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Rming his way into her pants – and her heartAfter twenty years in the Shadows bound for a crime he didn’t commit Rhun is past caring about anyone but himself The plan Seduce the sexy witch steal her powers break the magical leash to her and then be on his merry way But when a heinous betrayal in the ranks of the witches forces Merle and Rhun to work even closer together Rhun’s plan backfires – and the witch. WOW I am so glad

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When seduction weaves a spell powerful than magicDesperate to save her demon abducted sister witch Merle MacKenna breaks the law of her Elders As a last resort to track down the kidnapper she unleashes another demon Rhun from the magical prison of the Shadows Determined to bind him again after he helps her Merle vows to keep him tightly controlled Easier said than done when her own personal demon is hellbent on cha. I can'tI can't d The Complete Idiot's Guide to Journalism than magicDesperate Sniffles and Sneezes (DK Readers L2) to save her demon abducted sister witch Merle MacKenna breaks Disaster Preparedness: A Living Free Guide (Living Free Guides) the law of her Elders As a last resort The Complete Idiot's Guide to Persuasion to Emergency Rescue (DK Readers L3) track down Energy Bites the kidnapper she unleashes another demon Rhun from Whiskey Opus the magical prison of A Year on the Farm (DK Readers L1) the Shadows Determined Rain Forest Explorer (DK Readers L3) to bind him again after he helps her Merle vows The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ventriloquism to keep him The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hearing Loss tightly controlled Easier said Afterlight than done when her own personal demon is hellbent on cha. I can'tI can't d

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He meant to play gets under his skin With his unbidden feelings for Merle vying with his need for freedom he struggles with a bitter realization Being a selfish bastard is a lot harder when love is involved Warning Includes lots of witty banter and snarky humor as well as a charmingly disrespectful demon hero who's hot enough to melt panties with a look This book was previously published as Blood Pain and Pleasure. Dnf I so wanted Cook It Together to play gets under his skin With his unbidden feelings for Merle vying with his need for freedom he struggles with a bitter realization Being a selfish bastard is a lot harder when love is involved Warning Includes lots of witty banter and snarky humor as well as a charmingly disrespectful demon hero who's hot enough Earth A Visitor's Guide: Weird, Strange, Bizarre... and True to melt panties with a look This book was previously published as Blood Pain and Pleasure. Dnf I so wanted

