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    This is a small collection of poems that are each a practice of ultra dense language and multi layered images which is why total concentration and a few readings will be essential to coax out any of the numerous statements each of the poems relay Many of the poems share a common reference to cross country journeys and international influence while a few take place in America's westward expansion past My personal favorite was Pioneer Days a chilling analogy of romance and a deadly covered wagon journey The emotion in some of the poems disguised in such thickly enshrouded images and references become impersonal Which was why in Pioneer Days you find a gleam of perfection when a hint of a romance leads to a story about the aforementioned wagon journey; Knight shovels metaphor upon metaphor on top of the emotion to cover it up but in the end it's still there and she reluctantly acknowledges it

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    Samuel Huntington and Prairies play densely with language and this is surprisingly refreshing