review ☆ Jose Maria Sison At Home in the World Portrait of a Revolutionary

Jose Maria Sison At Home in the World Portrait of a Revolutionary

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Ection and the controversy surrounding terrorism and the Bush Administration Jose Maria Sison At Home in the World Portrait of a Revolutionary is a book that can offer the other side of the story chronicling the life of a Filipino revolutionary his political party and his country untouched and unfiltered by outside political propaganda. I worked on

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This political biographyautobiography offers a uniue look into the political beliefs and motivations of Professor Sison renowned revolutionary leader writer poet and founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines CCP This collaboration between Sison and American Book Award winning novelist Ninotchka Rosca goes far to illuminate the. A remarkabl

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Political climate and history of the United States' role in Filipino politics In the frank exchange between Sison and Rosca regarding the Filipino revolutionary movement the issues of women's rights and empowerment within the CCP as well as ethnicity class age and education are also addressed In light of the upcoming US presidential el. A format b

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    Sison's responses are interesting in their sharpness and terseness but they were dug by Ms Rosca's penetrating uestions Awesome read

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    A remarkable interview collection ranging from the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the initiation of the armed struggle through Jose Maria Sison's capture and torture the fall of the Marcos Regime JMS political exile and the events of 911 and the US war on the world interspersed with some of his poetry and personal recollections While I have some important points of disagreement with JMS this book is a window into revolutionary leadership as a living element of struggle deeply engaged with the lives and experiences of the people and the social and revolutionary movements JMS possess a deep understanding of Marxism as well as an abiding love for the people and his homeland of the Philippines Written in the aftermath of 911 and published in 2004 so not an up to the moment book

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    A format beginning with a biography of Joma Sison Followed by selected poems The interviewer asks an exhaustive amount of uestions making this a lucid reading

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    The book is done in uestion and answer format with the author Ninotchka Rosca and Communist Party of the Philippines MLMZT founder Jose Maria Sison The book covers his years as a student activist and leader his time as a professor his activity in the underground movement under Marcos his imprisonment and his time spent in exile from his homeland

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    I worked on the PR for this book for a year so I'm probably kind of biased If you are interested in the Philipines and Filipino politics this is a good read It's dry but not too hard to read because it's written in a A format with Rosca interviewing Sison I don't agree with all of the views in the book and it's very obvious that Sison molds history to suit his story of being exiled to the Netherlands but it's a story of a world very different from our own

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    Been waiting for a book like this To add to it this book has a commentary from Ninotchka RoscaMore than anything else it would be something to learn what drove men like Joe Marie Sison to embrace communism and ironically in a country like ours

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    The life and political convictions of a Filipino ideologue

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