but conuering her and the other human females is much difficult than Tarrick and his warriors could ever have imagined Nope never let it be said that Sgt Cat Moore would ever be easy and she certainly would never go down without a fight The Latharians may have won a battle by capturing their human remote base and enslaved all its personnel but the war was just starting and she had just begun to fight Granted their captors were handsome muscular and so so sexy and the reality of being claimed by an alien warrior correction an alien warrior lord was sexy but if she had anything to say about it it would be short lived at best And what better way to defeat her enemy than from the comfort of his bed WhatBook Two Before Cat can formulate a plan of escape for her and her fellow prisoners a rival Latharian war clan leader Commander Varish T'Laat arrives to throw his hat in the ring and demands that the woman be turned over to him or he will destroy Tarrick's ship the Velu'vias and the four other ships in his invasion force What the heck But stealing the human women from Tarrick's ship may just be the biggest mistake Varish has ever made because the lovely dainty females may not be as helpless as they appear Cat realizes uickly that the enemy she knows is much better than the cruel Commander T'Laat And Tarrick soon discovers that his little 'Moore Cat' is not only a warrior herself but also uite an intelligent little Hell Cat Let the battle beginBook Three The battle has been won and the women are now safely back on board the Velu'vias Tarrick and his Lathar warriors are all stunned by the women's military strategy and fighting skills by securing their own freedom and helping to defeat Varish But the biggest surprise of all is when Tarrick wakes up the morning after the battle with mating marks covering his wrists and body Oh my He's bonded with his little Moore Cat What How is that even possible And now Emperor Daaynal wants to meet and examine the human earth women Oh yes And why you ask Well earth females just may be the saviors of the Lathar race Huh Oh my glory Buckle up my lovelies cause here we go againThe story is told from dual alternating points of view by the two primary characters and is also well written fast paced exciting thrilling riveting action packed humorous romantic arousing seductive and sensual The characters are captivating intriguing engaging and sexy as sin Yowza Handsome sexy serious alpha alien war commander who also happens to be a prince and finds himself hopelessly in lust and love with a small human female check Beautiful saucy sassy intelligent and courageous human heroine who just may get violent if you threaten her groom or interrupt her wedding check A large diverse cast of wonderful characters check Danger action adventure malevolent alien purists an unexpected confrontation a hopeful earth alliance a dash of humor and one heck of a crazy wedding check Heated attraction fiery passion seductive romance an unexpected and surprising set of mating marks and a little old fashioned sex you bet Oh my I can hardly wait to see who will get matched next Deliciously cute seriously sexy and delightfully entertaining Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read

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  • 24 December 2017
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Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth otherwise known as the Midlands England and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally reuired of a professional adventurer Able to ride box shoot make and read maps make chainmail and use a broadsword with varying degrees of efficiency she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitabl

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