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Any months for Mackenzie Brooks a woman on the run from a deranged stalker After all any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has than a few screws loose But crazy doesn’t explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runsWhen her well meaning boss puts a PI on her case Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth magic is real and whatever spell has kept. Actual rating

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To find her destiny she must trust him with her lifeand her heartJackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crackuntil a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hireNew Orleans is the fourth destination in as m. REVIEW SEUENCE Managerial Decision Making underground supernatural populations in the United States He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crackuntil a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hireNew Orleans is the fourth destination in as m. REVIEW SEUENCE

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Her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deterioratingWith time running out she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past and her destiny Warning This book contains devious schemes epic battles forbidden love between a shapeshifter and a spellcaster nosy secondary characters furniture endangering sex and a woman fighting to choose her own desti. I started this Kokoro: de wegen van het hart uncover the truth of her past and her destiny Warning This book contains devious schemes epic battles forbidden love between a shapeshifter and a spellcaster nosy secondary characters furniture endangering sex and a woman fighting to choose her own desti. I started this

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    What can I say this book had the makings of a fantastic story one that would have kept me an avid fan The writing characters and story line were brilliant but somewhere along the way it just 'died' It seems like the author came to a point in her writing and just said Ok lets tie up all the loose ends and finish the book and along with it the characters lost their depthI'm sorry to say that I've been spoiled with strong kick ass heroines lately and Mackenzie didn't cut it for meI really had to force myself to finish reading thisto the point I was opting to watch 'bad' prime time TV It became predictable and mundane and I lost total interest in the story around the last 50 pagesI SO wanted to 'love' this book because Jackson and Mackenzie had so much potential as characters but somewhere along the way Mackenzie went from being scared shitless and trying to survive to some 'hollow' characterSorry but this was not my cup of tea

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    REVIEW SEUENCE INITIATEDREAD STATUS DNF Did Not FinishLAST PAGE READ 10% end of Chapter 3SUNMARY Mackenzie flees a mysterious guy and takes up a job bartending where nick is the owner and Jackson is the sexy investigator that patrons the bar Nick thinks Mackenzie may have a secret she is a shifterREASONS FOR DNF This book is clearly paranormal romance and not urban fantasy Reviewer is willing to read new genres but this book was filled with cliches Pace was slow too many uestions not enough paranormal or romanceCLICHES PRESENT IN DNF X Woman Running Away from Tragic PastEx BoyfriendX Woman Gets a Bartending Job and Conveniently Has Bartending ExperienceX Everyone at the Bar Loves Her ImmediatelyX Heroine is a curvy woman with lustrous hairX Hero Watches Heroine's Apt to Make Sure She Is SafeX Bar Owner Has Talk with Heroine Almost Exclusively about Hero and How Hot He IsX Hero's Partner Talks with Hero Almost Exclusively about Heroine and How Much of a Lady Killer He IsX Hero nicknames Heroine Without Her PermissionX Hero Vows Not to Ever Get Married But Will Likely Change by the End of the StoryX Heroine Infodumps Sally Sob StoryX Heroine Is an OrphanX Heroine Was AdoptedX Heroine Is Afraid of Her Own ShadowX Heroine Must Be Protected by HeroX Heroine Hopes to Dream of Hero After Talking to Him OnceNOTABLE UOTESFrom Mackenzie's POV about Jackson first meeting Something about his eyes made her want to trust him made her long to tell him everything that had happenedFrom Jackson's POV after he escorted Mackenzie to Nick's conveniently empty apartment What wouldn’t be so easy to settle was why Jackson could still remember the striking cobalt shade of her eyes or the way Mackenzie moved like the same gravity that affected everyone else couldn’t uite reach herA gentle knock woke Mackenzie jerking her rather unpleasantly from a dream about Jackson and his strong armsIt seemed like it had been forever since Mackenzie’d laughed as easily as she had in the last few daysMaybe if Mackenzie was lucky she could drift back to sleep and dream of Jackson Holt and his beautiful eyes again BTW this last uote at 10% after our hero and heroine have had exactly ONE conversation is what made me throw in the towelASSESSMENT People who are looking for romance and don't mind the common romance tropes will enjoy this People who are looking for urban fantasy or a uniue compelling romance will be bored stiffEND REVIEW