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    I can'tI can't do itMy heart can't take any I'm just It's just45 Rhuntastic starsThis is what I want in a husband In a marriageThis would probably have been all 5 stars if I hadn't already known what would happen In case you missed it I read the second book first and even though it was a stand alone we all know that still means spoilers galore Ain't that the truth BuzzYou know what? Fudge that All 5 I am Rhuned starsSee I knew I was gonna enjoy this But I never thought it'd be so much Just to get this out of the way and so that I can get to my baby Rhun Merle “We don’t like to share” With a downward glance at Merle her mouth still covered by his hand he crooned “Ain’t that right sweetie pie? Ow” He jerked back and yanked his hurting hand away glowering at the tricky witch volcano next to him “Did you just bite me?”She beamed at him and patted his arm “Affectionately snuggle bear I nipped at you affectionately” I am uite pleasantly surprised how much I liked her Okay so she had very little part in the other book but you know I didn't like her all that much there Rhun was my sole reason for reading this kinda obvious but I just love saying itSo like I said colour me surprised That's Rainbow for those of you who didn't knowI can't point my finger and say This is what I'm talking about I can't think of specific incidents but she had a bad ass bitch vibe about her I might be confusing it with the Mama Bear vibe but Mama Bears are badass too so You tell 'em Han She leaned against the wall in the corner next to the entrance her arms folded in front of her chest every single sign of her body language clearly projecting a “Fuck off” vibe Of course though that didn’t keep the bastards who freuented this joint from trying to come on to herWhat made Rhun stop in his tracks and admire the view however was what happened to those said bastards One tripped and fell on his face before he reached Merle another was seized by a nasty bout of coughing that made him run to the bar for a drink after he’d tried to chat her up Another one who’d been approaching her with a leer walked straight past Merle and collided face first with the opposite wall and even another—who’d called her something that made Rhun want to smash the guy’s face in—had the sudden and irrational urge to douse himself not only with his own beer but with that of his pals as well Which led to a heated brawl between drinking buddiesAnd all the while Merle hadn’t even moved a finger leaning against the wall with a casual don’t mess with me attitudeStanding there staring at her Rhun decided he’d never met a sexier female in his lifeHe grinned with unconcealed endorsement and approached his witch reaching out to stroke her cheek—and instead ended up involuntarily poking that finger in his nose Of course it still hurt like hell from when he’d force smashed it into the door before She was so easy to relate to Nadine has written this perfectly you feel connected to everything This has never happened to me before usually unless the pain stems from losing or having lost someone I can just sympathise and brush it off but when Merle broke down? I honestly teared up right along side herNadine is fast becoming a favourite writer She's almost at that point where I'd read it even if it were shit on paper Very close to Mariana Zapata yesStop I said CLOSE You will not tempt me away Li ShangRhun Yes RhunWords can't do justice so I'm just gonna use a series of gifs “I’m really sorry man” Rhun said to Basil just as he and Merle were turning to the carThey both stopped and stared at Rhun in surprised confusionBasil frowned “About what?”Rhun waved a hand in the general direction of Basil’s head “Aboutyou know” He stopped short and grimaced “Oh wait That is your face” Thanking Lily from the bottom of her heart Merle hung up and turned to Rhun—who was covered in a gazillion tiny fairiesTheir fluttering wings let the air around him hum with oscillating magic coloring the night He stood still his arms held at an awkward angle so as not to crush the teeny fae beings plastered to his sides When his eyes met hers they held a glint of resignationMerle pocketed her phone “Um need any help?”He sighed “They’re smitten”“Smitten?”“With me You know they see me and they’re addicted” Shrugging one fairy laden shoulder he smiled smugly “Not that I can blame them I am gorgeous” Rhun didn’t say anything just silently walked around her until she faced him and then his eyes burning with a uiet fire he hugged her Her heart stuttered She stiffened“Merle” His deep voice in her ear a caress so soft she shivered “You don’t have to be strong all the time Just let go Be weak Cry Break down if you need to”His hold was powerful yet far from crushing an embrace of strength that could intimidate—but right now it felt strangely reassuring Something inside Merle cracked a fissure in her composure and she tensed“Cry” A gentle command and it eroded part of her resistance But it was what he said next that tore her apart on the inside opened up the cracks she’d tried to mend “I’ve got you little witch” “Dammit little witch I wanted to do this slow” His voice was hoarse deeper than usual rasping over her senses that were already too sharp too sore “But fuck that I can’t do slow right now” She cleared her throat “Rhun”“Witch volcano” A lazy murmur rumbling through his chest“You don’t need to hold on to me”“Hmm” His hand stroked over her hair “Yes I do”Another attempt at freeing herself before that warmth inside her fully bloomed into something else something irrevocable and disarming “Let me up”“No” His voice lost its lazy note “Now you listen to me You cannot faint like that in front of me and expect me to be okay with it You scared the living shit out of me little witch and you will let me hold you now until I feel better” Well there you go Mary Poppins agrees Might as well be set in stone

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    4 Witch and Demon StarsI’ve been looking for a new adult paranormal series to get sucked into As much as I love paranormal books it’s very hard to find a steamy series I can find a series with light steam or standalones with lots of steam but it’s hard to find bothThere were things I liked and things I didn’t care for in this bookFor one the book is long and meaty I think if the book was edited down about 10% this could easily have been a 5 star The romance aspect was there and that’s what sucked me into the storyI liked the world building I liked tension between Merle and Rhun I do wish the whole series was about them but I do like that each book is about a different couple I know I don’t make senseSo Rhun has been bonded to the Shadows kind of like a Demon prison He can’t eat drink or do anything but live in misery think the wizard jail in Harry Potter Merle knows Rhun can help her find her missing sister and so she takes him out of the ShadowsI really liked the premise of the book and I really liked how cautious Merle is towards Rhun You want him to work for it and I love it when the Hero chases the Heroine I found the romance was off the charts in this book and that was probably the number one thing that I loved about it The action tension and all the stuff Rhun and Merle has to go through to get to her sister was what sucked me into the story And within all those little bits you get steamy moments which I gobbled upThere is a bit of descriptive writing I did skim through but that is usually how I read I prefer dialogue based books and sometimes the pages and pages of descriptive writing was a bit too much for me to handle Other than that I’m excited to start the next book

