Summary ¸ Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too

Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too

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Strong armed by the law and loving itBiker chick Shannon Hobson gets pulled over on her motorcycle the cops have a beef with Shannon because her mother's complaint to the Mayor has gotten them in hot water they're about to make things a lot hotter for Shannon Will they take out their sexual aggressions on the attr

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Active but tough girlThe big burly Sheriff and his hot Deputy handcuff and kidbnap the gorgeous eighteen year old in an attempt to get even by having their way with her Will these two big strong cops ravish the young beauty Well Shannon HOPES so They're forcing themselves on her but can she make them do what she w

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Ants Read about her efforts to make sure she stays one step ahead of the law Delicious story of sexual anticipation and cat and mouse sexplay Brutally hot story of forced willingness Not for the faint of heart Novella Apprx 8500 wordsIncludes Menage Anal Oral All characters are over the age of 18Adults only please

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  • 09 August 2017
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