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    This is an interactive book that plays with the idea of tapping touching blowing shaking it to change what you saw The reader will go from outer space to the beach touching the sand submerging under the waves and discovering the smallest details from close I received this copy in an Early Reviewers Giveaway in LibraryThing

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    So lesson learned that I need to read the book cover or at least the description on Goodreads I thought this was an another Awesome book however Awesome Is Everywhere is a children's book that takes you on an adventure around the world from space to the ocean Good for kids and beautiful picturesimages

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    this book is really neat the illustrations are absolutely beautiful it gives the reader an interactive experience I loved how uniue this was it starts out with a picture of the world it says tap the world then you flip the page and it's the world again but zoomed in then it does the same thing with sand and water with the water you make a wave it was so neat uick enjoyable read with breathtaking illustrations loved it 5 stars

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    Let's take a look at this book Open itwhoosh You are way way up in space looking down on this beautiful earth Now tap and you zoom in down into the ocean Shake it You can feel the splash of the waves on your face A fun almost interactive board book for our youngest residents of this world to have a first look at this place they live

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    Interactive book with gorgeous photos celebrates the natural world

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    This book is interesting but I didn't find anything about Canada which I found surprising

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    This interactive book needs no power or passwords but it is very interactive Children will love tapping shaking and blowing on the pages as they are taken from space to earth and down to the tiniest grain of sand Using photos from NASA scientists and photographers from around the world readers of all ages from 3 to adult will be reminded of this beautiful planet we live on It is a book that will be shared and read over and over again Loved it

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    Interactive like Press Here but not as linear and I found it not as much fun It definitely seems like it's copying the tapping and zooming of phones than that the book itself is magical The grade 3 kids looooved it though Works best with a small group so you can hold the book overtop of them when they go underwater I'm sure it would be great as a one on one too

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    Good book I read it as and ebook

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    A picture book spin off of his Awesome Books this interactive book has a Press This element I felt this would also serve as a good relaxation story

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Nteractive journey to see the world as you never have before Fly through wispy clouds dive deep into the sparkling ocean feel wet grains of sand on a hot and sunny beach You w. This book is

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