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    This book was incredible and fast paced it had a brilliant plot Circumstances force Merle a witch to release Rhun a demon from the magical prison of shadows Merle was a wonderful female lead She was shy strong had a lot of responsibilities and a strong sense of loyalty She knew she was breaking laws but was willing to face the conseuences and danger involved to protect someone she loved Rhun was bound for a crime he didn't commit this made self preservation his only priority Rhun was witty a pure alpha male confident and had a great sense of humour Did I mention he's a drool worthy demon? Never thought I would write this it's a first for me ; The banter between Merle and Rhun was funny sweet and romantic Even thought they started with a strong attraction their bond grew stronger as they learned about each other Merle and Rhun could be my favourite couple this year I was sad when I finished the book and crave a personal demon now Demons and witches are magical enemies this added the element of wariness and uncertainty to their relationship The author had an interesting magic system for both with their uniue powers which sets this book apart The best comparison for this book is Ferrero Rocher chocolates it was exuisite and layered I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    WOW I am so glad that I found Nadine Mutas' Blood Pain and Pleasure bookThis book is full of magic mythical creatures passion and hot sex scenes I love the play acting between Merle and Rhun The relationship between the witch and her demon can be described as burning hot exciting dangerous and heartbreaking Can't wait for the next book in the series Excellent writing Ms Nadine Mutas

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    Wow This book was a gem It is the first book in the Tales of Blood and Magic Series The characters were well developed the plot well thought out and just enough humor infused throughout to make for a super fun read The banter and interaction between the two main characters cracked me up; I’m still snickering LOL First of all I’d like to give the author a big kudos for the amazing job she did creating a well developed world with enough background and detail without overwhelming the reader So often I find the first book of a series with this type of world building go a bit overboard This was the perfect balance of providing the background we needed while still leaving us wanting to learn in the next books I loved the description of the witches and their culture as well as the conflict with the demons Our heroine Merle is a powerful witch who suffered devastating loss at a young age She’s now the head of her family line and the responsibilities weigh on her as she struggles with confidence in her abilities as a young witch and tries dealing with the great losses she’s suffered All she has left is her sister Maeve who she loves than anything When Maeve is kidnapped Merle is shattered and is determined to find her In a bid to find her sister she defies her Elders’ and does the unthinkable she summons a convicted demon imprisoned in the Shadows to help her find the demon who took her sister This of course is where we meet our hero Rhun When Rhun is brought back from the Shadows type of prison after 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit he is pissed Not only is he summoned back but he’s summoned back by the granddaughter of the woman who sent him to the Shadows in the first place and is now bound to Merle to keep him under control Yup he’s definitely pissed Merle wants him to help her and in exchange she’s willing to feed him; at least partially She doesn’t realize he needs than blood He feeds off Blood Pleasure and Pain to survive One thing is clear Merle intends to send him back to the Shadows once they find her sister and Rhun won’t be sent back so he plans to seduce her and destroy her so he can be free Let the battle of wills begin HahahaBoy I loved him from the start He was so arrogant witty mischievous dark and utterly charming Really I fell completely in love with him within the first chapter He’s a possessive alpha who is unapologetic about who he is and loves of all things to snuggle ; Of course he’s panty melting hot Seriously how can I not be swooningsexy dangerous bad boy demon who likes to snuggle; need I say ? Didn’t think so hahaha “You know” he said a whisper of dark need behind his words “I don’t mind posing nude for females”Rhun keeps us grinning throughout the entire book as he’s constantly trying to push Merle’s buttons and seduce her at the same timeHe sighed “There smitten”“Smitten?”“With me You know they see me and they’re addicted” Shrugging one fairy laden shoulder he smiled smugly “Not that I can blame them I am gorgeous”Arrogant yet charming One of the things I loved about Merle was her strength You can almost feel the weight on her shoulders as she struggles to keep herself together through betrayal pain despair and feelings she knows she shouldn’t have for her demon There were moments where I was thinking is this the moment she breaks? The moment where she starts to go over the edge? It was heartbreaking and amazing as she pull herself together over and over again to save the person she loves and that of the demon she’s coming to care so much for It’s that will to fight for what she believes in and her fiery passion that made me just love her Her character was very well developed and mature; she was willing to listen and think rationally even when she definitely didn’t want to at times Another thing I found refreshing was that the author didn’t try to give Rhun that air of broody self loathing because of his darker needs such as his need for pain There were a couple of scenes where it could have been considered a bit difficult to read when Rhun is feeding his need for pain and revels in the torture he’s causing while not going too far But he makes no apologies for enjoying himself as he accepts all aspects of himself Throughout the story we’re run through a gambit of raw emotions betrayal and delve into a world that is beyond any of Merle’s experiences and of course a sweet love story that defies the odds This book really was amazing and sets up the rest of the series spectacularly The plot carefully thought out while leaving us wanting of the world she’s created One thing that I didn’t expect which kind of sucked was how I was left in a state of desperation for the next book While this was standalone I just didn’t get enough I need I can’t wait for the next book which I believe based on the author’s website is about Merle’s best friend Lily I really really want to see Maeve get her HEA But Lily’s awesome so I’m good LOL

