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Secret author Nia Forrester

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And she had no reason to believe he wouldn’t provide it After all that was his specialty But after one crazy weekend Trey decides that a ‘short affair’ with Shayla is the last thing he wants. The first few chapters were a little hard to connect with since the points of view and time frames kept changing but once those chapters were surpassed the storyline was comfortable to relax intowhich is expected from this great author I viewed Trey as the main character so than Shayla because he had the most range; Shayla was a little one dimensional But I found myself rooting for Trey to get it right and Shayla to be receptive to him If the author has not of continuing this series then she should This was the first book of hers that left me blinking in the end feeling lost almost like she felt it was time to stop the story instead of letting the story end naturally But optimistic that there will be a continuationI cannot wait for the next in the series

review Secret author Nia Forrester

Doing fine so far with her plan to reinvent herself Trey Denison wasn’t going to put even a dent in those plans All she needed from him was an extremely short extremely hot purely sexual affair. A VERY good book that deals with the very real problem of domestic violence It broke my heart to see what the protagonist had to go through to become whole againDefinitely worth the cost👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥👍🏾🔥

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Shayla has a secret She’s very different than the person she used to be three short years ago; that woman she finally feels like she’s left behind and never wants to be again And she’s been. I love Nia Forrester her fluid writing will grab you from the beginning until the end of this book The Secret was about so many things every one has a secrete but will it stop you from being who you are or keep from the person you were meant to be with Shayla had a big secrete she was keeping Shalya and Trey were a hot secrete their relationship was spicy I loved the way pretty boy Trey learned how attracted he was to Shayla I felt like I was right there watching their relationship evolve They were a perfect pair except for their secretes will they be able to over come them Read and find out you will not be disappointed I would love to read about Trey and Shayla but I also feel Darren and Paris have a story to tell too I hope I will get to read about them soon

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I live in Philadelphia PA where by day I work on reforming public policy and by night I read authors who move me and craft woman centered fiction

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