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Rough major historical events of the reign of King Richard I and King John in a time of violence and political intrigue. This is probably the most uniue telling of the Robin Hood legend that I've read so far It's told completely from Robin's perspective It begins with Robin in the crusades He ends up becoming a sort of undercover spy for Richard Also Marian is Robin's sister in this versiondon't worry for those who like romance there's another lady love for Robin I recommend this book for anyone interested in Robin Hood

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Ifferent identities including Robin Hood and Daniel Delore The story is told from his perspective a life that weaves th. Really really liked this one The characters were sharply defined and interesting the writing crisp and the story an intriguing mix of bits I knew from other sources and bits I didn't I wish the brothers had written than just this one story

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Nicholas Chase was a pen name used by Anthony and Christopher HydeRobert Godfrey Bouvier Atheling of Locksley assumes d. This is an entirely different version of Robin Hood even though all the familiar elements are thereWhen the story is working it’s a thrilling ride but there are several points along the way when things plod along and months years or even decades will be summed up in a paragraph to move things from Point A to Point B It might have worked better if the book had been broken apart into a trilogy – clearly the author had several points in history he wanted to cover but having the coronation of King Richard and the death of King John in one book means there’s going to be a lot of ground to cover and some of it was a slog to get throughWe start off in the usual way with Robin as an idealistic young nobleman off to the Third Crusade for Glory God and the King He’s there with his older brother who has ‘dead man’ written all over him and it’s only a matter of time before big brother gets killed in the Battle of Cyprus However before they get to Cyprus as they sail to the Middle East Robin is introduced personally to King Richard his indomitable mother ueen Eleanor and King Richard’s new wife Berengaria Robin gets a crash course in high level politics and falls head over heels in love with ueen Berengaria After the elder brother dies in battle King Richard decides to send Robin home at that point to tell the family about his promotion from “spare” to “heir” and to go spy on Prince JohnRobin gets home to an England that has become seriously effed up by Prince John – with the very personal touch of Robin discovering that the sheriff of Nottingham torched the family castle with Robin’s family trapped insideLuckily his sister lived because she was off gallivanting at the time with her boyfriend Little John Her name Marian Interesting twist to make her his sister I’ve seen Marian’s character with a brother a lot and sometimes making a love triangle out Robin Marian John happens but this particular incarnation was newSo Robin flees to the forest since the sheriff has declared him and his family outlaws Marian wisely hides out in a nunnery The sheriff is pressing her to marry his stepson again slightly different from the usual tale and she’s using the old I have to mourn for a year excuse to buy timeMarian gives Robin a character reference to Little John and Little John in turn introduces Robin to his gang of outlawsThe sheriff suddenly dies of a cough off stage but his wife takes over and turns out to be about 100 times as villainous declaring all out war on the locals for not turning over Robin Hood The ravaging and massacres get pretty bad even by the Dark Ages standard and Robin decides well all’s fair in love and war and trains up the Merry Men into a pretty fierce and well disciplined military group sound familiar and begins bringing the war back to the soldiers making some pretty pointed killingsThen that Christmas he sneaks into Nottingham Castle for the feast Robin Hood gate crashing the sheriff’s party is pretty standard stuff for a typical version of the tale but here not only does he crash the party he brings the Old Testament all eye for an eye and burns the castle down to the ground and damn whoever was just there for the party Ouch Especially as the book pretty explicitly describes the screams stampede for the door and lords and ladies rolling around in the snow trying to put out burning silks and velvetsAnd then time moves along uickly as Robin hustles Marian out of England to go hang out with Berengaria for safety in France and Robin concentrates on making sure the ransom money is delivered A bit of plodding to establish who the money is coming from and hwere it is going the rip roaring action as Little John and Robin dash all over Europe to make sure the money stays safeThen Little John dies saving a damsel in distress and I was all book you and I are going to have some problems How dare someone kill off my favorite Robin Hood character It’s all very noble and he literally dies with the word “love” on his lips but damn I was almost ready to just stop reading right there and thenThe king is safe but at this point Berengaria is tired off all the angst and drama so she strips down naked and throws herself into Robin’s arms all ‘take me lover boy’ So with the heat still on in Sherwood Robin sets up shop as a merchant in London under a fake name and uses it as an excuse to hop over to the Continent to visit Berengaria a lot but also to try and amass a large fortune should the need ever ariseRobin then settles down to a spell of buying selling and trading goods across Europe and just in general making buckets of cash ready to flee England with a go bag if the heat ever gets real bad againHe then takes a crash course in Investment Baking 101 from Jacob of London as well as gets into some theological debates that boil down to Robin acknowledging that Christians can do whatever the hell they want but Jews have to be good good good 247 –and still have a good chance of being thrown into someone’ Beltane fireThe king dies and here’s the next fun twist; Marian doesn’t feel like leaving the nunnery now that Little John is dead while Berengaria is desperate to get out and actually have a life so they switch identities Not that hard when few people have actually seen you and there’s no annoying digital file to erase let alone a paper trial of identificationSo Robin ends up with a Marian after all He and Marian 2 live together but she keeps up the fiction of being his sister which really seemed unnecessary and of a risk than a caution because nothing will get tongues wagging faster than the juicy gossip of insectLife plods along with Robin occasionally stirring the pot of history like the time he accidently gets the Magna Charta started or when he murders John’s nephew on ueen Eleanor’s orders Lady your own grandson You sick f Then Robin has to sort things out between the Pope and King John to keep England on an even keel what with that whole church closure episode when all the truly faithful has to suffer lack of religious service due to a lot of male chest thumping at the executive level And after a lot of back and forth debating if loyalty is owned to the crown or to the person Robin makes his final move of pawn to king and takes out King John This however seems to be too much even for him so he runs to a priest for confession The priest tells Robin that as penance he must give up the thing he loves most So what is his greatest love Is it Marian 2 the woman he pined for over about two decades and the woman he now shares his heart life love home and bed with NOPE It’s – wait for it – England So he moves to Calais to spend the rest of his life looking morosely at the horizon On the one hand yay he didn’t have to give up the person he loves But on the other hand this whole choosing a lump of dirt over a flesh and blood person makes my blood kind of boil because people do this All The Damned Time And it leads to things like martyrdom and massacres But on the errr third hand he wouldn’t be Robin Hood if he didn’t choose England above all else Otherwise after the first time he did the robbing the rich thing he would have picked up that bag of gold grabbed Marian by the hand and said “Let’s go to southern France babe and buy a vineyard With the current exchange rate we’ll live like kings” And if I was Marian I’d say “Cool I’ll get the horses”

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  • 28 August 2017
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