FREE READ î Dark Heart The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain

Dark Heart The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain

FREE READ Dark Heart The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain

'This all began uite unexpectedly one rainy autumn evening a couple of years ago in a fairground near to the centre of Nottingham'In amongst the bright lights and bumper cars Nick Davies noticed two boys no than twelve years old oddly detached from the fun of the scene Davies discovered they were part of. Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor he also shall cry


Eet gangs and drug dealersDavies' journey into the hidden realm is powerful disturbing and impressive and is bound to rouse controversy and demands for change He unravels threads of Britain`s social fabric as he travels deeper and deeper into the country of poverty towards the dark heart of British societ. Nick Davies Dark HeartDark Heart should be a reuired reading It d

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A network of children selling themselves on the streets of the city running a nightly gauntlet of dangers pimps punters the Vice Suad disease drugs This propelled Davies into a journey of discovery through the slums and ghettoes of our cities He found himself in crack houses and brothels he befriended str. What a wake up call A truly exceptional piece of journalism detal