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    A selfish bastard is a good way to describe Rhun at first Let loose from the shadow world after being imprisoned for 20 years he is ready for some blood some pain and some pleasure Merle didn't have much choice after her sister was abducted by the same type of demon that Rhun is she decides to do something dangerous Let Rhun out as long as he promises to help track her sister down She isn't prepared for how overwhelming he will be thoughThis was a pretty fun paranormal romance Rhun is a very arrogant self centered alpha demon He is out of the shadow world and he wants to be sated in all areas of his life As a demon he can only be satisfied once he has blood brought pain and brought pleasure His first target is Merle He knew Merle when she was a young girl having been an acuaintance of Merle's grandmother Now that Merle is an adult and a sexy one at that Rhun is very happy to be in her presence He drinks her blood he pleasures her and he goes out and finds some bad guys to kill before he can reach full powerRhun is a misunderstood demon Yes he has naughty tendencies being a demon but he doesn't kill just for blood lust He kills bad guys but otherwise can keep his murderous tendencies under control He is actually a big softie under his demon clothes just don't tell anyone I said that He keeps his jerky demeanor up long enough for me to really enjoy it I hate when a character has too uick of a personality change it's not the case hereMerle is desperate to get her sister back but also fighting her lust for this demon Those darn sexy demons Always getting in the way of thingsWhile this book is a fun read with a very sexy alpha demon who says things all the time to needle Merle or to get in her pants here are my frustrations First Merle's sister is missing and pretty much on the verge of getting killed It frustrated me that Merle spends so much time sexin' up Rhun instead of being honestly worried about her sister At some points she had to give herself over to Rhun to move things along But there also came a time when she sits down and really thinks about her sister's situation she comes up with somewhat of a solution Maybe she could have done this earlier in the bookI also thought this book ran a little long I enjoyed their story but got a little tired by the endThat being said this is a fun lust charged sexy paranormal romance Rhun is a fun demon who believably falls in love with Merle While he starts out pushy and demon ish their romance turns sexy and nice He is a good guy underneath but he keeps enough of that demon attitude that makes himstill a demon I'll read another by this authorGrade C

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    Dnf I so wanted to like this but I just didn't This book is sex and lust and that only There is literally almost no plot progression within the first 250 pages and I kept reading in hope it would get better which it did just a little though but just not enough Merle is supposed to find her kidnapped sister and asks a demon's help The demon feeds of blood lust and pain and only agrees if she'll feed him So of course I knew there would be a lot of lust in this but I hadn't expected it to be so pointless? And literally after 200 pages of conversations that go ONLY about sex they realize they are in love with each other? Like how? In love with his penis Yes In love with him girl you don't even know him Cock thirsty bitchAnd don't get me wrong the smut is actually good way better than the ueen of cringe Sarah J Maas But this is just the kind of book you have to read when you're emotionally unstable and your hormones are going crazy and you just need some angsty smut cause for the plot hmm you don't have to read this

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    I had bought this book ages ago or so it seems and I decided that I would read it for a GR reading challenge because well why not? I was slow to get into this story at first but as it went on I found myself becoming increasingly engaged and caught up with the main characters In the end I really enjoyed this book It has spice fantasy and plenty of sarcasm I enjoyed it so much I am considering continuing the series 😍

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    I was given a copy of this book by paranormal romance and authors that rock in exchange for an honest review I give this book 5 fangs I loved it and need to read the next oneI can't say enough good about this book The characters are in depth and real their are hot sex scenes fights witches demons I mean what's not to love Meet Merle the head witch of her family that is desperate to find her sister that has been kidnapped by a demon The only way to track down her sister is by going against the elders and releasing a demon that has been bound to the shadow world bit when he is released he will be tethered to her Merle isn't prepared for Rhun the tall dark and sexy demon that she lets out Rhun needs to feed off of pleasure pain and blood Merle agrees to feed his pleasure and blood in order to not unleash him on innocents She never expected for Rhun to bring her pleasure to new heights for him to shatter all her barriers and wedge himself inside them On the uest to find her sister discoveries are made betrayal runs deep and she doesn't know what to believe any but can she really trust a demon to keep her heart and soul safe? Rhun will have you laughing out loud and begging to unleash a demon of your own I know I'm head over heels for the demon already I can't recommend this book enough fantastic writing an exciting sexy pleasure to read I can't wait for the next book in the series

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