The Story of the Liberty Bell Cornerstones of Freedom Library Read & download Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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The Story of the Liberty Bell Cornerstones of Freedom Library

Read The Story of the Liberty Bell Cornerstones of Freedom Library

He courtyard of his studio it looked down on the roofs of Paris Twenty newsmen were entertained for lunch in the knee of the modelMiss Liberty proper was a lady of parts Her head went to the Paris World's Fair in a sturdy wagon pulled by twelve horses Her finished arm with an index fi Ages 4 and up A fun short and factual read

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Nger taller than a man was sent to America for the one hundredth anniversary of American independence Finished at last she arrived in America in 214 cratesNow she lifts her lamp beside the golden door More than a symbol of friendship she has come to stand for freedom for the whole wor This is a book that I loved reading when I was in elementary school It is a brief and understandable history of one of the most revered American national symbols While most people know that it is cracked the general belief is that the present crack was generated the first time it was rung That is not the case the Liberty Bell has an extensive history of being recast as well as being taken on tours across the United States A brief book packed with a great deal of history this is one of the best and most educational books for elementary school children

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Miss Liberty was to be a symbol of friendship of two nations a gift from the French children artists composers rich people and poor to all AmericansAuguste Bartholdi began by making a 36 foot model marking it off into 300 parts to be enlarged and made separately As the model grew in t I took this home free from the bookshop I used to volunteer at I'm not really familiar with the story of the Liberty BellThis definitely has a dated feel; it was published in '65 and the illustrations are black white and blue Over two hundred years ago in the State House in Philadelphia they wanted a big bell for their steeple larger than any in the 13 colonies In 1751 there was no one in America to make the bell so the chairman of the assembly wrote to London asking for a 200 lb bell with the Bible uote Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land to all the inhabitants thereof on it The bell came on the Matilda and everyone watched its arrivalThey had a frame built in the State House lawn to hold the bell so that people could come see and hear it before it went into the steeple I liked the historical details in mentioning clothing of the time Assemblymen's wives wore silk and satin gowns as they viewed it uakers were in gray cotton and tradesmen's wives wore homespun and white aprons A bellringer raised the clapper and rang the bell and on the third ring the bell cracked The iron foundry tried to recast it but they had never worked on bells beforeIron casting is very different from bell casting because bells don't contain iron They consist of tin and copper and the amount of each determines what tone the bell will haveThe iron workers made a mold and broke the bell into pieces so they could remelt it They added copper because they thought it would strengthen the bell and it wouldn't crack again They didn't know it would also change the toneThey put the bell in the steeple and had a big feast on the lawn When they rang the bell the tone was high and unpleasant to hear They wanted the ironmakers to recast itWhen they finished they hung it in the steeple with no fanfare It rang for 82 years clear and loud for Philadelphia and its nearby towns It rang a lot in the early years During this time King George was taxing the colonies to pay his bills so the 13 colonies came to Philadelphia to discuss this known as the Continental CongressThe bell called the men to the meetings It was called the State House bell thenWhen a new tax was ordered by the king the bell called the men to the State HouseThe Declaration of Independence was passed in 1776 saying the colonies didn't want to belong to England and would fight for their freedom The bell rang loudly as it was read to the people and it continued into the night as people held parades and bonfiresKing George wasn't willing to give up his colonies so he sent troops to fight for them A year later Redcoats planned to march into Philadelphia to use as their winter headuartersPatriots were afraid they would melt the bell to use for bullets so they took it down and hid it on a farmer's wagon under some hay They smuggled it at night through enemy territory over wet rutted roads The wagon broke near Bethlehem and had to put onto another one It went to Allentown and was hidden under the floor of the Zion Reformed Church and stayed there almost a year This reminded me of the book I read on the Cape Hatteras lighthouse fresnel lens how it was taken down during the war and placed in storage and people forgot its location At least that didn't happen here After the British marched out of the Philadelphia Americans cleaned up the State House which had been used as a hospital They cleaned the floors with soap sand and bushels of lime then they had the bell brought backThey were so glad to hear it they didn't mind the loud ringing 1781 saw the end of the war with England The Constitution became the law in 1787 and two teams of two men rang the bell for the celebration After the bell only rang for holidays and to welcome honored guests When great Americans passed away it tolled sadly for them It bell cracked gain during the ringing of the death of Chief Justice John Marshall on July 8 1835 It was left forgotten for over ten yearsA reporter remembered it when Philadelphia planned for a celebration for George Washington's birthday in 1846 He suggested it be fixed They thought the tone could be restored if the edges of the crack weren't touching It rang for a few hours and then cracked again so it wouldn't ring loudlyAfter the bell's hundredth birthday it was brought down and placed on a pedestal It was called Old Independence Bell because the State Hall was now the Hall of IndependencePeople came all over in 1876 to celebrate the country's hundred years of Independence They came to see the bell knowing the part it had in their fight for freedom It was called The Liberty Bell and has been called that ever sinceOther cities wanted to see it New Orleans borrowed it for a while An Honor Guard accompanied it Other cities borrowed it too and parades and crowds welcomed the bell People would line the train tracks to cheer for the bell as it traveled by In 1915 the committee said the bell couldn't travel because it might crack even San Francisco wanted the bell but were told no Children signed a petition for them to send the bell and the committee eventually agreed The bell rode in a car for the first time during the parade in Philadelphia When they got the bell back it was placed in the Independence Hall where thousands of people come to see it each year Besides our flag it's our most treasured symbol of patriotism The company that made the bell in 1752 offered to recast it but America hasn't accepted because the cracked bell shows the story of America's freedom and liberty just as well as the undamaged one This was informational and I'm glad I read it because I didn't know much about the Liberty Bell but I'll be donating it back