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    I'd rather a book just be bad from the start than to tease and entice me before leaving me high and dry Sampling this book WILL NOT help you determine if you'd like to buy it or not At First Storyline is interesting suspenseful I'm enjoying the para plot of the FMC running from a 'stalker' claiming to be a her fated para mate We begin the story with her on the run She heads to NOLA and gets a job at a bar Her new shifter boss is concerned about her skittish behavior and calls in her para buddies to investigate Enter the MMC Jackson his partner and a host of other friends They all immediately adopt Mckensie into their group The writing is crisp clean fun engaging and believable The flow and pacing are moving along uickly My only complaint at this point is that voice infliction and word choices could be a little better So what if his eyes kept flickering back to Mackenzie and her lustrous hair In terms of a character's voice matching hisher persona Jackson often uses girly word choices If willing to go with it because the plot is good so far And then Falling Apart By Midpoint Did we switch authors somewhere? The writing crawls The plot is falling apart The characters aren't developing I'm at 46% and realize this story has been steadily falling apart at the seams for some time The Romance Is Shitty Mackenzie and Jackson are NOT progressing individually nor as a romance He's hot She's hot They're hot for each other Both think her stalker para and overall dangerous situation means that it's no time to get hot She begs him throws herself at him always initiates and is the aggressor here sometimes in lucidity and sometimes in a frenzied heat Ehh the way it's written it's a turn off Meanwhile Jackson's response is lukewarm at best girly at worst It reminds me of a city girl swatting at a fly Sure he occasionally throws in an 'oh it's so difficult to contain myself' But his actions and dialogue DO NOT portray a man struggling to contain heartfelt feelings nor manly lust More like someone indifferent So it's a rinse recycle and repeat of an unbelievable sexual angst situation that's much ado and leaving me bored annoyed and unfulfilled Speaking of Repetitive I'm tired of hearing the same plot lines multiple times to extend this book's word count Steven the cat for example explains what he knows to Jackson Off page Steven tells the same to Mahalia who then turns around and recounts it to the FMC making the second time we go through the shit Anyway The only thing forcing me forward is the para plot line and even it's on thin ice Collapses In On Itself As this shitshow progresses all the pieces start rolling around and crumble into a heaping pile of rubbish • The MCs never develop because too much time is spent intro'ing and planting seeds for the secondary character books to follow • Zero chemistry Zero sexy times Zero heartthrob Zero Zero Zero • The FMC is a stranger to these people and they're ALL willing to die for her • The leader of the wolves who has nada to do with this is willing to risk his most prized possession which also happens to be his child to fight someone else's fight whom he's never even met • Inaction it takes multiple chapters of BS schematics and horsing around for the rescue attempt TMI and it's useless info at that • Bad guy turns good guy goodie two shoes with no reasoning other than 'oops didn't know the main bad guy was really a bad guy' Laughable • Meaningless death of a secondary character followed by asinine self blame by the MCs Eyeroll • Escape of the bad guy turned good guy and the FMC via a thug with a conscious and death wish • Sex scene FROM HELL This shit was what I imagine it would sound like if Ann Colter Bill Orielly had sex Half a fucking chapter of yapping as they are attempting to have sex the first time And I'm not talking 'oh baby do you like it that way this way etc' I'm talking I expected them to start a discussion on the nutritional value of broccoli any fucking minute Horrible • I love you out of nowhere • Stupid AF bad guy solution and resolve It was a bunch of stringed together para nonsense that didn't fit with what had already happened and was dull and anticlimactic Bottom Line Excellent para idea that started well but uickly became a complete fail in execution Recommend? No Continue forward in series? No

