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Saving Samantha

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Samantha Herrington is determined to prove to her father the owner of a big city newspaper that she can write than laundry tips and sewing advice She is a serious reporter and bets she will find her front page story in Amesville Wyoming Instead she finds a cranky. Cute uick read This wasn't my favorite of the Morga


On Matt regrets immediatelySam’s search for a story brings mayhem and murder but even worse her innocence unravels the steel bands that have protected Matt’s heart Can Matt see her safely out of Amesville before he loses his heart Or is love their true destiny. Nice Read Those Good Gertrudes loses his heart Or is Refined Tastes love their true destiny. Nice Read

Nancy J. Parra ☆ 1 SUMMARY

Cowboy whose overbearing protection and passionate kisses keep her from that goalHonor is everything to Matthew Morgan He owes Big John Herrington his life To pay off the debt he must watch over the man’s only daughter for the space of one summer It is a situati. Samantha has come out West to Wyoming to make a nam

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    Cute uick read This wasn't my favorite of the Morgan series I felt like there were plots that were never developed as they could have been Like I don't understand why Matt got so mad at Samantha for writing about him when she didn't even use his name It seemed out of place and for no reason I also got a little tired of Matt constantly trying to keep Samantha from going places to try to get a story and trying to keep her safe It just made it seem he cared about her way too uick I did like that he didn't just fall for her for her looks or anythinghe is a little confused about why he finds her irresistable I really enjoyed how the story wrapped up

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    I'm sad this is the last of the Morgan series for me to read I've really enjoyed reading each of their stories and will probably revisit a few of them While this was a fun story it wasn't my favorite Samantha reminded me of a young Lois Lane She is very ambitious and out to prove herself Often times putting caution to the wind and breaking promises along the way Matt was likable enough a little overprotective but a good leading man I guess I was just felt like Samantha never really learned her lesson She put her work and career ahead of everything I was frustrated with her nosy nature She would make a promise to Matt with no intention of keeping it lie and had no thought for others feelings She would justify everything by saying my readers have a right to knowI guess I disagree she would dig up Matt's past and not worry about his privacy or wishes I was hoping she would get a little experience and mature a little SPOILERWhen she does lose Matt she isn't has heartbroken as I would have liked Again she didn't really feel any res for writing his story and never properly apologized either I'll get off my soap box it's really a cute story her character just rubbed me the wrong way

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    This was my first book that I read from Nancy Parra I am going to keep reading her books This was just a uick read that took a couple of hours and delivered a good storyline and a sweet romance I felt the romance started a little fast but it developed and created characters that you could believe would be drawn to each other I like it when authors gives you the internal thoughts of both the man and womanSam is a wannabe newspaper journalist going to the big bad west in hopes of finding her front page story What she finds instead is a leading man and she is determined to not let him get in her way Digging for information through the town's archives she unknowingly finds herself in the middle of a murder cattle rustling and gun fights Can she be the journalist and keep the man she hopes will love her back or will she have to choose between her dreams?

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    Samantha has come out West to Wyoming to make a name for herself in the newspaper buisiness She feels that this is her last chance with her upcoming wedding Matt owes a debt to Samantha's father He agrees to watch out for her while she is in Wyoming He had no idea what he was realy getting himself intoThis book is a murder mystery romance and adventureIt's of a 3 12 star book for me

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    Those Morgan Brothers are some thingAll the books I've read so far have been really good All the guy's are arrogant and the girls drive them crazy The brothers are something else Makes you want to read them all

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    I love a good western novel I loved how spunky and persistent Sam is and what a hunk of a cowboy Matt is I'm definitely a fan of Nancy Parra

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    Sweet western Moved fast

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    Nice Read

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    Loved it I love these Morgan Brother stories Please Ms Parra tell us the chronological order to these I love the sweet story and fun characters The chemistry is great and romance clean

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    A short and sweet clean historical western romance The plot and characters weren't uite fully developed and subseuently the angst was very lukewarm I liked how clean it was and enjoyed the alternating povs but the h was portrayed as a little too silly and the H had a tendency to overreact to pretty much everything I'm interested in the brothers' stories and this series might be my go to for when I'm in between booksAnd for my safety gang friends I would not consider this a safe read Considering how clean this book is it's shocking I know However the h is engaged to another man when she kisses the H Several times The first time was initiated by the H and he didn't know she was engaged The subseuent times were initiated by the h after daydreaming about how she would conduct research on kissing and thinking about how it was wrong of her to be thinking about such things while engaged to another man And then she went out and did those things anyway

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