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HE'S FOUND THE ONESWAT officer Landry Cooper is certain Everly Danu is The One The problem is she has no idea what Cooper really is And as much as he wants to trust her he's not sure he can share his d. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsAll of the books in Paige Tyler’s SWAT series have been über edgy because of the characters’ high risk jobs but as an explosives expert Landry Cooper raised the bar even higher TO LOVE A WOLF kicks off with a flashback to the incident that ended his military career and turned him into a werewolf moves on to a bank robbery where he meets the One and then launches into the main plot which involves a serial bomberIt’s amazing how many offshoots an author can craft from a seemingly simple baseline I’d originally doubted these novels’ longevity because in my opinion the story lines involving hunky alpha werewolf cops were limited compared to the bevvy of potential sexual positions Tyler proved otherwise by infusing her titles with protagonists whose complex backgrounds varied personalities and uniue romances keep things hotIn previous installments SWAT’s classified nature has either been a secret waiting to be sprung on an unsuspecting mate or a case of like speaks to like however in this particular instance it was Everly’s family who’s in the know which added yet another layer of intrigue to this series’ coffers It brought the formerly subtle paranormal elements of this world to the fore and also led to an expansion of the mythologyIt was delightful seeing the team member that everyone normally turns to for advice struggling to come of up with some pearls of wisdom suitable for his own situation I enjoyed Cooper’s lightheartedness hero like ualities and learning the technical side of his branch of law enforcement Danu’s complicated past made her a challenge to woo; I also liked her spirited nature and her creative side Another perfect matchTO LOVE A WOLF or not to love a wolf—what a silly uestion


Eepest secret When Everly's family discovers Cooper's a werewolf her brothers will do anything to keep them apart they'll kill him if they have to Everly is falling hard for the ridiculously handsome S. Please see reviews for books one two in the SWAT series as that's basically how I felt about book four Which is an extra disappointment after how much I enjoyed book three I'd thought we'd turned a page here Tyler what the hellGreat hero Mostly interesting background thrilling plot Decent ish heroine This time it was her backstory that added to the werewolf folklorenew info even if she didn't know it at the time But it was mostly the same ol' cheese as before and I mean that literally Sometimes I see almost the same passages or exchanges almost word for word despite the change up in couples How do you spell formula B O R I N GI have one of these to get through before I'll be taking a bit of a break from the series

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WAT officer and she's not about to let her brothers tell her who she can love Until Cooper's secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise BUT CAN HE KEEP HE. This series is on fire Each new entry is highly anticipated and does not disappoint With this go around we get the story of SWAT team member Landry Cooper and a new face on the scene artistic Everly Danu Things start off with a bang and end in an adrenaline rush to satisfy any book lover of paranormal romantic suspenseThis is book four in the SWAT series and I suppose it can be read standalone or out of order if you don't mind some series mini spoilers but my suggestion is get this gang of Alpha Wolves and their romances in orderCooper just wants to get his check cashed and head out on his merry way and wouldn't you know it everyone and their cousin is doing their banking business at the same time But hello things are looking up when he starts chatting up the pretty woman in front of him He no sooner gets to the dinner date invitation and all hell breaks loose The bank is being robbedEverly can't believe her good luck to encounter the cute hot police guy and he wants to take her to dinner Then she is thanking her lucky stars because he's the whole reason she is alive and unharmed when an armed robber grabs her as a hostage Landry's a hero and she is excited to know that he might be interested in something than a dinner date Finally the perfect guy that she can take home to her overprotective dad and brothers rightCooper isn't sure if Everly is The One but he sure wants to find out He enjoys time with Everly even as he works with the FBI to locate a bombmaker and stop him before he detonates another one At some point he will have to figure out how to share with her his furry secret and hope she can accept all of himAlright so Landry Cooper has been a strong and fun secondary character through the whole series He's helped the other couples find The One and he's actually open to the idea for himself even if he won't let his hopes get up I found Landry a refreshing breath of fresh air since the MO of so many action Alpha heroes is to have commitment issues and denial in their thinking Not this guy He's friendly open and willing to take a chance on love No brooding tendencies and he's open for communication okay maybe not with the observant shrink he is forced to see after the robbery Now he does have to work in how to share he's a werewolf but even then it's a timing thingEverly is also a light and easy heroine She's had a sad event in her past and she has some overprotective relations but she's sensible and passionate Perfect for Landry Loved the slow burn relationship building between this pair and the fun they have togetherNow does this mean its a boring story because there is little internal angsty conflict in the romance Not hardlyThere is plenty of external and even a different type of internal conflict to keep the reader captivated There is the investigation into the bombing that Landry is part of and the situation with Everly's brothers but Landry is facing the disillusionment that comes when a respected colleague might not be the person he thoughtThe inclusion of the series cast of characters with updates on the previous couples and a resolution for a side couple was an extra slice of lovelyAll in all another addictive addition to the series and a new favorite couple for me I can't recommend this series enough for those who enjoy the blend of romantic suspense and paranormal romanceMy thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review