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    Mackenzie Brooks is scared She has been running from her ex boyfriend Marcus through five states and no matter how many times she dumps her car or hides out his people always seem to track her down She has ended up in New Orleans and has taken employment at the local bar in desperate need of money While working she craves normalcy and desperately just wants to fit in However she is so scared of the men chasing her and their crazy ideas about magic and other unbelievable things that she can not allow herself to let her guard down She does her best to be a flirty carefree bartender but she is not fooling the patrons especially her boss Nick Although she is on edge she can’t help but notice the hunky guy that hangs out Jackson HoltWorried she is in trouble Nick sends Jackson a private investigator to follow Mackenize home one night Mackenzie who is used to being followed and totally on edge realizes Jackson is following her and has to make a decision right there whether she is going to fight and flee or fight to stay Making the very hard decision that Nick probably wouldn't try to hurt her she decides to trust these people She ends up moving into the apartment above the barNick Jackson and his partner Alec all know something is a little off with Mackenzie and it is not just her fear They have a feeling she is a shapeshifter but not a wolf like Nick and Alec nor a wizard like Jackson and they are stumped Jackson decides there is something special about Mackenzie is he is not going to let her run off When Marcus’ men track her down again Jackson uses his magic to fend them off Now Mackenzie must believe magic and supernatural beings exist and trust those around her to keep her safeThe writing team of Moira Rogers aka Bree and Donna really impressed me with Crux It is one of those books where you sit down and are immediately at ease with the pages They have a really great smooth witty writing style and some of the most engaging characters I have readJackson describes himself as a “charming bastard” and that sums him up well He very alpha in his protectiveness but over all a really nice guy He is not cocky or arrogant just a man you definitely would want to take home to your mother He is also built tall and as Mackenzie tells him “unfairly sexy”I loved Mackenize too At the beginning of the book she is terrified and on the run but once she trusts Jackson and the events happening to her and around her the true Mackenize opens up and she embraces life and is carefree What I truly love about this heroine is when she is in trouble she accepts help She listens when they tell her what to do – she knows they know about this magic then she does She never puts herself in a TSTL too stupid to live situation which I often find heroines who just discover magic fall intoThe love scenes while not abundant in uantity make up for in in uality My favorite part is the amount of talking during the scenes These two never stop the chatter and it really is a turn on during these scenesMy absolute favorite part of the book are the supporting characters We get introduced to so many yet as the reader you will definitely come to know all of them and uite well There is Alec ladies I’ve already claimed him so move along who is Jackson’s partner and very uiet very alpha very mysterious he will be the hero in book three Deadloc Kat the secretary who is of a computer whiz and like a kid sister to Jackson and AlecThere is also Nick who owns the bar and her father just happens to be head alpha wolf although she wants nothing to do with the politics that status brings her family Nick becomes a great friend to Mackenize making sure the boys keep themselves in line Nick is the heroine in the next book Crossroads which I am starting very soonI absolutely recommend Crux and I am very eager to try from Moira Rogers

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    I was interrupted in the midst of reading this and found it really hard to come back to I actually persisted another uarter of the book but found myself wishing I were reading something else So I didThe thing is the characters are interesting and I wouldn't have minded spending time with them Mackenzie was a little hard to like at first even though she had my sympathy from the first Jackson is immediately engaging though and I warmed up to Kenzie through him Their relationship goes from zero to sixty rather fast but I found I didn't mind that nearly as much as I normally do I just liked how much he cared about her and how she responded was sweetBut the world around them? Yeah not so much The weird is pretty standard in the world Weres magic psychics etc Which is fine What wasn't so fine was the overwhelming suck involved By which I mean the power structures are made for fascism—individuality and choice are pretty much unknown This stays in the background for a while because Jackson's friends are independent accepting people and you can see how much they care about the people around them and even for complete strangers It isn't until you meet the normal paranormal folks that you discover how oppressive everything really is I hated that right off and it just kept plumbing new depths of suck as it went alongAll of which was magnified by the epically unbalanced power wielded by seers I'm not sure why an author would want that kind of imbalance in her world but I think this is a great case for why it's a bad idea Someone with godlike powers and no functional check is asking for trouble Rogers is good enough not to ignore the implications but the impact of that kind of setup is huge and having the main characters run into it face first was overwhelming to meSo I stopped reading somewhere around the 80% mark I just couldn't take the oppressive background and even if the characters take out their main bad guy at the end of this book the whole setup is such that each remaining story is going to face the same kind of problems in the same disempowering waySo yeah not for me The writing is good and the viewpoint characters fun but the rest I find off putting It's a personality thing I know so take it for what it's worth

