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    This book is a collection of short Nepali stories written by Nirmal Gyawali Most of the stories in the book mostly focuses in the psychological and sub conscious aspects of human brain and how they affect our everyday life so silently Most of the stories are set up in the US or Australia and shows hoe busy the life of people living there is This may be because of the fact that the author himself lives in Australia and has lived that lifeReading the stories one can come to the conclusion that the author has a good knowledge of human psychology and is well acuainted to the world literature This can be known by the writer's use of different sayings by different literary figures and lines from books and a lot of other thingsSome stories are exceptionally good as the do justice to the characters and are so well written But some stories seem to have lost track and end nowhere In a nutshell the book is informative and good

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फ्रिडम टु डाई

characters फ्रिडम टु डाई

लर' मा जीवनका सपनाहरुको खोजी गरिएका 'फ्रिडम टु डाई' भित्रका कथाले फैलिँदो डायस्पोरिक नेपाली मनका गाउन नमिल्ने गीतहरुलाई संग्रहण गरेको छ

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कथा सबैका हुन्छन् ।नलेखिनेहरुका कथा पात्रसंगै विलीन भएर जान्छन् । नसुनिएका र नभनिएका कथाहरुले नै सबैको मनमा नयाँ आकार बनाउँछन् ।'ग्रे

Nirmal Gyanwali À 3 characters

।हरेक पाठकहरुलाई आफै पात्रमा रुपान्तरण गर्नसक्ने क्षमता कथाको नयाँपन र भाषिक सरलतामा छ ।यसले 'फ्रिडम टु रिड' को कल्चरलाई स्थापित गर्ने