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    This is typical Nunn smut hot demented and very worthy of the Deranged Mind Club Can you say pony play? A young cowboy gets kidnapped and abused by some tough cow pokes ahem Not for the faint of heart Just right for flexible deviants If you like Nunn's books and her artwork you'll like this It is book one and therefore TBC

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    World of abuse and perversion YayWarning forced animal sex and pigsty er antics Not my fav hence 4 stars

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    Warning Hardcore depravity here Deep perversion Outright indecency Extreme dehumanization Yep that book cover ain't no lie Lots of cruel manhandling Absolutely ain't for the faint heartedYoung cowboy was captured by a couple of vile ranch hands while he was on his way home after a successful cattle drive The young man suffered greatly at the hands of those cruel men Constant pain and humiliation is his entire world now Will he be a tamed horse on the ranch? Can he survive all those painful and debasing acts daily? A bitted horse can't exactly say no right? Besides he was tightly bound and gagged day and night The story was left off promising a chance for a change of scenery and owner I will be stalking PL Nunn for the seuel which will be made available on a later dateThere's zero gentleness in this ponyplay everything was rough and you will see blood and raw cooked skin from branding It isn't surprising to find bestiality in Nunn's story at all Playing with animals that way isn't my cuppa tea but I admire her daringness There's nothing too hardcore for this author I love the shock she never fails to serves right up my faceThis story ended too fast for me I felt left in the desert dying of thirst I need MOAR Nonetheless it was a good read and I liked the graphics Speaking of the graphics there are several pages left in BW while the rest are in full color I am glad the author made sure all the crazy scenes are in vivid color wicked witch laughtersHere I feel the need to enlarge this degrading picture because I loved it ∋━━o`∀´oメ)~→BOOK DETAILSTitle BrandedAuthor PL NunnPublication Date 2012Publisher Self PubType Short Graphic Novel Book 1 of 2 33 pages Color and Black and White Genre Gay Graphic Novel Erotica Hardcore Ponyplay TagsKeywords view spoiler hardcore ponyplay heavy noncon capture kidnap bondage butt plug horse bit horse saddle bondage horse shoe glove iron branding horse walker human pony tamingtraining rapes bestiality dehumanization torture humiliation human horsepony hide spoiler

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    OMG NOT for the feint of heart Plenty of non con and other hair raising stuff BDSM heavy on the SM Hooves Butt plugs and there's a horseI'm feeling a little disturbed not in a good way OO

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    Bears repeating though everyone else has said it also Not For the Faint of HeartBDSM torture pony play rape humiliation view spoilerAnd at one point an actual horseThe young cowboy is captured by some depraved ranchers and the nightmare begins He is branded with the logo of the ranch then raped by the two men The next day he is made to canter with the other horses while being led by a rope tied around his private parts Needless to say his service of the men is exemplary after that ordeal When he tries to escape he is branded on both heels and testicles and made to accommodate a horse that was one was very brutal reminiscent of Bloodraven This goes one for days until one morning when he is prepped and presented to the Judge apparently the owner of the ranch And nasty things seem to be coming his way but those are for volume 2 hide spoiler

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Branded Branded #1

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D a bit of beasteality I'll have this book eventually available via Lulucom but it will be an edited version without some of the heavier fetish so as not to offend their standards too terrib. Warning Hard