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    Actual rating 35Crux was a great start to a new series We are introduced to this universe co existing with our own through the eyes of the heroine Mackenzie She is running away from a stalkerMarcus convinced he’s her destined mate father of her magical babies Unfortunately all isn’t what it seems On the run Kenzie gets hired in a bar in the French uarter New Orleans Nicole Nick her boss has one of her friends fallow her to find up if she really is living ok or if she’s in trouble When Jackson sees where she stays he talks her into moving above the bar The next morning problems came knockingthere are guns and spells involved After all this Kenzie starts fearing her sanity even what sane person believes in magic and shifters? Not little is her astonishment to discover this alternate world right under her nose All her new friends and allies are either spell casters or shifters and she herself is a cougar She finds out about her parents and her past and that what Marcus said is actually trueat least partially All these revelations and the initial plan concocted before she was born change her life foreverMackenzie is a 24 years woman who loves to dance and dreams to own her own school to teach others about her passion She is uprooted from her life but still finds it in her to trust to laugh and most importantly to hope and try to make things better She never lets her circumstances beat her down Jackson is a charmer a white knight who sees through the façade Kenzie has and as Nick does offers to help her out with no strings attached I enjoyed seeing them with each other and their friends I was at the edge of my seat when things started to happencan’t say what you really have to read and find out for yourselves and when the book ended I definitely wanted to know about everybodyhow’s Nick’s crush developingor not Kat’s overbearing cousin Alec Nick’s sister even Marcus and some answers about who the hell broke into Kat’s apartment All in all I really enjoyed this book and the characters team Rogers wrote and their stories All of them are so life like they have real concerns family and difficult relationships they have ups and downs they are real While reading the novel I rooted for them cried at their sorrows and wanted to shout them encouragements D I would only change the abrupt ending it felt kind of rushed to meThe story is really engaging and it doesn’t feel like reading like watching a movie the introduction to the world is smooththough it has a small info dump when they are trying to tell Mackenzie all about the paranormal world and as I said before the characters feel like real people I will definitely continue this series

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    2 12 stars Read this a few days ago and saying I was disappointed is putting it nicely I've been blowing through the Rogers short stories and ebooks and I had very high hopes for my first full length novel The premise is excellent and the writing is good but most anything pleasant I have to say ends there There were too many secondary characters This confused me and actually left me pretty bored The story layout was predictable especially the ending and I could barely tolerate the sickly sweet dialogue And the gravest fault? The romance between the two main characters fell flat Now this by no means will discourage me from reading any other Rogers books but I am in no hurry to read book 2 of this series when it comes out this year

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    It's getting to the point where the creative minds behind Moira Rogers' stories could write ads for the phone book and I'd not only preorder the damn thing but salivate all over it once it arrived Crux is another fun engrossing offering from this dynamic duo that doesn't disappointOne of the things that most books that I really enjoy have in common is a really thoroughly detailed really believable world that serves as the setting with rules that make sense and are enforced consistently Crux doesn't apologize for being the first book in a series at all; instead a lot of time and pages are devoted to explaining how the world works what the supernatural elements are and how they work and why the super bad guy is a super bad and b just what exactly his aims and goals are anyway The bad guy here's goal is to preserve Cougar shapeshifters at all costs and what would otherwise be a relatively normal seeming goal is twisted into something seriously creepyThere are some standard elements from PNR here that seem to show up everywhere; Mac is completely unaware that she's a Cougar and therefore is completely unaware of just why she's being pursued so doggedly The hero PIspellcaster Jackson Holt has to save the day and the lady by tapping all of his supernatural powers Of course there's a supporting cast of characters who have to be available to save the day and the setup for the next book is done wellI really enjoyed the realism that was infused into the characters; Mac was incredulous about the supernatural woo woo that was the source of all her problems but not to the point that it slowed down the story and Holt was reluctant to act on his feelings for Mac because of the obviously bad timing and the fact that he figured she'd need some time to process things before getting involved with him When the time came though there were no hurt feelings or stupid misunderstandings; they were two adults making adult decisions in an adult wayIf you're into shapeshifters and magic romance and adventure and writing that rolls with the punches then I definitely recommend this book to youOverall Grade ARead reviews and other good stuff at What Book is That?

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    I started this series because I was desperate for a Kit Rocha fix while waiting for the next book in the terrific Beyond series What I found was a whole new wonderful series the Southern Arcana Moira Rogers is another pen name for the writing team of Donna Herren and Bree Bridges and they sure know how to create a fascinating world I love the Southern Arcana just as much as I do the Sectors This series is werewolves and other shifters plus witches and telepaths and empaths and pretty much anything supernatural You don't have to start with Book One I didn't but the series will make sense to you if you do because there are recurring characters which means later books contain spoilers for the earlier books

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    JacksonMackenzie4 starsRead January 2014I enjoyed this one Loved both hero and heroine Great sexual tensionchemistry between them Liked the secondary characters too Looking forward to reading in this series

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