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  • 03 November 2019
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Photo Finish

Ngaio Marsh È 0 characters

Land island to recover There she plans a performance of an aria written just for her by her secret young lover who along with a bevy of envious celebrities is also on the island It's the. Ngaio Marsh second to last novel Set entirely in New Zealand at a remote lake house on th

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MURDER IN HIGH C A persistent paparazzi has hounded operatic soprano Isabella Sommita until her nerves are at the breaking point Now her millionaire boyfriend has whisked her to a New Zea. These later Inspector Alleyn mysteries are really good This is the thirty first in the se

Summary Photo Finish

Perfect set up for grand opera wild passionsand bloody murder And when the great singer is found dead a photo on her bosom Superintendent Roderick Alleyn must find out who did the diva in. Not one of Marsh's best Rather boring and with a very unoriginal solution